9 major taboos in bed

Regardless of how long you have been in a relationship with your man, certain rules must be followed in bed so as not to disturb the invisible connection and intimate idyll. Some of your daily habits do not belong in the bedroom, so analyze your behavior and work on mistakes. 

1. Don’t be selfish

Sexual satisfaction should not be one-sided, and therefore it is extremely important to know what each partner prefers and what gives him true pleasure. Frank communication on intimate topics is indispensable. Feel free to discuss intimate preferences and take them into account in your love foothold.

2. Don’t let negativity into the bedroom.

Often, couples prefer to sort things out in the bedroom before going to bed. Such communication does not always end in a peaceful outcome, but as a punishment, most often, the offended party refuses sex. Of course, you will make peace with your partner, but the negative impression associated with the bedroom will remain. Try to isolate the room where you are making love from these emotions.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Erotic fantasies should be voiced to the partner, and not kept secret. Don’t be silent about things that could diversify your sex life. Discuss all your wishes and suggestions. The bedroom is the perfect place for interesting experimentation, if that’s okay with it. This is your comfort zone where you are always safe.

4. Don’t fake orgasms

The main reason partners pretend to be in bed is the fear of disappointing or offending a loved one. But accept the fact that not every intercourse has to end with orgasms. Learn to enjoy not the culmination, but the process itself. Seek to understand what gives you pleasure and when , and discuss this with your partner.

5. Do not regulate sexual intercourse

It is a mistake to believe that the degree of happiness of a couple depends on the frequency of intercourse. You may have individual needs for intimacy. The well-being of your relationship does not depend on the quantity, so eliminate all obligations and schedules in the bedroom. Make love at will and inspiration. Physical intimacy can be supported not only by traditional sex, but also by other forms, for example, massage or a joint bath by candlelight.

6. Don’t mention exes in the bedroom.

In an intimate setting, a person is especially vulnerable and vulnerable, so any mentions and comparisons with more successful or more attractive partners in the bedroom can cause serious problems in the relationship, from low self-esteem to sexual dysfunction.

7. Don’t take pain

Pain during sexual intercourse is a deviation from the norm, so do not tolerate it, but openly tell your partner about the discomfort. Perhaps the reason is in an unsuccessful posture, not long enough foreplay, hormonal disruptions, manifestations of PMS. All this is fixable. But it is dangerous to endure pain, as it can be a consequence of an infectious disease. Then one cannot do without qualified help.

8. Don’t say other names

Sexologists assure that it is normal to fantasize about another person during intimacy. It can liven up your senses and make sex more intense. But don’t make the fatal mistake of giving your partner a different name. This can offend him and instill discomfort in your relationship.

9. Don’t get hung up on failure

Annoying slips are common in sex life. There are many reasons for intimate fiasco: emotional stress, stress, illness, fatigue, alcohol. You should not focus on this and take everything personally. Do not criticize or offend your man in such situations, otherwise a single failure can become a chronic problem.

If you know and follow this unspoken set of rules in bed, you can protect your intimate life from unnecessary problems, as well as relationships in general. Avoid these taboos and enjoy complete intimacy in all its forms.

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