Controversial question: to swallow or not?

There is an opinion that men are simply delighted with women who, after oral sex, swallow semen. In addition, experts say that semen is good for your health. But most women are categorical. This may be due to interpersonal relationships or taste preferences. So what is the truth? 

Male opinion

Men are also ambivalent about this issue. Some consider sperm swallowing a manifestation of the highest degree of emotional attachment of a partner. By themselves, oral sex (blowjob) is already a manifestation of a high degree of intimacy, and if the partner has swallowed the ejaculated semen, this is perceived as the recognition of the chosen one for herself as the one and only. Other representatives of the strong half of humanity are convinced that this addiction is the lot of dissolute and depraved women. There are also those who believe that swallowing sperm is very offensive for a partner. Before deciding on such a step, it is advisable to find out how your partner relates to this .

Personal preferences

Why is it that most women are negative about this process? The answer suggests itself. Perhaps they just don’t like the taste or smell of male seed. If this is the only reason, the problem is completely solvable. After all, these factors are quite correctable. Pay attention to what your partner eats and drinks before intimacy. Remember that bad habits (addiction to smoking and alcoholic beverages) negatively affect the quality of sperm, and vice versa. If that’s the only thing stopping you, choose the right moment and explain the problem to your partner. However, do not forget that there are simply squeamish women. Then it is useless to fight it. In this case, you just need to choose the right words for refusal, so as not to hurt the male psyche.


One of the most common myths is that the female body perceives the male seed as a foreign body that can have a negative impact on its life processes. Think for yourself. After all, sperm enter your body not only through the oral cavity, but also during intimacy through the vagina. It is thanks to this that a new life is born and appears. So why do you think your immune system will aggressively fight sperm? It is not true. There is nothing dangerous or unnatural about male semen .
Of course, whether or not to swallow sperm is a personal matter for every woman. In order not to offend your chosen one with a sharp rejection, rude refusal and grimaces of disgust, discuss all the details of this issue with him in advance. Only in compromise, mutual respect and trust is truth born.

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