Visually informative component of arousal

Once upon a time, when hairy erotica could only be found on cassettes hidden in a parent’s drawer, we rejoiced at what we have. At first we were surprised at the bushes of that aunt from the newsreel, behind which the most interesting things were not even visible. Then a man invented a wheel called a CD, and better and more naked fragments of the forbidden sweet art came to our eyes. An adult movie could already be bought in a store by asking an older friend, and then exchanged for another dvd. Times have changed and the happy period of the free Internet has come, a time that many remember with warmth. A huge amount of any content, due to the lack of censorship, poured out everywhere – from forums and the first social networks to limitless search queries. Already on a mobile device with the help of wap-portals and IrDA, in common people – IR-ports, it was possible to examine the innermost in any place and at any time. And time went on, the Internet began to be controlled, obscenities prohibited by legislation went to the Darknet, and with them the majority of then fashionable resources, many of course managed to clean up and continue to delight their users according to all permitted requirements. But unfortunately, now these concessions are few, and in many countries more and more new areas are covered by the ban. Blocking, censorship, advertising, proxy settings, vpn extensions are a real headache for a person who just wants to enjoy an exquisite short-length masterpiece for adults. Each of us has our own taste for spicy videos. Open home or hidden camera, or maybe even hentai? What about oriental beauties or a group of big black guys? And if you combine them? Related, age-matched, same-sex, or even miracles of robotics? Sometimes you don’t know what to choose, although there is a more significant problem – what you have already seen is not so attractive, and discovering something new is not always so easy. Where to find and what exactly to look for? I came home, and instead of a two-hour search, at least a little, for an attractive model and a not too vulgarly feigned situation, I saw something truly beautiful, passionate and new.  

And somebody did it! And not just anybody, but a real dude. A real dude. The porn dude has been single-handedly searching for and selecting sites with selected content and useful features for a long time, where you can watch, download, buy, play and communicate without worrying about viruses or blockages. And then I also posted it on the net for free, so that everyone could easily find anything to their taste. Isn’t that great news? The erotic sites are already categorized east from west, dirty from highly artistic, gender-focused from gender-neutral. Cartoons are not for little ones, sex chats and forums. Erotic games, if your hands are not yet busy or masterfully cope with one. More than a thousand different kinds of resources for a full flight of fantasy. No access? – dozens of similar sites or forums that provide assistance in solving similar problems in their circle. Proven stores with sex toys to immediately buy a cast of your favorite star, or a toy that was shown in a beautiful scene and so interested the inquisitive, visually falling in love human mind.   

event_note July 26, 2020

account_box Dr. John Provet

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