15 reasons to love morning sex

Historically, the default setting for lovemaking is exclusively in the evening or at night. Girls stubbornly ignore the morning erection of their second halves and are reluctant to agree to invigorating early sex. Until recently, I was not a fan of such activity, but life forced me to redistribute priorities.

I will not argue, I want to soak up the embrace of dreams for a longer time, but in this case, reality turns out to be much sweeter than the world of dreams. You wake up fresh, full of strength and energy, ready for desperate accomplishments and interesting experiments. It is during this period that it is so necessary to love and be loved. At the end of the day, you are mentally and physically tired, and you can’t even dream of full-fledged intimacy. Dull back and forth movements are the maximum that a discharged body battery is enough for. Here are 15 compelling arguments for morning sex.

1. Calm, only calm!

A good orgasm can be compared to doing yoga regularly. It has a relaxing effect, relieves irritation and soothes the nerves. If you have a stressful job, the boss constantly breaks down and the deadline for the quarterly report is approaching, then morning sex will replace valerian drops. Sex is the best generic of all known antidepressants.

2. Turn on your brain!

Lovemaking activates blood flow, as a result, more oxygen and nutrients flow to the brain. Gray matter begins to work faster, new non-standard ideas appear, and the speed of reaction and adaptation increases. Scientists note that after two weeks of morning “procedures” the subjects were more creative in solving the tasks assigned to them and spent much less time on tests than the control group.

3. Give me a positive!

By having sex early, you will forget what it means to get up on the wrong foot. As practice shows, positive emotions at the beginning of the day provoke a chain reaction of positive moments until the evening. Do you want to change the world around you for the better? – Change your perception. Life is much easier for optimists, and they are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

4. Down with the complexes!

Most girls are wildly worried about the aesthetic side of the intercourse process. They try to make sex look like stills from romantic movies. Alas, real coitus is not as beautiful as the directors portray it to us. Bodies make strange sounds, movements are awkward, and kisses don’t always hit the lips. In the morning, you are too sleepy to dwell on little things. Half-asleep is akin to light alcoholic intoxication and allows you to behave more relaxed.

5. You are already in bed anyway.

The need to get to the wedding bed, to throw off a heap of unnecessary things disappears by itself. As the saying goes, in warmth, it is lighter and flies do not bite. During the night, you made a perfect nest, warmed up, your muscles softened like butter on a windowsill bathed in sunlight. Unhurried foreplay, gentle touches will complement the picture of boundless bliss. After all, a bed isn’t just for sleeping.

6. Spontaneity is always hot

Nothing kills passion like scheduled sex. Think about the last time you made love to your other half for no reason. They did not fulfill their marital duty, did not suffer from boredom on the day off, namely, they frantically dug into each other because you wanted to now and immediately. Bring your partner to orgasm and only then say: “Good morning.” The sensations from such “polite treatment” are indescribable!

7. Delightful semen

Your boyfriend has been persuading you to oral sex for a long time, and you are a squeamish young lady and cannot dare to take his unit in your mouth? – God himself ordered to succumb to persuasion and please your beloved with a sensual blowjob. I recommend choosing the morning hours for decisive action. During sleep, the body is cleansed, the seminal fluid is renewed and acquires an acceptable taste. Be sure to read this article and be bold in the pre-dawn battle.  

8. Coincidence of biorhythms

All key aspects of our life, including sexual, are dominated by hormones. Your partner’s peak testosterone levels are in the early morning hours (7-9 hours), which is part of the reason for involuntary erections. For girls, the optimal time for intimacy ranges from 8 to 10 hours. Both lovers will feel comfortable and more likely to achieve orgasm.

9. Excellent lighting

Oh, these women with their craving for self-digging and self-flagellation. When we start a new relationship, then we are terribly shy about the imperfections of the body. Some are confused by cellulite, others by uneven skin tone, small pimples and age spots, and others by excessive pallor. Later, an understanding comes of the fact that in most cases guys do not pay attention to details, they accept us as we are. Nevertheless, I want to appear before my beloved in the guise of a magazine beauty. Morning ambient light acts like a professional retouching in Photoshop , it will smooth out rough edges and make you a Victoria’s Secret angel.

10. A memorable experience

Close your eyes and imagine this picture. You sleep naked on your side. Your man hugs you from behind, his erect penis buries in your ass. The boyfriend is looking for the entrance to the cherished wet cave, trying not to wake you up, and, finally, his attempts were crowned with success – he slowly introduces and groans stifled. You open your eyes, smile a little, your beloved kisses your hair and continues to move sweetly, bursting with a pulsating unit that is about to explode.

11. Health is fine – thanks to charging

Let’s be honest, each of us promised to do exercises “from Monday” and unquestioningly follow the healthy lifestyle code. However, with the arrival of the cherished date, the desire to get up early for exercise evaporated like a mirage in the desert. Lack of motivation spoiled all plans. Orgasm is a great stimulus. During intercourse, a man burns about 240-300 kcal, and a woman, depending on activity, from 150 to 370 kcal. Good sex can be likened to functional training that combines cardio and strength training .

12. Solid mimicry

Expressing sincere feelings is the sweetest thing I’ve ever encountered. For clarity, let’s compare the two situations. The first option is standard. The couple wake up at seven, take a quick shower, drink coffee and sandwiches, and scatter to the offices, kissing each other in passing and wishing a good day. Option two includes morning sex. The same couple set their alarm half an hour earlier. The girl frantically fumbles with her hand on the bedside table in search of a heart-rending screaming mobile phone and barely has time to turn off the signal when he pounces on her, intercepts her hand, bites her ear and pulls her nightgown over her head. Only 30 minutes, and the difference is enormous.

13. Ability to show off

On the thirteenth point, an inner snake revived in me, starting to whisper all sorts of nasty things, and I decided to convey her admonitions to you. Colleagues at my previous job every single day complained about the coldness and aloofness of their husbands, they say, sex has become less frequent, and so on and so forth. How nice it was for me to boast that my boyfriend “roasts me until crisp in the morning.” Of course, good girls don’t do that, but sometimes it’s incredibly encouraging to be a little bad.

14. True love

Have you seen yourself in the mirror in the morning? Without makeup, styling, with a swollen face, and also a strange smell from the mouth. Your beloved doesn’t look much better. In addition to all of the above “beauties”, he has added bristles. If lovers want each other in such an impartial way and accept a partner with all the flaws, then the relationship is above a banal hookup . I will not bend my heart by concluding that morning closeness is an indicator of real sublime feelings.

15. Why not!

Where did the fashion go to limit itself ?! It doesn’t matter whether it’s coitus at dawn or a penchant for fetishism. The most annoying thing is when people condemn things they have never tried. Practice for just one week and gauge your body’s response. Noticing the obvious positive effects on my emotional and physical well-being, I became a fanatical adept of morning sex. Join my sect and you will find happiness 🙂

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