Mistakes we make in bed with new partners

Are you cute and successful? Crowds of fans hovering around you? Is each new date unforgettable and mind-blowing? But after the first stormy night, men disappear without a trace, not wanting to develop further relationships. It’s time to think about what you are doing wrong and what mistakes you make during intimacy with a new partner.

You are passive

Most women, during their first sexual experience with a new partner, try to keep themselves under control so as not to seem very depraved. As a result, you are lying on a log, and men do not like it. After your outright passivity, he is unlikely to want to return to your bed again. Don’t be afraid. Be liberated and smite him with your passion.

You try to surprise your man

In the first paragraph, it was recommended not to complex . However, do not forget about the simple folk wisdom: everything is good in moderation. Perhaps you are a very relaxed woman and are fluent in many sexual techniques. During the first contact, you should not immediately show a man all your talents in bed. Save something for later. After all, you still need to surprise him with something later. Do not forget that some men are “snobs” by nature, who may be frightened by your emancipation .

You are emotionless

You are very anxious before a date or are simply tired at work, so you are not capable of showing violent emotions. In this case, it is better to refuse the meeting and postpone it to a better time. If you still stay with the chosen one for the night, be sincere in your feelings, but do not try to imitate. Remember that men are as good at understanding people as you are and cannot stand lies and pretense.

You compare him to his ex

If you have abandoned your past relationship, then something didn’t suit you. Know how to let go of the past and don’t mention your ex during your first intimacy with your new boyfriend . Do not compare their appearance and temperament. In Otherwise, the man does not want a continuation of your relationship.

You show your frustration

Very often, the first sex is unsuccessful. This does not mean that both partners are bad lovers. You just don’t know each other yet and have no idea about sexual preferences and erogenous zones of the chosen one. Therefore, do not rush and show your disappointment. If you want to see a man again, take a moment to talk and talk with him about possible ways to improve your intimate relationship.
These are just possible reasons why your relationship is limited to only one night. You should not immediately blame the stronger sex for everything. After all, the root of the problem may be in you. Try not to make these mistakes, and the chances of a strong and lasting relationship will be much higher.

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