11 types of orgasm and 11 ways to achieve them

Today we will go through several paths to your pleasure: from clitoral orgasm to a state of ultimate pleasure due to stimulation of the nipples. You definitely haven’t heard of this yet, because the truth is that there are 11 different types of female orgasm, and right now we will tell you how to achieve each of them. 

Orgasm of any kind gives you a sense of pleasure and renewal, both physical and emotional. As a result, you look at the things around you in a new way. According to gynecologist Sherry Ross, this is because the muscles tense up as much as possible during sexual arousal, and then relax through a series of rhythmic contractions. Each orgasm gives you different states and sensations. It turns out that this is due to the part of the body where your excitement reached its climax, as well as the intensity of the growing desire.
The truth is that the female body can experience pleasure in 11 different ways. If any of you think that you have already tried everything, then I assure you that you are mistaken. This article is your guide to discovering pleasure in your own body. Therefore, let’s quickly move on to the study of ourselves.

1. Clitoral Orgasm The
clitoris contains over 8000 nerve endings and is the ideal place on the body of many women who want to experience pleasure and orgasm. Do not underestimate the clitoral orgasm: it may seem that it is easy to achieve, but the degree of pleasure of each woman opens up an unlimited field of activity.

“The clitoris is a very sensitive female organ with millions of nerve endings, similar to the male penis,” says Dr. Ross. Touching, stroking, or stimulating, both direct and indirect, causes an increase in blood flow, which stimulates the clitoris and leads to orgasm.

Ideally, a woman starts with independent experiments, and then shares her experience with her partner, and together they reach new heights of bliss. Therefore, sex toys and vibrators will be useful for this type of orgasm.

2. Orgasm at the G-
spot The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, between the opening of the vagina and the cervix. You cannot see it, but you can certainly feel it.

To do this, it is enough to gently insert your finger into the vagina and lean forward a little (slowly moving forward and backward). The gentle impact on this point delivers indescribable pleasure. “When you are sexually aroused, the G-spot is filled with blood and swells,” explains the expert. Gently touching this area with your finger, your partner’s penis, or a vibrator will lead you to a deep and intense orgasm.

3. Mixed orgasm
With this kind of satisfaction, you will experience two, three or even four times more intense pleasure than a regular orgasm. Mixed orgasm occurs when more than one erogenous zone is stimulated at the same time.

A G-spot orgasm along with a clitoral orgasm is one way to experience this kind of explosive pleasure. “The more stimulation, the more blood will flow and, therefore, the more intense the orgasm,” explains the gynecologist and medical director of the California Hall Center, the stages of the process from a medical point of view.

4. Anal Orgasm
You can get this orgasm both orally and by penetration. The nerve endings of the anus, vagina and clitoris are connected by the perineum, which adds an additional erogenous zone to the female body for pleasure.

The path to anal orgasm is through the stimulation of the pelvic muscles towards the navel. And also, do not forget that the best effect can be achieved if you comprehensively give caresses to the rest of the body.

5. Orgasm at point A
Point A is located on the front wall of the vagina, between the bladder and the cervix. If you constantly and gently stimulate this area, you will experience very pleasant moments.

This area can be stimulated with sex toys or through the impact of the male genital organ in a position that allows deeper penetration.

6. Squirt
Many women ask the question : does female ejaculation really exist? Yes, it exists.

“Sometimes, when a woman is experiencing intense sexual arousal or stimulation, fluid is drained from the glands around the urethra or the front of the vagina during orgasm, or just before it begins. Although the question of where this fluid comes from is still a matter of controversy, ”says Dr. Ross. This liquid is clear and does not look like urine, although before squirt , many women experience sensations similar to the urge to go to the toilet. It is the stimulation of the G-spot that usually leads to ejaculation in women. 


7. Orgasm from nipple stimulation
Sometimes, when it comes to sex, the breast fades into the background. And very much in vain. After all, the truth is that there are a lot of nerve endings in the chest. Many women are able to achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation without even penetrating or stimulating other organs.

Usually, the partner’s tactile or oral impact on the partner’s nipple leads to the maximum effect. For unforgettable moments, you can use an edible lubricant or use your tongue to stimulate the nipples, indulging the rest of your body.

8. Orgasm During Exercise The
ability to achieve sexual ecstasy during exercise may seem strange, but anything is possible. Research from Indiana University found that 370 out of 530 women surveyed had orgasms while exercising .

9. Sensory orgasm
This type of orgasm has become possible for us thanks to our senses. It is quite possible to experience a sexual extravaganza if you watch scenes of erotic content, feel your partner’s eyes on yourself, experience various kinds of stimulation, use your sense of smell and hearing …

Sensory orgasm tells us to use the scents that we like for sexual pleasures. You should also not ignore aphrodisiacs, touch and contemplation of your beloved partner, conquering more and more heights of pleasure. 

10. Sleep Orgasm
Most women talk about their sensual dreams. “Some women can orgasm during erotic sleep,” says Dr. Ross. Sleep orgasms often begin with a sexual dream, which causes increased blood flow as well as significant relaxation, which somehow allows the body to reach orgasm while the woman is not even awake. 


11. Multiple Orgasm
Women, unlike men, can enjoy multiple orgasms.

“A woman reaches a certain state of intense ecstasy during the first orgasm, and then she can remain in this position and maintain arousal,” says Dr. Hall. “If you continue to stimulate after the first orgasm, the woman will be able to experience several orgasms in a row.” The trick is to keep contracting your pelvic muscles and stimulate the same area that brought your first orgasm or switch to another, Dr. Hall suggests. This maintains high blood flow, increases sensitivity and makes the second orgasm even more enjoyable and fast enough. Now you know that the female orgasm is not only the G-spot, there are as many as 11 ways that can lead you to unearthly pleasure. Orgasm is, first of all, communication between partners. Be attentive to each other, do not hesitate to experiment and boldly state your desires. We wish you pleasure in everything! 

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