Intimate gifts are coming into fashion! what present to buy in a sex shop ?

Buying a present that you like but will be unique is not an easy task. And she gets up before every holiday. I would like to spend a little, but find something useful and necessary. But you can solve it in any adult store. And there are things there not only for lovers, the boss will be able to choose something.

Why gifts should be taken in a sex shop ?

You can find several reasons at once to go to the “adult store” for a gift:

  • Huge selection. An online store can have 15-20 thousand products for a variety of situations.
  • There are gift sets. And it’s not just sex toys. A large selection of interesting cosmetics that have unique qualities.
  • There are comic things. Original ice molds, soft toys or a magnet will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Professional help from consultants. They will always tell you what is best to buy for a specific occasion. Someone phallus, and someone a set of underwear.
  • Nice prices. They don’t bite. And massage oil with a breathtaking scent often costs several times less than in a pharmacy.

A sex shop is a store that sells more than just dildos or vibrators. There are fitness equipment for health promotion. A large selection of devices for variety in sex. And also things that will decorate anyone, for example, erotic lingerie or role-playing costumes. Even for the costume of Santa Claus, you also need to go to a sex shop , there are several of them, well, there are also sets for the Snow Maiden.

What to give a woman from an adult store?
If we are talking about a loved one, then he can be given any little thing from an intimate store. Let’s talk better about modest gifts that will be appropriate for acquaintances with whom sex is not planned. They are suitable even for colleagues and relatives!

Massage candle

Ideal for any type of massage, replaces oil. By the way, oil is also suitable for a gift. A candle is lit, and then the molten mass is poured onto the body. It is warm, but not hot, does not burn. The texture is pleasant, it is almost completely absorbed into the body, does not leave greasy marks on clothes. The candles look very elegant, there are large and small ones . The price is from 200 to 1500 rubles.

Erotic play

Perfect for bored couples. You can give it to a girl if she complains about her partner. It looks harmless, although there can be very explicit tasks inside. It is important to choose the right one; the option for group sex is not always worth giving to a colleague. But romantic games are a good gift.

Vaginal balls

This is a simulator, it helps to keep the muscles in shape. Some of the balls are packed very stylishly, and the box looks like a smartphone packaging. It is better to buy a set of different balls so that the user can try exercises with different loads. This is a very useful gift. Article oimost from 300 to 12,000 rubles.


It is worth giving panties or stockings only to close friends, but a peignoir made of magnificent silk or satin is a good gift for any lady. It’s important to guess with the size, but they are often versatile. And for colleagues it is worth taking an opaque thing.

What to give a man from a sex shop ?
I remember a joke about rubber women. But there are other things in the range of the adult store. And they can be handed over without fear of being ridiculed. But here it is important to present the thing correctly. Such a gift to the boss may not be appropriate, but it will please a friend.

Large pack of condoms

But not 12 pieces, but 144. This is a huge pack, which will last for six months. This is really a very good gift, as it allows you to forget about buying contraceptives for several months. Price from 3500 RUR

Perfume with pheromones

This is a beautiful bottle with perfume or toilet water inside. But they not only give a scent, they attract women. Such a gift is needed for an unmarried man to easily get acquainted with lovely ladies. The scent will not only help expand your social circle, but also increase your self-esteem. Price from 500 to 9000 rubles.

Key ring

This is a cock ring that prevents you from coming too quickly. But it’s also a key holder. A convenient thing that is always at hand, you can apply it at any time. The ring is elastic, suitable for any penis size. And it looks harmless, it’s hard to guess that it has two purposes . Price from 120 rubles.


A very interesting gift that can be applied in different ways. You can choose metal, brutal. But there are leather ones, their use is more comfortable, they do not leave marks on the wrists. Cost from 900 rubles.

You can also choose products for couples in the sex shop .
These can be special experiment kits, vibrators for two, or lubricant kits .

Buying gifts in a sex shop is profitable! And you can guarantee that someone else will not bring the same gift. But the main thing is that all these things will be used, and not just put away somewhere on the shelf or given to someone else.

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