Best bachelorette party in my life! Or what is Intimati?

We decided to celebrate my friend’s birthday only with girls. And the meeting was made at home. The birthday girl said there would be surprises. I could not even imagine that this would be a step into a completely new life. I will remember the fabulous party for the rest of my life, but the main thing that happened next!

Unusual evening

The friend kept the essence of the upcoming secret a secret. And the guests were already gathering. There were 8 of us girls, we all have known each other for many years. Each came with bouquets, gifts and champagne. And everyone was looking forward to a pleasant evening with a lot of memories , jokes and even dances! But suddenly the doorbell rang, and a girl appeared with a suitcase, whom we did not know. At first, everyone thought it was a relative or a new acquaintance of the birthday girl. But it turned out that this is the presenter! That a unique show awaits us, and this beautiful stranger should hold it. And when everyone was seated around the coffee table, she opened her suitcase! And it shocked everyone! There were some strange colored objects inside. And among them is the male phallus! What is it? Attributes for contests? 


Nice acquaintance

Nadya, that was the name of the host, invited us to get to know each other again. And it turned out that we really do not know everything about each other. We started to get acquainted with the intimate side of our life! At first there were modest questions, and although everyone was a little embarrassed, after half an hour we were already talking to each other about the first kiss, the first love and, of course, the first sex. Then the conversation flowed smoothly to orgasms. And when the phrase sounded: “Do you want to get an orgasm with every sex?”, Our eyes were already glowing with interest. And then these beautiful things from the suitcase went into action. Nadia showed them sex toys and offered to guess how to use them . Some were surprising. But it was really educational. In an interactive form, we suddenly learned that orgasm can be very frequent, and sometimes several times per night!  


New world

Nadia passed each item from hand to hand. And everyone could see, feel how it works. With a sinking heart, I held a vibrator in my hands, felt its movements and thought, but how is it when it touches me somewhere between my legs? And it was very interesting!

The suitcase contained not only toys. I was amazed at the lubricants . Some are delicious and we tasted them together with the fruit. Others with effects, they cool the skin so cool. It all smelled fabulous! And I wanted to take the massage oil with me, it was so pleasant, I fell in love with its aroma. We laughed, held all these things in our hands, and then looked at the linen ! What beautiful things you can find. And the slit panties are fantastic, my husband would go crazy if he knew what I was wearing! 


Bachelorette party in full swing

It was the most interesting bachelorette party . No, we didn’t sit by the suitcase all the time, there were pauses when champagne was poured, snacks were served. We took breaks to relax, but all the conversations were personal. And not about problems, but about desires! It’s so great when the atmosphere becomes magical, when all the girls suddenly turn into princesses who are curious, fun and even a little ashamed! We seemed to have crossed some line that separated us. And thanks to Nadya, we suddenly opened up. And it turned out that any of the features shown can be ordered for yourself! And I chose several things at once. My collection already has: 

  • JO’s delicious peach lube.
  • Panties with a cutout for the most daring experiments.
  • Satisfyer, guaranteeing orgasms. And it really is!
  • Lush for workout and fun. A vibrator that can be worn inside.

I made the order at a party, and they brought it home to me in a couple of days. Other girls also ordered something, but I did not listen to what. But we were all amazed at such a variety of similar products, and everyone wanted not just to hold it in their hands, but to try it in practice.

Thanks Nadia! It’s so great that this kind of communication can bring you closer together. We spent a fabulous evening , and even when the presenter left, we discussed all these entertaining things for a long time. The evening turned out to be very emotional. We haven’t had such meetings for a long time. 

event_note August 23, 2020

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