10 ways to avoid pain during sex

Painful sensations during sex are by no means uncommon, and most women have encountered at least occasionally this problem. If during the loss of virginity pain is almost inevitable and has long been considered the norm by many, then with constant sex it should be avoided in every possible way. How to do it? Read in our article.

1. A partner with the right caliber

Although the female reproductive organs are unusually elastic, there is a limit to everything. If a girl is petite, and her boyfriend is half a meter taller, then the size of his dignity may be simply too large. Of course, you cannot order your heart, but if you are choosing a partner for an open relationship, then it is better to turn your gaze to the candidate with the most suitable “weapon caliber” for you.

2. Use of lubricant

Many people ignore the use of lubricant . Some simply do not want to waste money, others do not resort to using lubricant due to a lack of sex education. There is a stupid stereotype that only insensitive women who do not feel real attraction to a partner can need lubricant . This myth leads many to avoid using lubricants. And in vain! First, dryness can be caused by more than a lack of desire. Secondly, one should not be ashamed of the absence of a strong desire. A woman can be stressed, simply tired, and so on.

There is nothing wrong with a lubricant . It will reduce friction and avoid injury. However, you should choose the optimal amount of lubricant for yourself, because an excess of it can take away the pleasure of sex.

3. Choice of poses and pace

Pain can occur due to too abrupt or deep movements. Of course, you can ask your partner to be more gentle, but during sex, a man gets into a rage and can unintentionally gain momentum, unwittingly hurting his girlfriend. In this case, look for a variant of the pose “woman on top”, because this way you can control the depth and speed of entry. By the way, about positions: it so happens that discomfort arises from an inappropriate posture. All people are individual, for example, a man’s penis can be sharply bent downward or turned to the side, from which it rests against the walls during penetration. Experiment and find the most optimal body positions to minimize pain. 

4. Exciting foreplay

A skilled lover is able to excite a friend, even if she is not particularly in the mood for sex. Ask your partner to pay special attention to foreplay so that the body relaxes, develops natural lubrication, and is ready to accept the man. However, it is foolish to expect the highest petting skill from a man if the woman herself does not really know her body. Experiment, look for new erogenous zones and master techniques for enhancing sexual sensibility. 

5. Relaxation techniques

Tightness can be caused by constant stress. Find your way to relax. This will help: meditation, massage, relaxing music. I personally recommend avoiding alcohol, but half a glass of wine won’t do much harm. To combat muscle spasms, you can drink an antispasmodic. It is needed not to dull pain, but to remove the tightness of the muscles. Just do not mix alcohol with medicine. I remember that in one of the episodes of “Sex and the City” Samantha smoked weed to make it easier to have sex with the owner of a large penis. For many fans of the series, the behavior of the heroines serves as an example to follow. I strongly advise against using the Samantha method, as marijuana is bad for sex. You cannot just drown out the pain, because it is an alarming signaling of the body, indicating that something is wrong in our body. I am already silent about a lot of other negative consequences of the use of drugs. The hot tub remains the most popular and effective relaxation tool. 


6. Minimizing painful factors

Unpleasant sensations during sex can be associated with a full bladder or bloating (colic, flatulence). Before having sex, visit the toilet and empty yourself completely. The optimal posture for effective urination is the so-called. Eagle pose . You don’t have to sit on the toilet seat. Stand over it, leaning slightly forward and bending your knees – this way the urinary tract clears better.

A well-thought-out diet will help get rid of bloating. Often, sex is preceded by a meal, but in this case it is worth thinking about choosing dietary dishes for a romantic dinner. Do not eat fatty foods before sex, avoid fast food and carbonated drinks. 

7. Alternative to vaginal sex

On vaginal sex, the white light did not converge like a wedge. You can get and please each other with other (no less pleasant) types of intimacy. Manual sex (manual gratification) can also cause some discomfort if the partner has long nails and rough fingers. Vaginal fondling with long nails is one of the mistakes that make sex dangerous. In addition to abrasions, long nails have another drawback: dirt (even invisible to the eye) collects under them, which brings bacteria and germs into our holy of holies. Have the man get a manicure or put a condom on his fingers and use lubricant . The most delicate and least traumatic form of sex is oral sex with lips and tongue. You can also use small sex toys. 

8. Intimate training

Many experts recommend actively using Kegel exercises to strengthen the intimate muscles, make the muscles more pliable, and enhance sensuality. You can train right during sex using the pompour technique . 

9. Choice of contraception

While condoms remain the leader in contraceptive choice, there are many other types of contraception available. Someone may be allergic to latex or to the ingredients of tablets and suppositories. This can also lead to discomfort: itching, swelling, pain. Choose contraception wisely, taking into account the characteristics of the body. 

10. Caring for health

Pain during sex can occur due to STDs, pathologies of the body structure, erosion and much more. There are many reasons. Know your body, visit your doctor on time, and do not hesitate to ask for advice. Talk to your friends and choose an intelligent doctor.
In addition to preventive examinations every six months, you should consult a doctor if:

– the pain has no obvious reasons;
– pain during sex occurs constantly;
– severe pain;
– sex leads to bleeding (with or without pain).

Take care of your health, educate yourself about sexuality education and learn to reach rapport with your partner. Love and be loved!

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