6 proofs of the anti-aging benefits of sex

Scientists have shown that regular sex life allows women to look much younger than their single peers. Glitter in the eyes, elastic skin, light gait and always a good mood are a pleasant bonus of intimacy, in addition to moral satisfaction. Here are some facts that sex tv screams miracles with our body.

Fact number 1

During orgasm, our body experiences stress, as a result of which all its systems and organs work more intensively, including the blood. Normalization of blood circulation has a positive effect on the youthfulness of the skin, as it is saturated with the necessary substances and oxygen.

Fact number 2

One of the culprits in aging is the hormone cortisol. Its worst enemy is another hormone – endorphin . During sex, a large amount of the hormone of happiness is produced, which blocks the unwanted action of cortisol. The result is radiant skin and no wrinkles.

Fact number 3

Full sexual intercourse is like jogging on a treadmill. Having sex, we work on our figure. Exercise keeps our muscles toned and burns excess calories.

Fact number 4

After rough sex, few people suffer from insomnia, because intimacy and orgasm promote healthy sleep. When we sleep, renewal processes take place in the body, so in order to look young and fresh , you just need to get enough sleep.

Fact number 5

Passionate sex is evidence that a woman is loved and desired. What else do we need to feel on top ?! After a stormy night, a woman glows from the inside and looks t attractive by default.

Fact number 6

The beneficial properties of male sperm for the female body have been repeatedly proven. It contains prostaglandins that are very important for us, which fight wrinkles and other visible age-related manifestations. Swallowing semen or having unprotected sex can keep you looking young and beautiful for a long time .
Why waste time and money on spa treatments and gyms when you can combine business with pleasure and spend an unforgettable night with your beloved man ?! When else can you get both moral and physical pleasure in combination with invaluable benefits for the body and appearance?

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