150% fun! How to enhance the sensation of sex?

Several simple ways can make sex more enjoyable and sensual. They help both men and women experience more sensations. It is possible to use them regularly, but it will be very exciting the first time.

Is it possible to enhance sensations?

There are many ways to change your perception of what is happening. Someone intensifies emotionally what is happening, someone pays more attention to the body. But working methods do exist. For example, during falling in love, sex is many times brighter, and this is the effect of emotions. It is impossible to return this euphoria, but a similar feeling of anticipation can really be obtained in other ways. There are ways to develop sensitivity that suit everyone. There are individual options. We will tell you about the simplest and most affordable ones. 

Whipping up emotions

There are several ways to generate interest in upcoming intimacy. It gives a sense of anticipation, anticipation, which is very beneficial for sex. The intimacy after this “preparation” seems very passionate.

  • Planning. When sex is scheduled at a certain time, and everyone prepares for it. And this becomes a special ritual where nothing distracts and only pleases. For example, you can rent a hotel, go on vacation, or at least send the children to their parents. And knowing that this evening is made specifically for sex will create anticipation. 
  • Seduction. Writing naughty messages or posting nude photos can also help you get in the mood. This can be sent to a loved one to work, and it will cause fantasies on the way home. Men like images more, women are promises of what will be done to them the coming night. 
  • New experience. Waiting for a new sex toy is very exciting. And the opportunity to try it is curious and very entertaining. Internal euphoria when ordering, waiting, and then unpacking also enhance the sensations upon further contact. 

The emotional impact is always interesting. But you can combine it with physical sensations.

3 intimate creams to enhance the sensations of sex

It is interesting to use intimate cosmetics with special properties during intimacy. It really helps to make things better. With such substances, orgasm seems very bright and long.

Slimming cream. It is applied to the walls of the vagina and causes them to “swell”. As a result, the opening is greatly narrowed, and vaginal sex becomes many times more pleasant for both. The effect is temporary, the action is safe. But using such a cream, you can also play deprivation of virginity. 

Cooling lubricant. When applied to the skin, a slight chill is felt. It changes perception, touch seems to be “different.” At the same time, the intensity of sensations is different, in order to find the best option for yourself, you will have to try different compositions. An interesting game with the cream is to blow on the skin after application, it will cause a wave of goose bumps all over the body. 

Energizing cream. Causes blood flow to the genitals. And this already activates the nerve endings, which makes orgasm very pleasant. For men, the stimulating cream guarantees a stable, strong erection. Helps women reach orgasm faster. There are products for men and women separately, and there are lubricants for couples, which give an effect to both. 

Using intimate cosmetics changes the sensation. Such an experience is worth going through, it will be remembered for a long time. And it’s easy to repeat it. The package is enough for several experiments.

What further enhances the sensation in sex

In addition to emotional impact and cosmetics, other factors also affect the sensations. For example, a long foreplay . Hugs and kisses before sex help you get aroused, and the more there are, the more enjoyable sex will be. A small amount of alcohol relaxes, helps to disconnect from problems and tune in to intimacy. But you can drink a glass of champagne, not a liter of vodka, so that the effect is correct. Aphrodisiacs are found in foods. Eating dates, seafood, almonds, pumpkin seeds can change the sensitivity of nerve endings. Everyone can change sensations, it is only important to want to experiment and have fun. 

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