15 poses for sex in the style of “woman on top”

Are you fed up with poses in which everything depends on the man? Personally, I am an incredibly lazy person and do not mind giving the reins of government into the strong hands of a partner, but sometimes I also want to lead the process. Fortunately, there are many positions in sex that allow women to play an active role. We’ll look at 15 Top-Girl-style options that give both partners a delightful experience.

1. Pearl Gate

He: lies on his back with his knees bent.
She: lies on the partner, with her back to him.

I saw illustrations of this pose and immediately didn’t want to experiment. But she did not give me rest, in the end I decided to try it. I was scared to hear in the midst of the process a muffled death groan with a whisper “You crushed me …”. Fortunately, the subject was twice my size and didn’t complain too much. The movements in the “Pearl Gate” do not differ in variety, but the position is interesting . Rhythmic contractions of the vaginal muscles will be a good addition. Sex comes out slow and awkward at first. The option is suitable for lovers of the so-called. lazy sex without fuss. Plus posture: your partner caresses your whole body with his hands. Minus posture: during the process, you can accidentally fall asleep. 

2. Horsewoman with a jump

He: lies on his back.
She: sits on top, facing her partner.

Where is without the good old classics? The Horsewoman pose is ideal for active ladies who love to control a man in the bedroom. The position can be slightly complicated, for which at times it is necessary to rise, completely getting up from the penis, and then lowering back onto it. From the side it looks as if the rider is bouncing in the saddle during a gallop.

3. Crab

He: sits down, stretching out his legs and resting his hands on the floor.
She: sits on top facing the partner. Her calves are located behind the man’s thighs, her body weight falls on her legs and arms.

The Crab pose is quite famous, but it is not very popular. A serious drawback is the unstable position of a girl who, in the heat of excitement, can simply fall, damaging the causal place of her beloved. This problem is easily solved by choosing the right surface. If you have a soft mattress , it is best to sit on the floor.

4. Reverse cowgirl

He: lies on his back with his knees bent.
She: sits with her back to her partner, keeping her back straight and resting on her knees.

Many guys are madly in love with the positions in which they can contemplate the girl’s ass, now and then grabbing at it. In this position, the penis penetrates to its full depth. If your beloved, so to speak, is the owner of a small-caliber gun, this option will suit you. If the caliber is large and you find it difficult to fully accept it, ask the guy to bend his knees. By resting on his raised legs, you can control the depth of penetration.

5. Reverse Bending Rider

He: lies on his back.
She: Sits on top with knees bent and leaning forward at an angle.

A good and stable position that is a good option if you want deep penetration. The angle allows the member to enter differently, which changes the sensation. It is also suitable if the man’s penis is noticeably curved from the abdomen to the floor.

6. Spider

He: sits on the buttocks, legs extended.
She: sits on top, facing her partner, bending her knees and leaning back.

This option allows both partners to take an active part in the process. If the girl is tired, the man helps her by moving his hands behind the pelvis. Many guys like this position, because a marvelous view of the body of the chosen one opens before their eyes .

7. Sitting

He: sits on the buttocks, bending his knees.
She: sits down facing her partner.

The position is similar to the previous one, but the process itself is much easier, since there is no need to transfer weight to your hands. By snuggling together, you will increase the friction between your skin and your partner’s body. It will give extra pleasure if you have sensitive breasts and are alive from.

8. Rubber ball

He: lies down, bringing his legs together and placing a pillow under his thighs.
She: sits with her back to her partner, pressing her chest against his legs.

This pose got its name in honor of the bouncing ball for a reason. The comfortable support allows the partner to bounce on the dick of her beloved for a long time without getting too tired. The close touch creates a pleasant friction between the clitoris and the scrotum, from which pleasure only increases. A man can just relax and have fun.

9. Rocket launch

He: sits on the bed with his feet on the floor.
She: sits with her back to her partner, knees bent and legs on the bed.

The position is perky, but a little dangerous, since in the heat of excitement you can lose your balance. If you are afraid of falling, ask your partner to support you with his arms, hugging your waist or holding your hips. This option allows a man to caress his beloved, massaging her breasts or clitoris, breathing gently into the neck, and so on.

10. Tilted rider

He: lies on his back, legs outstretched.
She: Sits facing her partner with her legs bent and leaning forward.

One of the most popular poses, combining a lot of advantages. A man can caress his girlfriend’s body with his hands, and she reciprocates. The penetration is deep, the position is stable and suitable for both fast and slow act. However, you can choose any pace. The charm of this position does not end there. In this position, it is convenient for the girl to contract the vaginal muscles as much as possible. The angle of inclination not only ensures the friction of the clitoris against the guy’s body, but also allows the penis to rest on the notorious G-point. As a result, the girl can experience multiple orgasms.

11. Juggler

He: lies on his back, holding his partner by the legs.
She: sits down facing her partner with her knees bent.

A very difficult pose, in my opinion. I never became a fan of her, because I was constantly trying to fall on my side and fall out of bed. However, you or your partner may like this position. I just recommend that you carry out test “races” on the floor, and not in bed. So, fall below. Heed my advice (in vain I stuffed cones?). Although the girl is on top in this position, it is uncomfortable for her to move. The movements depend on her chosen one, who guides her friend. If the lady is a dummy or the guy is a dick , it is better to move on to the next point.

12. Squatting

He: lies on his back, slightly bent his legs and holding his partner by the buttocks.
She: sits down facing her partner, bending her knees and placing her feet near his head. The weight can be transferred to the hands, resting on the man’s hips.

If you got it wrong with the Juggler position, try a more stable variation. Based on my experience, I can say that in this position, girls can be more active, setting the pace. The position of your bodies provides deep penetration and gives your partner the opportunity to caress the girl’s clitoris and breasts .

13. Magic waterfall

He: sits on the edge of the bed, tiptoeing against the floor.
She: sits down on his haunches, resting her hands on her partner’s hips or holding on to his shoulders.

Very, very deep penetration. Active sex in this position is not particularly convenient, but the position will become a pleasant variety for lovers of sensual and slow intercourse. Eye contact is extremely important for couples in love.

14. Candlestick

He: lies on his back.
She: sits down with her back to her partner, transferring her weight to her arms and legs.

A tactical mistake in this position is to flop with all your weight on your partner’s belly. Please note that with active jumps, the poor fellow will be hurt. Be gentle, move gently, and let him enjoy the process.

15. Inverted spoons

He: lies on his back, bringing his legs together and holding his partner by the waist.
She: sits on top with her back to her partner, bending her knees and leaning back slightly.
We all know the classic “Spoon” pose, when both partners lie on their sides. In this variation of the position, try sitting on the man, allowing him to move your body with his arms. Eye contact will be useful. The partner can caress the body of the woman he loves.
Life is too short to limit sex to biting positions. Try new positions, opening horizons of pleasure with your loved one. And may orgasm be with you!

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