All truths and lies about female orgasm

Pornography, misinformation, lack of information … These are just a few of the reasons why a female orgasm is perceived differently than it really is. We will try to dispel all the myths associated with the female orgasm, and tell the whole truth about sexual pleasure.

“You can only achieve orgasm through vaginal sex”, “women have orgasm later than men”, “if you have not reached orgasm, you have not received any pleasure”, “masturbation complicates sex with a partner” … this list can be continued for a long time misconceptions about female orgasm that have formed throughout history.

1. Ignorance and lack of information about the female orgasm
Probably some of the biggest factors that affect a woman’s sexuality are ignorance, machismo, and a lack of truthful information. Lack of sexuality education (which must be introduced at school), pornography introduced at school age, a masculine society filled with prejudice about women, and a lack of truthful information about sex only exacerbate the problem. Due to the fact that society for a long time did not accept the concept of female sexuality, myths, taboos, prejudices and stereotypes were very firmly formed. Things have become so complicated that many people condemn the concept of female masturbation. In addition, the lack of that very information about sex and about the female body has a bad effect on health and becomes the cause of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Almost always, this information was limited to general theses about sexual intercourse. The concepts of female orgasm, sexual practices, masturbation were taboo and even indecent.

2. The origin of orgasm
In both women and men, orgasm is always formed in the brain. The only thing that changes is how different parts of the body are stimulated to achieve orgasm. There are people who feel great pleasure just from touching their ears. Each person has their own individual preferences and characteristics. Regardless of the type of stimulation, any type of orgasm can be achieved. You just need to know your body, explore it, free yourself from fears and clamps, prejudices, barriers … Only then can you give yourself and your partner the highest pleasure.

3. Myths about female orgasm
– Orgasm can only be obtained through vaginal sex: spied in romantic films and porn, where they always demonstrate orgasm as a result of penetration of a member into the vagina. Fortunately, now more and more people talk about clitoral orgasm. If we forget about other sexual practices, if we ignore them, then we proclaim vaginal sex as the only way to get an orgasm. This is a big mistake.
– The more moaning, the more enjoyment: this is another myth that has formed thanks to porn films. Even in feature films, actresses often imitate sex using screams and moans. Because of this, female sexuality in general suffers.
– If you masturbate a lot, you will not get an orgasm when having sex with a partner: it’s just the opposite. You need to get to know your body, explore it, stimulate and excite it, so that you can give yourself and your partner maximum pleasure later.
– You need to get an orgasm at the same time: to eliminate this stereotype means to understand that each of us has a special organism, a special mechanism for obtaining pleasure. Each of us has our own rhythm, our own preferences, our own fantasies. Therefore, it is not necessary to force your body to get an orgasm at the same time as your partner.
– Penis size affects orgasm: You cannot say that a large penis will give you an orgasm faster. Size doesn’t matter. The important thing is how to use this organ. In addition, it is not only the male penis that can stimulate the female orgasm. There are many other options …
– With the advent of menopause, sex life ends: the ability to have an orgasm never disappears! Yes, the body changes at every stage of life, but this does not mean that menopause is a sentence to sex. – Women come to orgasm harder than men: the female body has exactly the same mechanism for getting an orgasm as the male. Just explore your body, find out what it loves, what makes it aroused.  


4. The truth about the female orgasm
– Women can get multi- orgasm : the female body does not need a refractory period, as in men (about 30 minutes). This means that if you have an orgasm, then with the additional stimulation, you can have more and more until your body and brain get tired. This is not to say that all women easily get multi-orgasm , because each organism is different from the other.
– Masturbating is good: don’t listen to people who say that masturbation will make it harder to reach orgasm when having sex with a partner. Masturbation helps you find out what your body loves, how to stimulate it, which organs to use. This will only improve sex with your partner.

5. How to get an orgasm
Time and space. Choose a comfortable place where you can focus on your feelings. Take your time, establish a moderate rhythm followed by acceleration. Sexual fantasies. The brain is a sexual organ. Imagine, watch erotic films, read erotic novels. Erogenous zones. As we said, take your time. Make time for erogenous zones. This will increase pleasure and accelerate orgasm. Caress your body, breasts, legs, stomach, have oral sex, dance striptease … Lubricant This is an important remedy for avoiding abrasions. Use lubricant and get the most out of it. Clitoris and more. Do not forget that besides the clitoris, there are other places … Explore them, use them, provide pleasure. 

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