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Dissatisfaction with penis size is a delicate and fairly common problem. Previously, representatives of the strong half of humanity had to be content with what nature gave them. Today the situation has changed radically. Many ways have been developed to become the owner of the desired penis, and not only through surgical intervention, including an apparatus for penis enlargement . How does he work? What happens? How effective is it?  

The principle of the device

The mechanism of action of the device is based on the mechanics of erection. The male genital organ consists of cavernous bodies surrounded by blood vessels. In a calm state, it has a small volume and length, which most often does not exceed 10-12 centimeters.

It becomes elastic, hard, increasing in size, due to the flow of blood after receiving the appropriate signal from the brain, that is, with an erection. The excited phallus is much greater in length and thickness.

To make the penis longer and / or bulkier, two types of devices have been developed:

  • stretching cavernous bodies;
  • holding back the rushing blood.

Both options are considered to be equally effective. They were developed taking into account the anatomical features of the male genitalia. It is believed that they, like any muscle in the human body, are inflated and enlarged when appropriate movements are performed.

How to enlarge the penis with devices?

How effective is it?

It is possible to enlarge the genital organ. It is devoid of bone tissue, but it has muscle and tissue, the ability to grow in size. The device works by tension. This process should not be confused with microcracks. The latter are familiar to every bodybuilder. Healing small tears allow you to add volume to the biceps, triceps due to the growth of fibers.

The phallus requires a more delicate approach. There should be no fiber break. This will negatively affect erectile function. Nature itself suggested how an intimate “trainer” for the genitals should work. It creates a tension that persists after prolonged use.

Attention! So that the device does not harm, you need to choose a certified model from a trusted manufacturer. You should not buy those that are sold in questionable stores without the appropriate documentation.

Repetition of the natural process of penis enlargement raises no doubts about the effectiveness of the devices. The main thing is to follow the instructions for use.

Types of penis enlargement devices

To make the right choice of the device, you need to familiarize yourself with its main varieties:

  1. Expander (expander / extender ). Received the most widespread and is actively used by European men. It is a ring with a silicone overlay worn on the penis and rods through which tension is carried out. It is recommended to start wearing from 2 hours a day. The duration is gradually brought to 6.
  2. Nozzles. Safe and inexpensive to use during sex. Made of medical grade silicone and worn by prior agreement with a partner. The openness of the glans allows the penis to remain sensitive, while the ribbed outer surface stimulates the vagina.
  3. Pumps. They represent a container. A member is placed inside. By building up pressure, the tension process is triggered, leading to the formation of new cells.
  4. Cock ring. Differs in the simplest design. The device is soft, elastic and safe. It is fixed on the base and does not allow blood to drain from the organ, delays ejaculation and increases the duration of sex. Used in consultation with the partner.

Rings and attachments are conventionally magnifying devices. They have a temporary effect on direct coitus. It is pumps and extenders that allow lengthening and increasing the volume of the phallus .

How to use the device?

Pumps and expanders require detailed consideration. These devices have proven themselves best in the process of increasing male dignity. They have a different design and rules of use for each of their own.

The pumps work on the principle of injecting a discharged pressure, when blood is actively supplied and stretches the cavernous bodies, changing the parameters. The exploitation process is as follows:

  1. The rubber ring is lubricated with a water-based lubricant . This makes it easy to insert and remove the phallus after the end of the procedure.
  2. The penis is lubricated with a special warming cream that enhances blood flow to the cells of muscle tissue and skin.
  3. The penis is carefully placed in a flask and the air is pumped out with a pear. This should be done gradually and carefully until a slight stretch is felt. In this position, about a quarter of an hour should pass.

It is recommended to train twice a day. The duration of the procedure is gradually increased to 40 minutes.

Extender for penis enlargement – tied under the knee

A significant disadvantage of the pump is the presence of cosmetic defects. The male genital organ acquires a slightly purple hue, which disappears after a few hours. Small bruises can stay on the skin for much longer.

Extenders , unlike the pump, are as easy to use as possible. It is enough to put the ring on the penis, and fix the “loop” on the head, adjust the degree of tension using the rods twisted to the required length.

The rules for using the device are as follows:

  1. To achieve an increase of at least 1-2 centimeters, you must wear an extender for at least 6 hours a day.
  2. Urologists recommend removing the device at night. In a dream, it is difficult to control your own movements, which can lead to excessive pressure with all the ensuing consequences.
  3. Every hour it is necessary to remove the device and massage the penis to restore blood circulation.

It will take several months to enlarge the phallus in this way, but many men prefer to use the extender due to its simplicity, low cost, minimal risks, and the absence of cosmetic defects.

Precautions when using penis enlargement machines

Devices must be exclusively individual. After each use, they are thoroughly washed, wiped and put back into the box. It is not recommended to wear accessories without lubrication. They are contraindicated for minors, and are not recommended for use by men over 50.

Direct contraindications for wearing an extender , pump and other devices for increasing penis size include:

Penis enlargement

  • genital anomalies, including Peyronie’s disease ;
  • acquired and congenital injuries of the phallus;
  • the presence of various types of damage on the mucous membrane and dermis;
  • pathologies and disorders of the cardiovascular system and heart;
  • hypersensitivity to lubricants , silicone and other materials from which the devices are made.

When planning to use such devices, you should consult a doctor, be aware of the presence / absence of certain pathologies. It is necessary to be extremely careful, observe the recommended duration of the procedures, do not exert excessive pressure on the penis, so as not to cause disturbances in blood flow. This is fraught with sexual dysfunction.

The best penis enlargement devices

Expander design does not imply variability. All models are the same. Pumps, on the contrary, come in two varieties:

  • Water. The pressure is built up in the fluid. This allows you to combine the “training” of the phallus with water procedures. The manufacturer claims that this precludes a change in skin tone.
  • Vacuum. Received the greatest distribution. The design is considered more perfect, since it is easier to use due to the lack of the need to use water. It is painless, safe and gives results within 5-6 months.

The choice of the best model should be based on the recommendations of experts and users. The main parameters should be:

  • brand awareness;
  • availability of quality certificates;
  • safe and hypoallergenic material, for example, medical silicone;
  • results confirmed by research and relevant authoritative statistics.

Attention! In no case should you try to make a structure with your own hands according to instructions from the Internet. This is fraught with the most dire consequences, including impotence. 

Among the brands are Bathmate , Lovetoy , Uvipe . You should stop the choice on American and European manufacturers. It is better to refrain from purchasing Chinese models. The quality of such products is questionable. This concerns the degree of safety of materials and structures.

Price policy

The cost of devices for male genital augmentation directly depends on the manufacturer and the type of device. If we talk about all devices, the cheapest will be nozzles and rings used in close proximity. Their cost varies from 2 to 5 thousand rubles.

Useful Tips

Jelqing : technique and results

Pumps and extenders are much more expensive. The price can start from 6 and go up to 10-20 thousand. It is not recommended to save money. When choosing a device from a trusted European brand, you can immediately pick up a lubricant and ointment of the same brand that will perfectly match the device.

Another point is the selection of the pump by size. It is imperative to read the specifications regarding volume and length. In the set of many devices, manufacturers attach not only an annotation, but also a disc with a detailed manual. This increases the price somewhat, but eliminates errors in use.

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