Women and men are turned on by different things. What’s the Difference?

Men love with their eyes and women with their ears. And it is true! But not only this difference, excitement in different sexes cause completely different things. This is due to psychological characteristics. What is the difference, and what do members of the opposite sex react to?

 What turns men on?

1. Most of all a man likes beautiful things.

They pay attention to the whole image, not to the details. But heels, stockings and tight overalls do not leave them indifferent. What other things attract men?

  2. Anger.

When a woman is angry, she can generate a very strong sexual desire. It’s just that a man at a certain moment stops listening to what the lady is saying, and switches to observing her movements. And impulsiveness, passion begin to evoke an inner desire. This does not work 100% of the time, but very often.

3. Naturalness. 

Lack of makeup, disheveled hair, not the best figure. There are too many “ideal” or aspiring to become such around. And a person who can disregard conventions is wonderful. If naturalness is present only alone with him, and in other circumstances the girl always looks emphatically good, this is a sign of maximum trust. And it is exciting.

  4. Parts of the body.

This is not a distinctive feature of men, women also pay attention to forms. But men look at the belly, knees, collarbones, hips, legs. They are able to get aroused when they see a leg in a cut. A lady, however, needs a beautiful body “entirely”, and even if this occurs, this is a reason for admiration, not sex.

5. Closeness. 

In its various manifestations, for example, very modest clothing. The long skirt allows you to fantasize about the legs, and it’s interesting. The reluctance to communicate can also be arousing, because the hunter’s instinct turns on. And if the lady really liked, then the man will begin to seek her.

What turns women on?

1. For a lady, feelings are very important.

Not pretty enough to go to bed. There is always a dream of mutual love, of a perfect union. She is aroused by all manifestations of love, and they are different from what a man looks at.

 2. Smell.

Body scent is very important for most women. If you don’t like how a person smells, there will be no intimacy. However, there is no single correct aroma. Someone adores brutal scents, someone delicate with notes of perfume.

3. Attention.

Taking time is very important for girls. But the manifestations can be different. It is very exciting when he often thinks about her, reminds of his interests with the help of messages, gifts or just calls. Being attentive is listening. Do not give advice or try to solve everything at once, namely, do not interrupt and sympathize in the process of dialogue.

4. Generosity and caring.

These two qualities greatly affect women. If a man is ready to spend money for her, if he does not skimp on gifts, he will definitely like it. But not everyone can often give something big , so you should still take care: offer a jacket on time, hang a shelf in your apartment, pick up from work on a rainy evening. And if a man knows how to provide support in really difficult situations – this is very important, and really arouses women’s delight.

What is the difference between men and women?
It is worth understanding internal motives in order to understand the characteristics of arousal in different sexes. It is not difficult, as it is inherent in nature.

The man with the help of sex is asserting itself . He seeks to conquer and subjugate the representative of the opposite sex. And excitement is also a mechanism for procreation. Therefore, the reaction occurs to women with a certain figure. This is the image of a lady who easily endures children – with wide hips, large breasts.

To excite a man, you need to attract attention with the right form, and then make him “hunt”. The game of hunting is very hot, and in the future it leads to bright sex.

A woman is always looking for a person who will protect and protect her and her offspring. She is not interested in a man’s appearance, but in surviving under any circumstances. Therefore, the smell is important to her, it allows you to instantly cut off those people with whom the offspring will be doomed. A foul smell indicates a genetic conflict. This does not mean that the man smells bad, it only means that he is not suitable for this particular lady. But it is impossible to influence this, even the best perfume will not be able to mask natural pheromones .

For a woman, care in all forms is very important, the ability to listen and hear, and also generosity. Studying a man, she thinks over how he will behave in the family, how he will protect the “family nest”. And if you ask a woman how she represents care, and then repeat it all in courtship, she will quickly fall in love. This is a biological mechanism that works.

Arousal is more difficult in a woman than in a man. A greater number of requirements and a longer “test” time of a person is due not to character, but to biological characteristics.

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