25 poses to have sex anywhere in the house

When choosing a place to have sex at home, don’t be limited to your bedroom, much less your bed! To spice up a relationship or spice it up, there are many places within your home where passion can flare up with raging force. How can this be achieved? Transform your home into a sexy gym.

Do not miss the opportunity to experiment with all the poses of the Kama Sutra, as you know, for many of them, it is very important to master the technique and choose the right place. Therefore, feel free to take on board a kitchen table, chairs and stools, as well as a ladder. 

I bet you are already thinking about new places in the house where you have not yet had sex with your partner and it would be time to give it a try. Then, finally, let your imagination run free, forget about embarrassment and practice each of the 25 postures of the Kamasutra below, one after another, without leaving your home. Don’t waste a minute!

1. Right Angle
First, you need to realize that the dining table can be used for more than just food. I guess you guessed by the name that this pose is a right angle formed by your bodies. Your partner will feel bold and confident, as they will be able to hold onto one of the most beautiful parts of your body, and nothing will block his passage to the gates of heaven. And you can safely lie flat on the table, placing a pillow under your head and closing your eyes.  

2. Cocktail

This sexy pose can be done absolutely anywhere in the house, so try it in every room in your house until you find the one you like best. After that, it is recommended to repeat in your favorite room the maximum number of times.

3. The Furious Ladder
Many men believe that there is nothing sexier than a woman climbing a ladder. As you can see, the path to the bedroom can be very hot too. 

4. Hot Chair
Add this classic sex position to your daily list and practice it throughout your home using seating areas: living room chair, kitchen chair, work chair, or piano chair. 

5. Strong arms
A strong man is all you need for successful copulation in this position. It can be done leaning against a sofa or bed. After a series of active, hot forward movements, you will fully appreciate the benefits of a soft surface.

6. By the wall

This pose can be perfectly done with your partner pressing against a wall. Maybe it’s time to rethink your wall decoration and get rid of those annoying paintings?

 7. Head Down It is
ideal to have sex in this position after a light dinner. You sit on your partner’s lap, facing him, and then gently bend down.

8. Sexy Tourist
Let your partner carry him through every room in the house. Such a pleasant trip will remain in your memory for a long time, just remember to hold on tight. If the sexual vibration is in tune with the rhythm of the movement, pleasure and orgasm will follow you.

9. Amazon
It’s time to feel like a wild Amazon and ride your partner. In addition to being very enjoyable to use, this pose can be performed in any chair you have at home.

10. Erotic car
This is how you can test your endurance in an interesting way, and also find out if you have spent so many hours in the gym. Implement this sex position anywhere in the house where you can stand. Exercise caution when you think it is time to lower your feet to the ground.

11. Escalation of Desire Do not be discouraged
if this posture reminds you of other already known positions. Its peculiarity is that you let go of your legs, and he takes the reins in his strong male hands. This is a position for deep penetration, in which the two of you will experience great pleasure.

12. Chained
Select a suitable solid surface on your partner’s body and hold onto it with your feet. And remember, the key to this pose is full contact between you!

13. Crossed Legs All
you need is just a good table, so search every room in your house, although it might be time to move to the kitchen?

14. Cornered The
turn of the walls has come again. Being face to face is always very exciting, especially if you are in his hands.

15. Tightrope Walker
Test your balance. This time, the center of gravity will be located at the most piquant point, between your partner’s legs. You don’t need a lot of space, so any area of ​​your home will do. 

16. Sensual V
Find a surface on which you can maintain balance and bring your body into the sensual position V.

17. Lustful Leg
Feel like the rhythmic gymnast world champion for a day and show off your flexibility. One leg rests on your partner’s shoulder and the other touches the ground. Any room in the house will do this pose, the main thing here is your stretch.

18. Steel Buttocks
Another ode to your gym will be sung after copulation in this position. Any stool in your home is perfect for support. The pose, thanks to the convenience, will appeal to the partner, but you are getting ready to experience very curious sensations. 

19. Intricacy of hands The
partner enters from behind, while you are standing very close to each other in your favorite room. If your partner knows what to do with your hands, you will reach orgasm very quickly.

20. One armchair for two
This pose is especially good to be performed in your living room, or rather on your armchair. Whenever you watch TV together and feel like a spark has flashed, by no means ignore it, but act quickly. Just walk over to his chair and sit on top.

21. Mermaid
We have already discussed the right angle, and, of course, we could not ignore the acute one. Both the dining table and any other table in the house are perfect for this pose.

22. Pine Bridge
Most likely, as a child, you often demonstrated your flexibility and made a bridge. Now it’s your partner’s turn. You will not only have to take care of its safe stretching, but also control the process from above. But the result will not make you regret anything!

23. Butterfly
Sit on any surface you feel comfortable on and check your abs.

24. Fan
The name speaks for itself, and the components of the fan, in my opinion, are more than understandable. Lean against any chair or stool you have in your home and make circular movements with your back. Mutual pleasure will not leave anyone indifferent.

25. President
A very funny way to take the oath. You put your feet on the edge of the bed or sofa while your partner is standing behind.

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