Blindfold Sex Positions You Must Try

Even in the most boring sex, it is quite possible to add a handful of raisins. To do this, you need to voluntarily deprive yourself of one of the five senses. Blindfold copulation promises to be very exciting. Today I will prove it to you. Hollywood films are gradually developing the theme of erotic games. In the paintings “9 ½ Weeks” and in “50 Shades of Gray”, seduction of the main characters included the obligatory passage through sensual tactile pleasures. Of course, not everything that is shown to us on the wide screen should be taken seriously. However, the technique of blindfolding during coitus is an excellent practice not only in movies, but also in real life. Outstanding sexologists of our time also agree with the writers. Here’s what Jessica O’Reilly , author of The New Bible of Sex , says :  




“There are several reasons to be voiced in favor of dazzle in the redistribution of the bedroom. First, deprivation (approx. Elimination) of one of the types of feelings leads to a multiple increase in perception from other organs. Every touch and slightest sound will begin to bring more pleasure to your partner.  

Secondly, there is the so-called effect of the decline of the lover’s inertia. If in standard intercourse the second half experienced embarrassment, then with a blindfold, excessive hypocrisy disappears. His or her body relaxes and responds more actively to stimulation. “

The colleague is supported by Kat van Kirk , clinical sexologist and family relations specialist:

“Erotic play, which includes blindfolds and bondage elements, transforms established roles in long-term relationships. If usually the initiator of intimacy was a man and he constantly “pulled the blanket” over himself, then such a practice will allow the girl to relax and control the process from start to finish “ 

Best Blindfolded Sex Positions

1. Private dance

Execution technique. Due to the popularity of twerk, this sex position is indirectly flashed in almost all popular video clips. The first that comes to mind is Nikki Minaj ‘s immortal creation ” Anaconda “. It has a bit of sexism, but the principle of private dance is very clear. The guy sits on the edge of a sofa or on a sturdy chair with his knees spread out to the sides. The girl turns her back to his face, and then sits down on the partner’s penis. I recommend replacing the usual frictions with circular rotations of the hips. The lower the squat and the greater the forward bend angle, the deeper the penis will enter. What is good about this pose. According to O’Reilly , “Private Dance” will give your partner complete control over tempo, rhythm and speed. Blindfolds add spice to the intercourse, as the man can fantasize about the personality of the stripper.  


2. It’s rock and roll, baby

Execution technique. Both lovers should now wear opaque masks or headbands. He sits on the bed, leaning his back on the floor or on the wall and stretching his legs slightly bent at the knees. She climbs from above, barely touching the buttocks of the man’s thighs. The girl’s body weight is distributed between the feet and the supporting arm. Thus, the partner seems to be hanging over her beloved. Frictions are performed by swinging back and forth. What is good about this pose. This sex position is quite unpredictable and provides the maximum sense of oneness with the significant other. To keep your balance, you need to adjust to the rhythm of your lover and focus completely on synchronizing your movements. You cannot physically jump at the speed of light, which provides an opportunity to increase the duration of intercourse. Use dirty whispers, pelvic contractions, and slow, deep breathing to increase the stimulation. 



3. Splitting bamboo

Execution technique. The implementation of sex positions will require a remarkable stretching from the girl. The guy is on his knees, legs spread wide. The lady is lying on her back. She should place the calf of one leg on the partner’s shoulder, and stretch the other leg between the lover’s thighs. When the penis is inserted into the vagina, the girl’s buttocks will naturally lift. The head of the penis will rest against the front wall, stimulating the G-spot. What is good about this position. In addition to the active study of the Grafenberg zone , both partners will get a lot of amenities from the side advantages of the variation. During frictions, the girl’s lower leg will gently massage the scrotum and delicate skin of the inner thighs. The guy will get unlimited access to the clitoris and nipples, he will be able to stroke his stomach and pubis. 


4. Silk torture

Execution technique. A fairly common idea that opens up endless space for the realization of hidden fantasies. The man lies on his back, a bandage is in front of his eyes, and his hands are secured with handcuffs or silk ribbons. The girl shouldn’t be in a hurry. First, she licks and kisses the whole body of the partner, then focuses on the most tidbits. I recommend including sex toys , food props (chocolate, cream, honey) in an erotic game , alternating stimulation with ice with pouring melted wax, tickling it with feathers. Do not disdain also deep petting , forced cunnilingus . What is good about this pose. O’Reilly advises incorporating this variation into the intercourse of couples facing fading feelings. She creates the illusion of defenselessness in the passive partner and a feeling of permissiveness in the active side of the intimate action. This heats up dull emotions. Love you and don’t be afraid to experiment! 

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