What erotic fantasies do people hesitate to fulfill?

Everyone has sexual fantasies. But only here to realize them in life, some will never dare. We asked our subscribers what exactly seems exciting to them, but in reality they are not ready to try it. And they also found out what scares them.

Names have been changed as many of the responses were anonymous. We only saved gender and age. IntimShop.ru knows how to keep secrets.

Group sex

Thousands of people on the planet dream of having sex with several people at once. But only a few have experience of such contact. Why is this happening?

Marina, 32 years old

I love group porn. It turns me on when there are many men and one girl. I even read reviews from similar parties, where the girl tried contact with a dozen guys in turn. But watching and participating are completely different things. I seem to be shy or even afraid. What if I don’t like it? What if someone smells unpleasant? Or will I not like the touch? In general, how can you push someone away in such circumstances?

Ilya, 27 years old

I am very jealous. And I can’t imagine my girlfriend with another person. Even with another girl is treason. And although in fantasies I often imagine this, but in life I could not forgive it.

Ekaterina, 27 years old

Try it yourself at least once! Two men are even embarrassed to look at each other, let alone touch. They act like lepers. And in this in everything I should relax and enjoy? Yes, it’s dumb! And there is nothing to do with dreams.

Dressing up

Role-playing games seem to be popular with many couples. It’s not difficult to try on a new role. And with the costumes from the sex shop, you can try to implement a variety of images.

Alice, 42 years old

All my life I fantasized about a seductive doctor. I wanted him to take possession of me on his desk. How many times have I thought about it while masturbating! But in reality, I will never do it. Even if the husband agrees, it still won’t work. I will laugh like I never did before.

Igor, 37 years old

My wife somehow decided to surprise me. I came home and she was wearing stockings, a short skirt and a white wig. It was the image of a prostitute, I later realized that. And I was confused. I didn’t understand at all what I had to do. And she was offended, said that I did not love her. And I just wasn’t ready.


Domination and submission are also popular stories that attract the attention of thousands of viewers. But why don’t they implement it in life?

Olga, 36 years old

Once a guy decided to spank me. I didn’t mind at the beginning. In porn, it seemed so cool and entertaining. But when he hit me, I almost punched him back. And although only with the palm and on the priest, it was very unpleasant. After that, I decided that such experiments did not suit me at all.

Maxim, 32 years old

I have a very beautiful wife, we have been married for 2 years. I’m happy with her. But she is very gentle, affectionate. I can’t even imagine that you can do something rude to her in bed. Although I watch porn very hard. Maybe in the future I will find myself someone with whom I will try it, but never with my wife. Family sex should be special.

Olesya, 28 years old

I had a partner who taught me many things. With him I tried anal, fisting. With him, I learned to finish several times in a row. But in bed I always obeyed him. I’m not sure if this is BDSM, but it was very interesting. We parted years ago. And since then I want to do the same, I want to experience something similar again, but no man just knows how to please me so. And I don’t make my dream come true just because I can’t find one.

Sexual fantasies are worth pursuing. With them, intimacy becomes much easier. And to experiment, you need accessories. They can always be found at IntimShop.ru. We offer the best accessories for love games.

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