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Most often, couples do not immediately start using sex toys. At the beginning of a relationship, passion makes intimacy very interesting, and additional funds for arousal are not required. But still, in a sex shop there are things that are needed on a first date. What can you buy in an adult store before your first sex?

1. Condoms

Condoms are the easiest method of protection that protects against infections and unplanned pregnancies. And with a new partner, a condom is needed to feel confident.

You can choose thin condoms, options with pimples or, conversely, durable models for anal sex. And it costs both men and women to buy them. Concern for safety in the modern world is not dependent on gender. If one person does not have a protective agent, he will be with another.

Choice Tip: It’s ideal to have a condom that fits exactly in size. Men can find the perfect length and diameters in the My size range. The girl, if she still does not know the dimensions of the new hub, can wear the classic version, universal models are suitable for 80% of men. 

2. Tampons with which you can make love

Tampons have been specially created for women, which allow you to enjoy sex even during menstruation. They look like a sponge that absorbs all the secretions. It is soft, not felt by a man upon penetration. And nobody gets dirty with her.

Tampon packages include 1, 3 or 10 pieces. You can use them constantly, not necessarily for sex. But you need to change them every 6 hours.

Recommendations for use: disposable tampons, they are thrown out after use, washed and used again is prohibited. And do not try to use instead of them a regular sponge for dishes, it is not intended to be immersed in the body, its use is dangerous to health. 

3. Lubricant

Lubrication is necessary for sex. It improves gliding, protects the skin from injury. It is especially needed for women who produce little of their lubricant.

The lubricant can be taken with taste and aroma, then it will be useful for oral sex. Such formulations can be swallowed, and it is safe. With them, the space is filled with magical smells, and kisses become like a dessert. This is a great addition for blowjob and cunnilingus.

Advice on the use of grease: taking a full tube of grease with you is not always convenient, so it will be perfectly replaced with disposable sachets. They do not take up much space, easily located in a wallet or pocket. Almost all lubricants of well-known brands are made in such a packaging of 3-5 ml. 

4. Erection ring

An item that a man can carry with him. The ring allows you to control ejaculation. With him, sex lasts longer. The ring is necessary for men who finish quickly, with it they will feel more confident.

For the first sex, you should choose a not too catchy ringlet model. Vibration or stimulating processes for women are inappropriate. She may not know about the purpose, and enlightenment on the first night can scare a person.

Tips for choosing a ring for your first sex: the ring may look different, there are unique models in the form of a keychain. They can be worn with keys, and then used as intended. But it is important to choose the right size in advance so that the ring gives an effect, and does not serve as a simple decoration. Going to a sex shop before your first sex is helpful. On the shelves there are things that come in handy at the moment of intimacy. And when the relationship continues, it will be possible to find gorgeous gifts for the holidays, interesting toys in our store to improve relationships and a host of other items that help realize fantasies. 

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