How to make a man’s penis thicker at home?

Many men are unhappy with the thickness of their penis. To be more precise, because of the inspired stereotypes, they consider it too thin or not big enough. That is why the methods of thickening the penis are now so common . But before the operation, it is advisable to know the real size of the genitals of most people, and only after that decide whether interventions are needed. 

Standard sizes statistics

Numerous studies have been carried out where the genitals of more than 2,000 men were examined. The average penis size was 14 centimeters.

Experts also assure that during intercourse, thickness is much more important than length. Therefore, studies have also been conducted on this topic, as a result of which scientists have found that the normal thickness of the penis is 3-4 cm. But, even despite the above parameters, the concept of “normal penis thickness” is not used in sexology.
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Is it possible to make a member thicker

If a guy is worried that his penis is not thick enough, he needs to seek the help of a surgeon so that he can apply one of the available methods to increase the thickness of the penis. At the moment, there are 5 effective methods.

Surgical methods of augmentation

Quite a lot of guys turn to the surgeon for a thickening of the penis surgically. The procedure is ambiguous, since doctors do not give full guarantees of success. This will be explained by the difficulty of calculating the thickening of the penis, which can be achieved. But the good news is that surgery will not hurt your overall health.


For intimate plastic surgery of the penis, it is necessary to apply exclusively to highly qualified surgeons in a clinic with the best equipment. The transplant operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about an hour.

During the procedure, the ligaments of the penis are dissected with a scalpel to add additional tissue inside (from the gluteal muscle). The rehabilitation period lasts at least a month.

By about the twentieth day after the operation, the stitches will be almost invisible. During the rehabilitation period, you need to constantly visit the doctor so that he can carry out dressings. Until the penis is fully healed, it will be necessary to completely exclude sexual intercourse.

Hyaluronic acid

The operation is performed using injections, injecting hyaluronic acid into the shaft of the penis. Scientists decided to use this particular composition, since the substance is the main component of articular cartilage and is already actively used in cosmetology to tone connective tissue. This method is practical and popular because it has a low risk of rejection and the development of negative factors. But there is a possibility that the acid is distributed unevenly along the shaft of the penis, which will lead to the formation of tubercles.

Hyaluronic Acid for Increasing Penis Thickness

The procedure takes place in several stages:

  • The groin area is treated with an antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection in the injection area.
  • Anesthesia gel is applied.
  • When the drug starts to work, the specialist performs a series of micro-injections into the circumference of the trunk.
  • As soon as the substance is evenly distributed throughout the genital organ, a patch with an antiseptic is applied to the injection sites .
  • The penis is covered with a fixation bandage.

The operation takes on average half an hour.


A liposuction method is used – a certain amount of excess fat is pumped out of the abdomen, which is then injected into the penis. But adipose tissue is not completely absorbed – in the best case, 80% will remain in the right place, thereby increasing the thickness of the penis. Experts recommend repeating the procedure after about a year. 

Disadvantages of the method:

  • No specialist can be sure exactly what percentage of fat will be absorbed by the body.
  • The patient will lose the sensitivity of the penis, and inadvertently can introduce some kind of infection into it. Therefore, experts do not recommend having sex after surgery for several months.
  • No one can also guarantee that the fat will not disappear without a trace over time. The property of organisms is that it distributes all the accumulated fat deposits as it needs to be.

Implantation of a biodegradable matrix

This is one of the surest ways to make your penis thicker. During the operation, a circular incision is made along the edge of the glans penis, thereby achieving an aesthetic and cosmetic result.

How to make a member thicker?

A collagen matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčthen placed under the skin. It is a substance that is commonly found in mammals. This way the penis remains elastic and the strength of the connective tissue is observed.

Implantation of balls

Not a popular procedure that was first used by prison inmates. In prison, people independently performed such operations, pushing pieces of a toothbrush under the skin of the penis, which were rolled out under small balls.

Of course, in modern conditions, other materials are used for implementation – elastic balls, distributed along the entire length of the penis.

Thus, an increase in thickness is achieved, but the penis will look strange. Having studied the forums where this issue was discussed, we can conclude that women are not excited at all from the sight of a member with balls, they become scared or disgusted. Therefore, the method is not recommended.

How to make a man’s penis thicker at home

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Few men decide to have an operation to increase the thickness of the penis. Therefore, they try to do it at home. There are several methods that need to be discussed in more detail.

Massage and exercise

The only way to change the thickness of the penis at home is to stretch its ligaments. For this, exercises and massage are used. Operating principle:

  • The exercise is performed on a relaxed penis, preferably with lubricant.
  • The member is taken in hand, stretched as much as possible.
  • The thumb is pressed on it and carried from the base to the head. Visually, the genital organ should resemble a tick at this moment.

This exercise should be done for 5 minutes several times a day.

Massages and exercises to increase the thickness of the penis

The following movements are done carefully so as not to rupture the capillaries. How to make your penis thicker:

  • Apply lubricant to an excited male member.
  • Grasp it with both hands at the base.
  • One hand squeezes the organ so that it becomes as hard as possible.
  • With the other hand, slowly pull the penis towards the head.

The essence of the method is to disperse the blood from the base to the head. The exercise must be done within 5 minutes.

Ointments and creams

This is one of the most ineffective ways to increase the thickness of the penis. No specialist will claim that after applying the ointment, the penis will become thicker. As a rule, scammers trade in such funds.

The composition of the ointment usually contains simple petroleum jelly (at best). The procedure is not only ineffective, but can also lead to impotence.


The procedure is similar to milking. Lubrication is applied to the penis, stroking, it is necessary to enlarge the organ by about 75% (full arousal is not necessary). Make the OK symbol with your hand and grasp the barrel. You can start massage. 

The pressure on the penis should not be too strong, since pain is contraindicated. The ring should be slowly lifted to the base of the glans penis. Each movement should last 3 seconds. Repeat 100 times.


The exercise is similar to jelqing . The penis is 70% tense. The girth of the trunk is as in the previous version at the base. As soon as the head and trunk begin to increase from the blood flow, it is necessary to move the grip as far as possible, while maintaining the pressure in the same state. After that, you need to linger for about 30 seconds. Then continue moving towards the head, lingering at short distances for 15 seconds. After that, the grip can be loosened.

How to change the thickness of the penis?

Pumps and extenders

To increase the thickness, you can use special devices that are designed to stretch fabrics. Improper use of the machine can result in serious injury.

The pump and extender are devices that are put on top of the penis. The pump, with the help of the created vacuum, excites and stretches the penis to its maximum length and keeps it in this state. The penis swells greatly and becomes larger than usual.

The extender gradually extends the shaft of the penis.


Experts do not recommend engaging in any manipulations with the aim of enticing the penis at home, as this can lead to damage to the blood vessels, narrowing of the urethra. Before carrying out a surgical intervention, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the opinions of several specialists who will give an objective assessment and tell you which method may be suitable for the patient.

Member width

Surgical intervention is strictly prohibited for people who have inflammatory processes in the body. Also, operations cannot be performed if the patient has immune, mental, cardiovascular or genitourinary problems.

Among the contraindications, there is also a violation of blood clotting, the presence of open wounds and diabetes mellitus.

Consequences of the procedure

Any of the above procedures will result in a slight increase in penis thickness. There won’t be a huge change. In the case of injections, the result will not last long and the operation will have to be repeated. And to avoid negative consequences, you need to choose only proven clinics with an appropriate license.

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