She sat on his face: face-telling – what is it and how to use it

Has everyone seen the scandalous Reebok ad with a feminist blogger? Of course, even we agree that this is an overkill, but we cannot but discuss this event from the point of view of a sex gap. So, it was thanks to Reebock that the world began to become interested in what facetting is. So, facetting (literally facesitting, face – face, and sitting – sit, English) – sitting on a man’s face with the aim of obtaining greater (or great) pleasure from oral sex … Often, facesitting is an element of femdom (female domination), can be used in bdsm practices as humiliation, punishment, or, on the contrary, as a praise, an opportunity to please your Lady. Practiced in role-playing games, and just for fun.

In addition to humiliation practices and another pose for cool cunnilingus, facesitting is a kind of porn, and quite popular. Even if this is still a little strange for you, you can be sure that many women and even many men fantasize about it.

Feyssitting assumes almost exclusively oral contact, although, given that the hands of a man (or woman – lower partner) are free – they can be occupied with additional stimulation of the vagina and anus, even take a small toy. Vibrating bullets or miniature clitoral stimulators will perfectly complement oral sex, everything else that is more dimensional will interfere. But you should still focus on caresses with lips and tongue.    

Feyssitting is steeper than “sixty nine” and other non-standard poses for cunnilingus in that in this case the woman completely controls the process, she can change the angle, move her hips, “sit down” on the tongue. If you want to get the most out of oral sex, but a man “always goes somewhere wrong,” facesitting will help you get an orgasm and teach your partner to take a more responsible approach to the process.

Types of facesitting

Oddly enough, facesitting comes in several different formats. And in the face-painting advantage, all the same, it implies a femdom, because cunnilingus can, in principle, be made simpler in many other positions. But not a single femdom, so …
-Flassical facetting
-Feyssitting with elements of humiliation and dominance over the bottom
-Feyssitting as a BDSM-practice (for example, with breathing control)
-Feyssitting in clothes
-Feyssitting with displacement
-Feyssitting as an element of pose “69 “

Classic facesitting is all the same facesitting for cunnilingus, but at the same time with elements of role reversal, where a woman feels dominant over a man. If the role reversal isn’t quite for your couple, you can make oral sex in this position delicious by adding some oral lubricant. Let this be another pose for pleasure – men love a blow job with a girl on her knees. Why don’t girls love Cooney like that? Facesitting with elements of humiliation and domination over the lower one – oral sex, where a woman is a full-fledged Mistress, and her power is not discussed. Considering that a woman is almost always physically weaker than a man, the power over him and his mobility, being on top, is very exciting. The lower partner will not be able to rise or move so easily if she does not allow him. You can add spice to facesitting with dirty curses, or disturbing moans – whatever you like. Feyssitting as a BDSM practice – all the same female dominance, while supplemented by any elements. For example, sitting on the face can be accompanied by control of breathing, but this must be done very carefully. You can also put on a collar and a leash on the lower one , or put it “quietly” on the counter and handcuff it; you can fix not only your arms, but also your legs. As a bonus – blindfold. 



Facesitting in clothes is a seemingly strange format, but definitely taking place. A girl can be in clothes and underwear with access, in a short skirt, in a catsuit or in ordinary panties, pushed aside (as, indeed, without them at all), and here the clothes will rather be an element of a fetish. But facesitting is practiced without contact with intimate areas, where the Lady can be fully and completely dressed. The practice here will be rather humiliation, and the lower one will be used as furniture for the pleasure of the Lady. Okolafeyssitting – this is a variety of sexual practices, still related to sitting on the face, but not involving oral sex. In the lower case, both a woman and a man can speak here. In the case of the upper one, too. For example, a girl, being on top, can rub her clitoris on her partner’s nose, and a man, in the same position, can put his testicles on her partner’s face. Offset facesitting is still oral sex, but a woman who does not want to belittle her partner too much agrees to take a more comfortable position for the man below. For example, sit more on the chest than on the face, and support your weight. Feyssitting as an element of the pose “69” is very similar to the aforementioned feyssitting with displacement, but the girl here is in the “reverse horsewoman” pose – so that her hands and mouth are free in order to make a man pleasant. B – reciprocity. In sex, this is the only way) There are several positions for facesitting, in some a woman is completely focused on sensations, in others she can “thank a man” – from stroking his penis to a full blowjob. The sensations from him are more interesting than from ordinary oral sex, because frankly “licking” in this position is more convenient for a man and he has more space – the groin, labia, clitoris, the entrance to the vagina and the anus are open. Facesitting also allows you to vary the slope, angle, millimeters, to catch the “most buzz”. The main rule is not to jump on his face like on his penis. It doesn’t work like that. And do not forget that you can not completely sit down and completely relax – the woman here is responsible for the breathing and comfort of the man, even if you have a hard femdom.      



The first rule of facesitting, like the rule of oral sex, is cleanliness.

To shave or not to shave is up to a woman to decide, but at the same time she is obliged to take care of her hygiene. It is important not to use flavored gels or alkaline soap pieces, it is better to use a special means for intimate hygiene, and then rinse thoroughly. It is desirable that neither smell nor taste remain.

The second rule is a comfortable posture.

It is facing him, where a woman, sitting on her knees with her legs apart, lowers her crotch on his face.
Absolute stability The
ability to observe him and his reactions
Convenience to move, swing, shift the hips

It is facing him, more calm, a little more comfortable, you can rely on the heels in it, maintain stability with your hands. But this position is not very suitable for shy women, because a woman has practically no vision, and in front of a man’s eyes, on the contrary, everything he only dreamed of.
Advantages: The
girl in her is not so tired, the muscles are not so tense.
You can switch to the pose at any time ” 69 ”

Sideways This is
not the most popular position, but if you like to experiment – why not?
Good review The
ability to additionally use sex toys
It’s unusual

It’s no secret that there are men who just love to do cunnilingus. For them, being in close proximity to the clitoris and vagina is a great joy, and such a position turns them on insanely.
It is also very similar to forced oral sex on the part of a woman, because it is much easier for a man to force a woman to oral sex. Sitting on a man’s face, a woman gets this opportunity. It usually turns both of them on and equally strong.
Even if you are a traditional couple, in sex you sometimes need to switch roles! 🙂

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