8 most enjoyable sex positions for men

Let’s face it, guys can get bored of even the best sex in the world at times. This is because partners often indulge in lovemaking in the same position. And some couples do not even think about the fact that there are poses that are most suitable for men.

What are the differences? – you ask. The fact that men subconsciously prefer positions in sex, in which the emphasis is on contemplation and power. As you know, guys love with their eyes, and, moreover, they are not called the stronger sex for nothing. In addition to physical stimulation, men take pleasure in studying the body, gestures and responses that their partner emits during intercourse. 

To use this knowledge in practice, it is worth looking into the Indian erotic treatise, the Kamasutra, and choosing positions that will allow men the best control over the situation and provide greater depth of penetration. Thus, representatives of the strong half of humanity will be able to experience incredible pleasure and incomparable orgasms. It is these 8 most pleasant poses that we invite all couples to consider in more detail today.

1. Rider vice versa The
man lies on his back, the woman sits on his excited penis on the contrary, that is, turning her back to her partner. She sets the speed and frequency of movements, as well as the depth of penetration, and he adjusts the “settings” to his liking during intercourse, erotically playing with his partner’s hips. 

2. Trapeze
A man sits comfortably on a chair or stool, the woman first sits on her partner, facing him, and then, bending into an erotic bridge, goes down and puts her head on a soft pillow. The partner completely controls the female body, caresses and excites him as he sees fit, bringing the supple partner to the highest degree of readiness. After that, penetration begins, and then the man sets the pace, gradually increasing the intensity and strength of the movements.

3. Dragon The
partner lies on her stomach, places a roller or pillow under her, approximately at the level of the pubis. The partner lifts his buttocks and bends his body in such a way as to be able to enjoy deeper penetration. You can lie on your partner’s back, hold her hands, fix your hands on the floor or over your head – in a word, take the most comfortable and erotic position for your couple, and then enjoy copulation.

4. Amazon The
man sits comfortably on a chair or stool, feet firmly on the floor. The woman sits on top and looks excitedly into the eyes of her partner, establishing a deep emotional contact. The partner’s hips are wrapped around the man’s buttocks, and her legs hang down. During intercourse, partners can hold each other’s hands or caress their hands, making forward movements. The strength of the rhythmic vibrations plus the depth of penetration will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions.

5. Legs on the shoulders
Pose for extreme lovers, as well as for those with good physical data and stretching. The girl lies on her back and places her legs on the guy’s shoulders, erotically touching the areas of his head and neck. During penetration, the guy should bend over and feel the girl’s hips, after which the partner sets the depth of the entrance, which gives maximum pleasure to both.

6. Lotus
This pose of the Kamasutra is also quite extreme, but no less exciting from that. The man sits cross-legged while the woman rests comfortably on his heated dignity, while embracing the partner’s torso with her legs. The greatest ecstasy can be achieved by couples in which the woman will work her hips in unison with the partner’s movements. Both sides will experience the transmitted sensations. 

7. Ladder
This pose has several options: partners can kneel or stand on straight legs. The main attribute for copulation is, directly, the ladder. The partner should approach the partner so that she can stand in front of his penis and make penetration possible. If you chose the option on the knees, as shown in the picture, the partner can rest, for stability, with her hands forward, and the partner can erotically grab her by the waist. 

8. Sexual alignment The
woman joins her legs together, and the man places his legs apart. Copulation occurs due to the forward movement of your limbs towards each other. If you manage to feel each other and choose the most effective movements, the partner will be able to stimulate the partner’s “hillock of Venus” to get the highest degree of pleasure. The depth of penetration with this type of intercourse is only 2.5 centimeters, but this is quite enough to get extreme pleasure.

Now is the optimal time to try each of the most pleasant sexual positions for men, as well as choose your favorite and most suitable one for you. It is also useful to note that the knowledge and practice of these positions will help you not only increase the degree of pleasure from sex, but also improve your erection. And also, you will be able to better control the moment of ejaculation (and this is the very moment that worries so many guys a lot).

And finally, a very important piece of advice to girls: start with the implementation of the most common male sexual fantasies, together with the most pleasant positions for men in sex, you will forever leave a hot mark in the memory of your partner. 

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