12 ways to become confident and courageous in sex

Although sex has ceased to be taboo, many modern women (as well as men) often feel shy and suffer from complexes when it comes to sex. Especially at the beginning of a romantic relationship. We will show you how to become more confident.

1. Master sexual techniques

Self-confidence will grow if you realize that you are giving your man unearthly bliss. And for this, external beauty alone is not enough. Here it is important to know about the erogenous zones of a man, apply a variety of sexual techniques (for example, the pompour technique ) and be able to kiss delightfully. Shift your focus from “how I look” to how you feel and how he reacts to your actions. The self-centered ideal beauty lying in bed with a log reduces sexual desire in a man – any guy will subscribe to this postulate.  

2. Think about your self-esteem

Most often, the problem is not just a tightness during sex, but in general, a woman’s attitude towards herself. Check if your self-esteem helps to be relaxed and liberated or not. If it’s her, then that’s where you start. If you want to feel free not only in a relationship with a man, but also in everyday life, then help your self-esteem. Working on your self-esteem will help you tremendously.

We are made like that. We always think that others think, feel and perceive everything in the same way as we do. Focusing on your shortcomings does not mean that your partner is doing the same. Statistics show that men generally do not focus on the features of a woman’s appearance when it comes to bed. If you are there, then you are desirable for a man.

3. Work on your image

Create a sexy atmosphere around you. Buy beautiful lingerie in which you will like yourself. You can find very beautiful lingerie that will emphasize your advantages. You should like yourself looking in the mirror. Surround yourself with pleasant scents. Use a fragrant cream or oil to get yourself blissed out by this scent.

4. Create an atmosphere

In no case do not try to turn off the light in the room completely, it is important for a man to see you. Candles will help create the most intimate and confidential atmosphere. If you are not sure of your body, then they will be very useful to you. Dimmed light will help to emphasize your figure advantageously, some flaws will not be visible.

5. Don’t dwell on minor flaws

When we focus on some defect, a person begins to notice it too. Perhaps your partner did not even see your cellulite or excess weight until you yourself started talking about it several times a day.

6. Get used to yourself

We often feel extremely uncomfortable when we undress. Often this happens not even because someone is looking at us. Here is a very simple and easy practice: start walking naked more often. Try to get used to your naked body, look in the mirror more often.

7. Develop your body

In the modern world, many are in favor of body positivity and this is not bad. In principle, a girl does not have to be concerned with herself to be a cool and sexual partner. But, if you’re uncomfortable with your weight, then why not improve yourself? As soon as you go to the gym, on the same day you feel more collected and fit. When we start exercising, we feel differently.

Don’t like sports? You can go dancing. They will further help rock your sexuality, especially sensual dancing in pairs. Look at this dancer through the prism of dull perfectionism: a simple country face, a thick neck, hair on his arms, some kind of wide shoulders for men. But who sees it? Everyone sees a sexy, passionate, beautiful woman. She is beautiful! There will be no trace of the complexes if you move so gracefully and erotic.

8. Maintain your hygiene

If you feel uncomfortable without a pedicure or smooth feet, then work on that before meeting a guy. This is a good contribution to your confidence. If your sex is more spontaneous, you can carry a disposable razor or mouth freshener with you. This point will help you not to think about your carelessness during sex. Just get in the shower for 15 minutes and quickly tidy yourself up.

9. Like yourself

So that this picky attitude does not interfere with sex, you need to want yourself. Understand that you are a sexy and desirable girl. What needs to be done for this? First, you need to create a so-called anchor, a hold that activates a pleasant impression of yourself. The easiest option is to imagine wearing a crown. At first (if the imagination is weak), you can put on a fake crown on your head. Yes, even the Snow Maiden’s New Year’s kokoshnik. The crown will instantly give confidence: the shoulders will straighten, the chest will become a wheel.

Here’s another way: find a photo in a swimsuit that you like. Put it somewhere in a prominent place and watch it often, notice the feeling of satisfaction from your image. Remember this during sex. This practice will help you to relax. Just go without Photoshop , because you will know that the photo has been corrected.

10. Explore Slimming Poses

Fully immersed in intimacy, we forget and do not pay attention to who has what position. And this is great! But if complexes eat you, start the night with slimming sex positions. Different positions will help hide flaws and highlight the plusses of the figure. For example, they will visually enlarge the chest, hide the stomach or help focus on the legs. 

11. See yourself through the eyes of a man

An interesting observation: men and women perceive a beautiful female body in completely different ways. Of course, there are exceptions, but most often a man sees only individual features that interest him, and not the picture as a whole. He will see the chest, buttocks, legs, lips, but he may not even notice the arrow on the stocking or the underarm. But the woman manages to simultaneously see every detail and evaluate the aesthetics of the whole picture as a whole. I’m not kidding, I experimented by interviewing many men and girls, showing them the same photos of models. Learn to see yourself through the eyes of a man in order to better understand how he sees you. This will give confidence, because most men are actually completely unassuming.

12. Monitor your skin condition

Scientists have come to the conclusion that in the choice of a sexual partner (for both women and men), factors that signal good health are primarily played out. Straight posture, light teeth, shiny hair and clear skin evoke sympathy for the person. Keep bad habits to a minimum, think over your diet. In general, there is no need to be zealous with makeup before sex, because during intimacy we kiss, bodies sweat, makeup can deteriorate. Men hate it when women interrupt sex to fix their makeup. Healthy skin without wrinkles, obstructions and acne – that plays a role in moments of intimacy, rather than konturingi , Tonalka and eyeliner. Skin is important, because when it is perfect, we are not afraid to appear to our beloved without makeup.
In general, it is important to understand that sex is a rather chaotic process and does not look as beautiful as in movie scenes. We are all imperfect; our flaws make us unique. So just relax and enjoy the love affair!

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