Why stimulate her with your hands during sex?

Why would a woman masturbate? This question is asked by many men. And we decided to ask the girls themselves the answer, and also to find out the opinion of specialists working in the sex shop. Most of the respondents are sure that men’s fingers are very useful during sex, that the correct movements can bring to orgasm much faster than a penis. 

What is the difference between penis and hand stimulation?

When a man uses only his penis, he does not stimulate all parts of the female womb. Of course, changing positions and tilt angle allows you to find convenient options, but at the same time, not every woman can experience an orgasm. For example, the likelihood of a G-spot massage is very low. It is necessary to specially adapt so that the head rests against this area or massages it.

When the fingers are used, the massage takes place on those areas that are not active during normal penetration. There is a study of the vagina, as a result, it is possible to find a mass of erogenous zones that instantly increase arousal. The fingers are flexible, movable, which cannot be said about the penis. When they are immersed, the entrance to the womb is still well stimulated , where a large number of nerve endings responsible for pleasure also accumulate. 


When is it appropriate to caress a woman with your hands?

All actions in sex should take place by mutual desire. And you can immerse your palms in her only when she herself does not mind. When is it most appropriate?

  • During the foreplay. To turn her on even more. And fingers will be able to check whether she is ready for penetration. 
  • During cunnilingus. When the tongue caresses the clitoris, you can additionally insert your fingers into the vagina. At the same time, it is ideal to massage the front wall in order to engage the G-spot. It may not be very convenient in the process, but with frequent experiments, it will be possible to adapt. 
  • During anal sex. The extra stimulation will allow her to experience more pleasant experiences. Sometimes it is appropriate to use a remote control sex toy instead of your fingers, as it is difficult to reach. She is placed in the vagina, her vibrations help her learn orgasms from anal. 
  • After sex, if she did not have time to finish. If the man has already finished, but the girl has not yet, you should caress her with your hands. Correct movements will help her get pleasure too. 
  • During the massage. Erotic massage is very pleasant, and it can be part of foreplay, or it can replace sex. Only smooth movements will help her to relax. 

What is the right way to masturbate her?

Masturbation is not the right word for this kind of action. Fingering of the vulva and vagina with hands is a “fingering”. This is a paired practice in which one or two hands may be involved. In order for the process to give only pleasure, it is important to follow simple rules:

  • Hands must be clean. It is advisable to wash them before the process. Make sure no dirt has accumulated under your nails. 
  • The nails need to be trimmed. And remove all sharp edges so as not to injure your partner. But what if you feel sorry for removing the nails? Then use latex gloves, but put a ball of cotton in each finger before putting it on. This will prevent the thin material from breaking. 
  • It is necessary to start with external caresses. First, you should devote time to the clitoris, labia, and then go inside. External caresses are no less exciting than internal ones. 
  • I need a lubricant. Natural lubrication is not enough, water-based product must be added. It will improve glide and make the process much more comfortable.  
  • One finger is enough to start. The second and third should be added gradually. The goal is massage, not stretching. Increasing the volume is another practice – fisting. 
  • The reaction is important. Performing all movements, it is important to monitor the woman’s reaction. And this will allow you to find the best solutions for fast orgasms. 

What movements should I do? Here it is worth including imagination. Most often, forward movements are performed with straight fingers, imitating the penetration of the penis. They also bend their fingers, as if trying to call someone. In this case, the hand is placed with the palm up to massage the front wall. It is possible to expand the fingers, as if examining the walls. To make the process even more memorable, finger vibrators are used for such caresses . They make it easier to caress, allow you to have fun faster. 

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