GetSize – Massager with gel for penis enlargement

Size matters. Only the owners of the cherished 17-20 centimeters can say otherwise. Men who cannot boast of such things suffer from the inability to satisfy their partner and often lose confidence in themselves. This negatively affects not only sex, but also other aspects of life. You don’t have to go under a scalpel to fix this problem. German technique ” GetSayz ” allows at home to increase penis length and forget about the problems of an intimate nature.  

Getsize – Massager with gel for penis enlargement

The innovative getsize machine for men was developed by German experts to increase the length and width of the penis. The device is used in conjunction with a natural gel and is designed to improve the duration and quality of intercourse. According to statistics, about 50% of women are not satisfied with sex with their partner, but do not talk about it, because they are afraid of hurting a man’s feelings. The problem usually arises precisely because of the size of the penis. With the GetSize massager , it becomes exactly what every representative of the strong half of humanity should have.

Getsize : what is this technique?

The unique combination of penis stimulation and natural erection stimulants allows you to use inaccessible areas. The German getsize massager accelerates growth and improves tissue tone, improves blood circulation. It increases potency and relieves many urological problems, disorders, pathologies.

GetSize improves spermatogenesis and testosterone production, increases sex drive, and also relieves impotence. Its use does not require any surgical intervention or medications, the effect of which is temporary and negatively affects the quality of sexual intercourse in the future.

Getsize benefits

The getsize complex has many benefits:

  • ease of use at home;
  • absence of painful or unpleasant sensations;
  • increasing the quality and duration of intercourse;
  • prevention of premature ejaculation;
  • reducing the risk of developing the prostate.

The main purpose of the technique is to increase the length of the penis up to 7 centimeters.

Penis enlargement technologies

What is included?

The complex effect of GetSize is based on a two-way positive effect on the groin and phallus area. It brings the desired effect when using the gel and the massager. One does not apply without the other. The components are included.

Mikhail, 25 years old

I always had the impression that I could not satisfy a woman, because 14 centimeters is, of course, not a large size, but, as it seemed to me, quite normal. Not the most pleasant case and the frankness of my partner brought me to the ground. I began to get very worried, my sex life was completely ruined. In search of a penis enlargement product, I came across GetSize and wondered how safe it would be to use such a drug. After reviewing the composition, looking for more information on the Internet, I realized that there is nothing dangerous in the gel, and the massager is harmless. They turned out to be not only safe, but they really helped me make my penis bigger. Now I am the owner of the cherished 18 centimeters.


The GetSize penis enlargement device is characterized by its compact size and rounded shape, which provides a comfortable fit on the male genital organ. There are balls on the inside of the massager. The latter provide stimulation of blood circulation in the penis. If you read the reviews about getsize , they show that it is quite simple and easy to use. The massager is powered by batteries and is equipped with special sensors.


The optimal composition of the preparation guarantees no side effects. It is carefully thought out and balanced. Under the action of massaging movements, the gel improves blood circulation in the groin, which leads to stimulation of penis growth. The tool relieves and prevents spasms, activates regenerative processes in tissues.

GetSize ™ Gel Composition

Getsize stimulating gel contains exclusively natural ingredients:

  • polyglycol 400 to improve cell nutrition and heat transfer in tissues;
  • hazelnut oil, which has anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the risk of prostate development;
  • aralia of Manchuria to increase the sensitivity and tone of the penis, as well as stimulating an erection;
  • allontoin , which has a positive effect on increasing the duration of sexual intercourse and preventing premature erection;
  • tribulus to stimulate the production of the male hormone (testosterone), increase libido and improve the quality of metabolic processes;
  • Panax Radixa, which activates blood flow and powerful erection.

There are no synthetic additives and chemical components in the preparation. It is harmless. Cases of intolerance to any of the listed components are extremely rare, so the gel is suitable for absolutely any man.

Instructions for use

The abstract included in the kit requires a thorough study. It describes the composition of the drug, the capabilities of the device, detailed rules for using the penis enlargement kit. To experience the positive effect of getsize , the instructions for use must be followed in full:

  1. The penis is washed thoroughly, the erection is raised by 40-50%, and the gel is evenly covered.
  2. Put on the GetSize massager and begin the exercise.
  3. “Gymnastics” consists in smoothly bringing the apparatus from the base to the head of the penis.

The recommended exercise duration for the first week is 10-15 minutes. In the following days, it increases to half an hour. Massage should be regular – 2-3 times a week. The minimum recommended course duration is one month.

Vladislav, 32 years old

I never thought that I could enlarge my penis with massage, and even more so at my age. At first I was rather skeptical about even one such possibility, but, having a sad experience in bed, I nevertheless decided that I had nothing more to lose. I was shocked by the instructions that came with the gel trainer. Can it really be that simple? This thought crossed my mind, but the result spoke for itself. At first glance, absolutely useless massage helped me to enlarge my penis by 4 centimeters and feel like a real man, able not only to excite, but also to satisfy a woman.

How does the GetSize massager work ?

How does it work?

The effectiveness of the technique is based on two aspects – the qualitative composition of the gel and the action that the getsize simulator has:

  • The device has a ribbed inner surface. The bulges are positioned in a special way, allowing you to massage areas that cannot be fully worked out with your hands.
  • The gel stimulates blood circulation in hard-to-reach areas. They are responsible for the size of the penis during erection. Regular massage of these areas and the effect of the components of the drug allow the penis to achieve peak erection during intercourse.
  • The trainer massages areas that are pressed against a predominantly sedentary and inactive lifestyle. The device improves blood circulation, and the penis begins to grow.

Multilateral exposure allows you to achieve results after the first application. A man can independently control how many centimeters the penis will increase, for example, by 2 or 5. It all depends on the duration of the technique.


An obstacle to the use of the gel and the simulator is:

  • young age – under 18;
  • hypersensitivity.

The technique is intended for sexually mature male representatives. Excessive sensitivity to the action of the massager and the drug is extremely rare.

Alexander, 28 years old

There is nothing worse than the inability to satisfy your woman just because your penis is only 11 cm. I tried to build a relationship, but due to a series of failures, I began to feel very complex. Having tried many techniques, I began to think about the operation. I even went to a consultation. Having learned about all the nuances and difficulties, I decided that I needed to try to find another way out, and leave the operation as a last resort. There was no one to ask for advice. Who will you tell about that you suffer from a small penis? On one of the forums I came across reviews of GetSize . I purchased a kit, and I didn’t need to go under the knife. After a couple of months, I gained confidence in myself, a girl appeared.

Effective penis enlargement with GetSize

Truth or Divorce?

In practice, the following results have been proven:

  • in 98% of cases, the action occurs almost instantly and significantly improves the quality and duration of sexual intercourse;
  • in every 8 men, the length of the penis increased by at least 3 centimeters after a month’s course;
  • 9 out of 10 representatives of the stronger sex significantly increased sensitivity, erection, libido.

In the reviews, men share that they really begin to feel that a woman is really satisfied with the quality of sex.


Many men suffer from problems of an intimate nature, but not all decide to use help due to lack of sufficient information. If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis and are thinking about buying GetSize , we suggest that you read the comments left by satisfied and disgruntled buyers.

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