How To Care For Anal Sex Toys?

How to properly wash, store anal sex toys so that they serve as long as possible? How to cleanse different materials, which lubricants to use for maximum pleasure. Simple tips for anus wearers to avoid breakage.

How to disinfect an anal toy before first use?

When you have a new sex toy in your hands, it needs not only to be washed, but disinfected . This will remove all dirt, not even visible to the eye. No need to worry, this device has not been used before. But during production, transportation, dust could get on it. Most packages are not sealed, so contamination should not be ruled out. Liquids from the pharmacy, for example, Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, help to remove bacteria. They are available and are water based. It is enough just to wipe the stimulator with such a remedy. But you need to be careful if the toy is afraid of moisture, so as not to break it. Make sure that no liquid gets into the battery compartment (if any). 

How to use anal stuff so as not to spoil

It is recommended to read the instructions before use. It tells everything: how to apply, how to cleanse, how to store. But you need to pay attention to the relationship with moisture. There are 3 categories of products:

  • Water intolerant. They are not tight, water can get inside and ruin the mechanism. They require great care when cleaning and applying so that water or grease does not interfere with performance. 
  • Waterproof. They are not afraid of moisture at all. Can be washed under running water, used in the shower, bath and pool. 
  • Splash resistant. If droplets fall on the surface, it’s not scary. But if immersed under water, it will break. It’s easy to wash, but you still need to be careful. 

When it is clear what kind of toy is in the hands, it is easier to figure out how to care for the anal device.

It is worth washing with a special cleaner. It is a special composition that removes all impurities without leaving an odor. But if it’s not on hand, mild soap and water will do. But it is important to remember whether a particular device is afraid of moisture or not. After washing, thoroughly wipe the surface with a dry cloth . At the same time, there should be no smell from the device, no visible dirt should remain on the surface. 


How to store intimate goods

After cleansing, anal sex toys are removed to storage. It can be different: from the bedside table to the safe in the bedroom. And it depends on the material – whether it is possible to place a plug or a stimulator next to other devices.

  • Silicone. The material is hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch. It can serve for many years if stored in a separate bag or case, away from other devices. The surface does not react often, this takes time, but it is afraid of direct sunlight. Easily tolerates temperature changes. 
  • PVC. Created on the basis of plastic with the addition of softeners. Unpretentious material, multiple sex toys can be held together. Does not change over time, does not lose shape. Two plastic toys can easily coexist. 
  • TPR, TPE. Created on the basis of rubber. The composition is different every time, and does not tolerate close proximity. Devices can “stick together” with each other, enter into reactions. This does not always happen, but there is a possibility. It is better to lay each device separately. 
  • Glass, metal. These toys are called “eternal”. They are not afraid of any influences, except for serious chemical compounds. They don’t need any special conditions. Many things can even be washed in the dishwasher. You can stack it together. 
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