French kiss technique

The French kiss is one of the most popular in the world. You don’t have to live in France to learn this technique, just follow a few guidelines. 

How to learn to kiss correctly

Sexologists argue that every person should be able to kiss correctly in French, since pleasure hormones are released in the process. This not only has a positive effect on well-being, but also enhances sexual arousal.

And in order to learn how to kiss correctly, you should adhere to the basic rules and experiment to find out about your partner’s preferences.

Step-by-step instruction

A French kiss means that the tongue is actively used during caress. In order for a girl to be pleased with these touches, it is necessary to adhere to the technique of performing a kiss and not lose sight of her actions.

If a young man is worried about a date and has little idea of ​​the nuances of a deep kiss, instructions will come in handy to learn about the basics.

Basic execution technique

The first thing to remember: you can’t rush at a girl with her tongue out. It all starts with light touches with your lips. The muscles of the mouth must be relaxed as much as possible, otherwise the caresses will turn out to be crooked. If she responds to a kiss, you can start working with your tongue – the depth of penetration depends solely on the lovers. There are people who are unpleasant about this type of caress, and therefore should not immediately stick the tongue to the full length of the girl in her mouth.

You should not make too persistent movements (you will do this a little later, when you are liberated enough), but the initiative should be in the hands of men (more precisely, the language). It is advisable to close your eyes and gently hug the girl – this is enough to start.

The simplest technique is to put your tongue on your partner’s tongue. This is where you should start.

Now let’s move on to the next steps:

  1. Don’t forget about touching. Yes, a French kiss implies affection with tongues, but romantic touching will enhance the effect. While kissing, gently run one brush into her hair, the other on her hips. The pleasant sensations from this will intensify.
  2. Don’t forget to breathe. Of course, a deep kiss causes breathing difficulties, but you should not bring yourself and your partner to suffocation. In order not to switch to convulsive inhalation of air during a kiss, it is necessary to breathe through the nose.
  3. We caress several zones with our tongue. There are several effective French kissing techniques.

If you study the ancient Kama Sutra, you can understand that the creators greatly appreciated the work of language for pleasure and rightfully considered it worthy of attention. There are several methods of French kissing that can be used after receiving a response from a girl to caress (this is already a heavier artillery).

How to do a French kiss correctly – different techniques.

  1. After entering the tongue, you need to start rotating it as if it were the blades of a mill. This French kissing technique is appropriately named because of these movements.
  2. We slide our tongue over the partner’s teeth, and then we place it on her cheek. This is “The King’s Kiss” and does not sound like French. But this method is worth trying.
  3. The sophisticated French kissing method involves gliding lightly over the partner’s palate.

French kiss: technique

Tips for Young Guys

For a French kiss to go perfectly, guys need to prepare for it:

  1. If the lips have recently become chapped or are simply too dry on a hot day, then it is strictly forbidden to start a kiss with a girl in this form (especially the first one). To avoid failure, it is advisable to drink a lot of water before a date, because dry lips mean dehydration. If there is very little time, then lick your lips and press them to each other. This promotes hydration.
  2. An obligatory item is fresh breath. No girl will like it if her partner’s mouth smells like food or her breath is just stale. Chewing gum or mints will come to the rescue, which should always be kept with you on a date.
  3. We must not forget that the first kiss will be perfect only at the right moment (respect the romance of the girls). It will be a kind of culmination of tension and intimacy between partners. Ideal places to kiss are a secluded park bench, an empty row of a dark movie theater, or parking in a location with a beautiful view.

Behavior with a girl

Inexperienced guys often feel embarrassed on the first date, but you can’t show your insecurity. You need to smile more often, especially if you want to kiss her. It is important to show your passion to your partner, and a light smile will always keep the situation easy. But she must be sincere and gentle. Tightness always looks strange.

On a date, it is advisable to make more eye contact. If you need to be as clear as possible about your intentions about a French or ordinary kiss, start looking from eyes to lips, and then back. She will immediately understand this non-verbal signal and prepare for the kiss.

Don’t forget about the touch barrier that needs to be broken. Alone with her, you need to sometimes touch your hands or feet, apply gentle stroking of the hands and back. All this will demonstrate a sign of attention and affection.

Before a direct kiss, you need to come as close to her. These movements should be done as slowly as possible, creating certain feelings of tension and anticipation of the kiss. And also the slowness will give the girl time to agree or not with your actions. When she sees that the young man is slowly approaching, she will be able to succumb to the meeting, which will be an unspoken permission for further actions. If she turns her head to the side, then there is no need to rush – the moment has not yet come.

Video lessons

To study the technique of the French kiss as thoroughly as possible, it is advisable to watch several videos dedicated to this topic:


Tips for the French Kiss Technique:

How long does it take to kiss?

Who should be the initiator?

Should I take a break?

How to kiss with braces?

Tips for the French Kiss Technique:

  1. No one can tell you how long to kiss. There is no agreed framework, and therefore you need to build on the actions of your partner. It seems that her movements have become sluggish – we take a break to continue a little later.
  2. The guy should be active. If he sees that the girl likes the French kiss, then it is necessary to use his tongue to the maximum, trying different techniques.
  3. If you need a break, your partner needs to give a sign – close your lips and move on to more gentle movements without a tongue.
  4. Young people often wear braces, but this does not mean that they will have to give up French kisses. The technique will be the same, but you need to act a little more carefully so as not to injure the partner or get yourself “severely injured” from her braces on her teeth. If a guy and a girl have braces, then you need not to repeat the typical situation of youth comedies – not to catch on with passionate movements.

And in conclusion: you need to remember that wrong kisses simply do not exist. Any experience is useful – having analyzed past events, you can understand what the girl wants, what her preferences in kissing. Next time you just need to show more imagination and make the kiss fantastic. And to improve your technique, you only need practice.

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