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The guys can leave, the girls remain. This text is not for guys, we will be here about a sex toy that you most likely haven’t used yet (but in vain!). Do not be alarmed by the name alone. You probably don’t know what strap-ons are mainly for men? Ugaladi ? Of course, girls, lesbian or bisexual couples take for themselves too. But more often strapons are bought by traditional pairs. 

1/3 men on the bars Strap

A lady who herself will give pleasure through the prostate is one of the top male fantasies. We read somewhere a study that almost a third of men … in their hearts … sometimes very deep – the bars on the threesome . This fantasy does not always come out, but the rod is a fact. 

The phallus is a symbol of power, and sometimes you want to transfer this power to a woman. Therefore, men often love girls who dominate in bed.

The phallus is a kind of … symbol of power, sometimes you want to transfer this power to a woman. Therefore, men often love girls who dominate in bed. In general, it does not matter if you are a traditional couple or two girls, if you play this, there should be a strap- on anyway . Everyone knows about the classic strap-ons , when the penis is fastened to the panties: 

Why Choose Strapless Straps

We will tell you about a special species that absolutely fully imitates sex. About strap-ons , which really feel like an extension of the body – about strap-free . For some reason, many do not understand: how is it – beltless ?! And this, girls, is very cool. And it can be much more comfortable and pleasant than with panties. A strap- free strap-on is such a thing … like a double curved dildo . One part of it is inserted into the active girl, the second remains outside as a continuation of the body – this is how it feels. It becomes a part of you, as if you really have this member and you feel it. 


It becomes a part of you, as if you really have this member and you feel it.

Body to body, no single strap on the skin

Why, then, strap-on straps are less popular than classic ones with panties? Little is known about them, oddly enough. And panties are more spectacular, “like in porn.” Plus, on strap- on panties, you can usually change different attachments. And strapless – it is cast. And he’s very intimate. This is actually body to body, without any panties in, without a single strap on the skin.

How is he holding up?

Magic) Vaginal muscles. But only. And now the main question: 

Will it slip out?

Yes, it will slip out, of course! Exactly the first couple of times. Then you just get used to managing it, and it turns out that no superpower is needed for it. Normal muscles keep it in good shape. That is, it is suitable for almost any girl.

With him, the same principle works in many respects as with vaginal balls: the muscles of the vagina involuntarily slowly begin to hold the fixing half of the strap-on , and this is why sex feels sharper and brighter. He’s also inside you, when you creep into someone!

Like the third, which is not superfluous

Finally, just shifting legs during sex will hold him perfectly. Over time, you begin to control him unconsciously, and he becomes loved. As the third, which is not superfluous. And this is the main advantage of the strap- free strap-on . It really connects two bodies, and both sides get high: the one who is, and the one who holds the strapon between the legs. 

How to choose the right strap- on strap-on

The main thing is that the toy is not too heavy at first. Lightweight strap-on straps are made by the American company Doc Johnson – choose The Gal Pal model . Cast, resilient, glide, compact and lightweight. For beginners – just great! If you already have a little experience – Janus from Hot Planet . However, even if you pick it up for the first time, you will be able to get comfortable. With him really: double orgasm – easy! And there are manufacturers who create whole collections of different sizes! For example: Fun Factory is a German company, albeit with an English name. Makes great sex toys and makes great strap- ons ! Their Share series at one time made a real revolution in the idea of ​​what form such products should be:   



  • XS is a small “tongue” for those who are still in doubt. 
  • The standard option is for those who have dropped their doubts.
  • XL is a large strap- on with sensitive cross rings.

The choice of lovers of truly serious sensations.

But what if hardcore is not for you, but you still want some “peppercorns”? Then Sharevibe ! Beltless , and even with vibration. Beautiful, very comfortable, and even with such a special thing for the clitoris … A step. Silicone bump – it pushes on you when you enter a partner. And a vibrator! With a special motor inserted into a silicone case. Time to add some heat? You lightly press the button and you turn yourself into an active vibrator. E and five-mode! Fantasy.  

Flying eye to eye

What positions to choose with strap- free straps – you may wonder. In principle, all strap-free straps are suitable for both the back position and the “eye-to-eye” position: active girl on top or lying on her side. But if you value eye contact, be sure to check out this special piece – the New Wave . Strap-on wave in the shape of the letter W. Unusual and simply delicious! It is flexible and very long: almost 40 centimeters. Ideal for face-to-face, chest-to-chest poses, and specially designed for two girls. In the New the Wave two approximately equal length end, distinct relief. One is more pleasant to squeeze and slightly press, the second one wants to let go and surrender to him with body movements. You can change, but you can choose a “favorite”: relief or gentle smoothness.    


Nuances when using a strap- free strap

Be sure to take lubricant for yourself

Important! With strap- free straps , as with most toys, it is worth using intimate lubricant. Better to take a thick, water-based. And at first refrain from special effects: warming up, exciting, narrowing actions – leave it all for later, when you get comfortable and you are sure what you would like to add. 

And a pain reliever for him

But not for yourself – for your man, if you are an active Mistress for him, use anesthesia at the start. At least with light, based on the action of plant extracts. Because guys tend to overestimate their abilities, and they cannot endure pain, even for half a minute – we know that.
In general, this is a great thing, strap- free strap- ons . They are created for the most natural sex, so that they feel like an extension of the body. They are made for double pleasure. Anal and vaginal, for both partners. Take your pick. They are all interesting)  

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