Female masturbation: tips, positions, techniques

Masturbation is a self-gratification process that helps us relieve stress, unleash our sensual potential, or get through a lull on the love front. Today we will discuss useful tips that will help many girls enrich solo play with a new and unforgettable experience.

Solo games ssoboy much help solve a variety of problems, from dealing with stress or loneliness to overcome embarrassment about sex. In addition, masturbation becomes a kind of training for sexual sensuality, during which we get to know our own bodies better and find exactly those tricks that help to achieve an unforgettable orgasm.

Masturbation myths

There are many silly and misguided masturbation myths. Since masturbation has long been considered sinful, many to this day piously believe in all sorts of stories aimed at causing aversion to self-indulgence . Let’s dispel these stupid myths, because in the modern world they have long ceased to treat masturbation as some kind of shameful process. In fact, masturbation is important and necessary! 

Myth # 1: Frequent masturbation will worsen orgasm during normal sex

No no and one more time no. Another situation is possible: a woman reveals her sensuality when playing solo with the help of toys and / or fingering , and does not use the same techniques with a man, as a result, an orgasm with a man is not particularly bright. The problem is solved: be creative in bed with your partner and offer him sexual experiments, try new positions, change techniques and movements.

Myth # 2: Only frigid women don’t orgasm when masturbating

A common situation: a girl complains about problems with orgasm during sex with a partner, and she is reassured by the statement, “Well, you can come with masturbation. So, you are not frigid! ” But such comforting phrases scare girls who do not experience orgasms in solo games. They start to wind themselves up for nothing. In fact, the lack of orgasm during masturbation does not mean that a woman is incapable of experiencing it. Most likely, she just has not yet found her “chips” – triggers that help arouse, erogenous zones, techniques or ideal sex toys for herself.

Myth # 3: Masturbation kills love

Another stupid postulate that masturbation is unacceptable in the presence of a partner. Say, since the hand reaches for the panties, it means that you do not really love the person. Don’t be too complex if your lover spoils himself by hand at times. Also, don’t think that your desire to play with yourself will kill the relationship. If it bothers your partner, just sit down and discuss everything like adults, without being fooled by myths. 

Masturbation – harm or benefit?

Until recently, the spirit of sanctimonious morality hovered in society, we were intimidated with stories about the alleged negative consequences of masturbation. No matter what heresy they have sniffed at us: from assurances of the development of frigidity to horror stories about the hairy palms of those who often masturbate . Fortunately, scientists in the course of many studies have proven that masturbation is not harmful to health, as long as you observe all hygiene standards and do not use dangerous objects during your games.

Moreover, it turned out that masturbation (like sex in general) is an effective method of combating the real scourge of modern society – depression. The sexual release that we experience helps the brain release the so-called “pleasure hormones”, which lift our mood, improve the quality of sleep and fill us with positivity and energy. And the most important function of masturbation is knowing your body.
But can you harm yourself when you masturbate? Yes, if you don’t do it carefully. Follow simple rules to avoid injury, pain, or infection.

Safe masturbation rules

1. Maintain good hygiene: always wash your hands before and after masturbation, promptly clean sex toys according to their instructions.

2. Do not penetrate the vagina if you have a whole hymen (which can be torn off accidentally). Defloration during masturbation is not uncommon, but not everyone is happy with it. After all, you want to lose your virginity beautifully, with your beloved man, and not with your own hand. And besides, rupture of the hymen can be painful and sometimes accompanied by slight bleeding. Why are you so upset?

3. If you like masturbation with fingering , be careful with long manicure. Nails can scratch delicate mucous surfaces. 4. Do not neglect lubricants if you have little natural lubrication. Dry masturbation can be irritating and arousal is much more difficult to achieve. Feel free to ask the sellers in sex shops for advice on choosing the best lubricants for masturbation. Also pay attention to the instructions for your sex toys. It will indicate which lubricant is compatible with them. Please note that all people are different and sometimes some have allergic reactions to certain lubricants . If you notice signs of an allergy, change the lubricant . You should not regret the money spent, because health is more expensive. And to reduce the risk of unnecessary expenses, do not buy new lubricants in large bottles. 5. See your doctor if you notice persistent pain, itching, redness, and so on. Do not self-medicate! 6. When using sex toys, give preference to professional devices, not improvised items. Do not skimp on your pleasure and health, especially since the modern sex industry provides a wide range of budget toys for adults. 7. To avoid infection, never caress your genitals with your hand or toys that have touched your anus. Also, in no case use other people’s sex toys! 
What does the clitoris actually look like?

Speaking of masturbation, it is extremely important to understand the structure of the clitoris – the main organ of pleasure in the female body. According to statistics, many women experience orgasm only when exposed to the clitoris. Of course, this does not mean that vaginal, oral or anal sex, in principle, cannot bring them pleasure. As much as he can, but not at the level that occurs with clitoral orgasm.

Most adults are absolutely confident that they know exactly what the clitoris looks like and where it is located. But they tend to be wrong. What many consider the clitoris is just its head. This is the tip of the iceberg! The main part of the clitoris is hidden from prying eyes.

So what are the components of the clitoris?

1. The head (we can see it). It has long been believed that the head of the clitoris is in many ways similar to the head of the male penis. The comparison is not entirely correct.

2. Hood (also known as a cap or foreskin of the clitoris). In an unexcited state, the head is hidden by the foreskin, and when excited, it swells and increases in size.

3. The cavernous body of the clitoris.

4. Legs of the clitoris. While experiencing an orgasm, you may feel a slight tremor in the area of ​​these legs.

Some modern sexologists argue that in fact there is no vaginal orgasm, point A or point G. In their opinion, all the sensations from these “orgasms” actually arise precisely because of the clitoris and its different parts. And the reason that not all women felt, for example, the “G-spot orgasm” is that their clitoral legs are located in a different way. It is believed that masturbation helps to develop the sensitivity of the legs of the clitoris, due to which orgasms will become more frequent and brighter. As for the notorious G-point, according to scientists, in fact, it is the place from where the clitoral legs diverge to the sides.
What conclusion follows from this? If before you masturbated only playing with the head of the clitoris, then it’s time to better study your body and use different stimulation techniques to affect other parts of the pleasure organ.

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