Direct impulse. Spark. Chemistry. Intimate Electrical Stimulation

There is a whole category of people who takes electrical stimulation very seriously and has a whole collection of houses – blocks, nozzles, electrodes.
But what if you are only going to try …

Perfection for beginners

If you’re just thinking to try – look in the direction of myo-vibrators from MyStim. They have “major modes”. Like everyone else, with a very high level of implementation. And if suddenly the impulses do not come in, they can always be used according to the usual program. And besides this, they turn on the “current” function. Just a button! There is no need to purchase separate units and carefully connect the power cables with the correct polarity. Each of them is good in its own way.   

Electric Eric is a sleek sly. Just grease its surface and it will slip into the most secret place, no matter how much you resist! Hissing Simon is a ribbed black serpent, he has a bombic relief! Tickling Truman – big … no, like this: Big Boudoir Master. Powerful handsome man with an electric motor. Daring Danny is a “rabbit” that stimulates the G-spot inside and the clitoris outside in two ways at once: mechanical waves and electric currents. And new: Separate Nippers – Eric and Truman in one package! 




Dual abilities

These are not ordinary vibrators. They are special.

All E-Stim Vibes stimulants are coated with excellent silicone, equipped with a rechargeable battery and are able to work even under water (the current is low, so it will be lost – it is better to leave just vibration in the bathroom). 8 modes of operation of the motor at 5 levels of intensity each. 10 power steps of electrical discharges. Almost three hours of work from a “full” battery. Their very concise design and true elegance are especially valuable in that they complement well any wardrobe and style. Storage case and charging plug – everything you need is included!  

Competitors step on their heels

The toy industry – like everyone else – our competitors do not sit idly by and pick up the best ideas quickly and sometimes adapt as well as the original.
Therefore, myostimulants can now be found not only among the pioneers of this topic.

For example, Pipedream: The Fetish Fantasy collection has some interesting Shock Therapy instances . Simple design combined with fantastic features and low price. Ideal combination for test! The Dutch brand Shots Media has even more aggressive fantasy in its Electroshock by Shots collection. California Exotic Novelties, on the other hand, approached the topic carefully and released an elegant line of Impulse vibrators with electrostimulation in a juicy violet color. 

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