5 obvious signs that a man is bad at sex

Who would argue that for the fullness of female happiness, it is necessary for a partner to attract us both mentally and physically? If the character of the chosen one is determined during the period of verbal communication, then his abilities in bed cannot be predicted. I would like to. There are some techniques that women use to understand what your man will be like in sex even before physical intimacy. Here are some signs that your partner is actually a worthless lover.

1. He kisses badly

Kissing can tell a lot about your partner. Listen to how you feel when you touch your lips. If the kiss is dry and impassive, then your man will be the same in intimate relationships. Too wet a kiss also does not indicate the experience and skill of the chosen one. A kiss without a tongue suggests that in an intimate life your man is boring and banal.

2. He is selfish

If a man in everyday situations does not show you attention and respect, be sure that the same sad scenario awaits you in bed. Such a person is used to caring only about his own interests, so your feelings and desires in bed will be ignored.

3. He brags about love victories

An obvious sign that you should not have an intimate relationship with such a man. If he enthusiastically tells you about his former girlfriends, describing intimate scenes in detail, then where is the guarantee that you will not become the next on his list? In addition, psychologists say that men who are used to chatting about sex, in practice, are absolutely nothing.

4. He smells bad

It is by nature that we choose partners, relying on the sense of smell. That is why we perceive each other’s smells differently. Someone drives us crazy, but someone wants to stay away from someone. If the smell of your partner bothers you, then you absolutely do not suit each other as lovers. This is a proven fact!

5. He is afraid to look in the eyes

A self-confident lover will never hide a cowardly look, afraid to once again meet a woman’s eyes. On the contrary, he will incinerate you and undress you with his eyes, sending ambiguous signals. This means that even in fasting a man is experienced and decisive.
This is all that is worth paying attention to before intimacy with a potential partner. If none of the points causes you in doubt, then feel free to move on to a more intimate stage of your relationship. Otherwise, you will have a reason to think and wait. Most likely, in bed with the same man, you will be disappointed.

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