I used to think that I didn’t need lubrication

About 5 years ago, I did not understand the essence of using lubricants at all. I thought that only people who are sick or who love anal sex need lubrication, and this thing is not useful with ordinary contacts. But as time went on, I tried several lubricants, and now I’m sure that everyone needs high-quality lubricant for sex and for masturbation.

Why do I need a lubricant?

Why use anything at all when there is a natural lubricant? Why spend money on some formulations, if everything works out so well? These are all fads!

These were the thoughts that visited me in my tempestuous youth. And nobody around used anything like this, I myself learned about intimate cosmetics on the Internet , and not from the advice of friends or a guy. And, apparently, thousands of women in our country think so. My opinion has changed dramatically. Now I understand that lubrication is needed. Even necessary. Now I can not imagine sex without her. Or how can you masturbate with toys and not use lubricant? 

First purchase

The first time we bought a lubricant was for anal sex . I wanted to try, but only correctly, so that immediately the experience was pleasant. I did not like the experience without lubrication … .. or rather, the option with a baby cream did not work. I really do not recommend such experiments, it can be dangerous to health. The lubricant was taken painkiller. And then I learned to appreciate anal. It turned out that the unpleasant sensations were due to the fact that minor injuries appeared. I didn’t feel comfortable after sex. But when the grease appeared, any discomfort was gone. Of course, it took me a while to experience an orgasm from such sex, but the fear disappeared completely thanks to the lubrication. 

Water experiment

Have you ever tried bathroom sex? This, of course, is funny, and some bathrooms are comfortable. But only if this is only the beginning of the act, and then everything continues in the air. Long sex in the bathroom did not work, as everything began to “rub”. And I wanted the process to last longer.

And then for the first time I ordered a silicone-based lubricant. The goal was to apply in water so that it doesn’t wash off instantly. And then I saved a little. In general, the experience was not the most successful. After 5 minutes, the grease was still washed off with water, and it was not very great. But do not throw it away?
In general, I tried masturbation with toys and lube. And it was a delight! Honestly, I did not expect that the sensations will be different. But it really is. It turned out that the sensations are becoming more intense. And the meaning of the word “sliding” I did not understand at all.

Of course, I now use water-based lubricants with sex toys. This is more convenient, and the toys do not deteriorate.

Lubricants with effects

What confused me about lubricants was the taste. It is difficult to go to the shower after vaginal sex and then switch to oral sex. And the bitter taste annoyed me. And then, for the first time, I went to get some tasty lubricant.

Now I only use lube that tastes good. Precisely not only with aroma, but with taste. So that you can swallow it, if you suddenly want to diversify affection.

I can honestly say that lubrication is also needed for a blow job. And more. It’s just worth trying at least once to apply a delicious lubricant, and all the action will turn into a chic dessert. With lubrication, the process is more interesting. It’s hard to explain what’s changing. Probably a slip. But if a person has not tried a lubricant, then he will not understand me.

Lubrication is the thing every pair needs. And I haven’t tried everything yet. Now I want to buy a warming and strengthening sensation for the clitoris. I will definitely tell you when I try. And I recommend that you start with something sweet, you will definitely not regret it.

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