6 most unusual butt plugs

Butt plugs come in different sizes and shapes. There are amazing things that stand out among others. They differ in appearance, material or functions, and are definitely worth special attention. All of them are from leading manufacturers, of good quality. And such a thing to his collection wants a lover of all the unusual.

6 unusual butt plugs are models that our customers chose more often than others. They also received a large number of positive reviews. Both a beginner and an experienced user can use them.

6 unique pieces are not a complete collection. These are just some of the interesting models. Among the hundreds presented in our catalog, you can find other products that stand out for their characteristics.

1. Lovense Hush Butt Plug

The butt plug to wear is a truly unique piece. It not only fits comfortably in the body, but is also controlled from a smartphone . The application can change speeds, turn on vibrations and even set a mode when the gadget shakes to the beat of the music. At the same time, the device works absolutely silently, no one around will guess that he is inside the body. This comfortable sleeve can be used by both men and women. It does not interfere with movements, does not rub the body, and in any position it is felt very comfortable. There are 2 sizes of cork – large and small, each will choose the one suitable for itself. 

2. Anal plug spiral Sexus Glass

A very graceful model that looks like a decorative piece for an interior, not like a sex toy. Made of borosilicate glass, which is very difficult to break. The relief on the surface is created for sensual massage. The cork will last for many years, will not break or deteriorate. It can be washed even in the dishwasher. But the main thing is that this material holds the temperature well, and the cork can be heated or cooled before use to enhance the sensation.

3. NS Novelties Firefly Pleasure Plug Glow in the Dark Butt Plug

The classic shape of the cork is convenient for beginners. It is easy to insert, does not cause pain during immersion, while allowing you to get used to the object in the anus. Why is it unusual? She glow in the dark! It looks very impressive both when immersed and when removed from the body. The material is completely safe for use, does not contain harmful components. It was developed in the USA, passed a lot of checks and meets all quality standards. The cork is not rigid, it can bend a little, which is convenient if you use it for wearing.

4. Butt plug PipeDream ICICLES Gold Edition

The gold butt plug is very comfortable in shape. It is ideal for gifts, it can be presented as a decoration. Moreover, it is made of glass! It looks very stylish, the design is not trivial. At the same time, it can be used with any lubricants, even oil will not harm it! Suitable for wearing, frequent use. The diameter in the wide part is 4.4 cm, the leg is narrow and comfortable. Very stylish design – a box that looks like a casket. This is worth giving yourself and your loved ones!

5. Anal vaginal plug LoveToy LoveThing Blooming Tulip

Expanding plug is a feeling of fullness at any time. The cork is rather dense, not soft. It requires some skill to introduce. It is necessary to connect the petals together and immerse it in the body, and only let the parts open inside. It is more convenient to use in pairs to hold the device with both hands during a dive. Suitable for wearing, the feeling of fullness will be all the time, which is very exciting. A plug for experienced users who appreciate quality sex toys.

6. Butt plug with an offset center of gravity Orion You2Toys Backdoor Friend

A cork for wearing with a shifted center is the ideal solution for those who like to constantly feel arousal. Inside the cork, the ball rolls with any movements, which creates oscillations. Such a thing will not allow itself to be forgotten even for a minute. At the same time, the movements inside are silent, do not attract attention. Walking, playing sports can turn into an exciting activity if there is such a thing inside. At the same time, the outside of the cork is covered with high-quality silicone, which is easy to clean. It is odorless and does not absorb aromas.

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