Crooked penis: why and how to fix curvature

Men are always sensitive to any topics related to the penis and many are concerned about the issue of curvature. But not always a crooked penis is a cause for concern. Intervention is necessary only in the case of acquired serious changes or too strong congenital deformity.  

Why is the penis with an erection curve

The question of why the curve member worries many in vain, the answer will be useful. The penis is crooked for only two reasons: congenital and acquired. Each type needs to be discussed in more detail.

Congenital curvatures appear at birth, and become most noticeable during puberty. If the male organ was deformed immediately at birth, then this is a consequence of the abnormal development of the fetus in the womb.

One of the most common reasons for this phenomenon is the low level of sex hormones in the baby even at the moment when he was in the mother’s stomach. If there is not enough tissue in the penis or it develops unevenly, it can cause curvature. In this case, the head will be directed to one of the underdeveloped cavernous bodies.

Another common cause of pathology is that the urethra is not long enough or has poor elasticity. In this situation, the member bends downward.
Problems with intrauterine development are associated with poor maternal health. This happens when a woman’s immune system is weakened due to:

  • recent pregnancy;
  • stress;
  • poor quality of life;
  • bad habits.

Another type of penis curvature is acquired. This is a deformation that occurred after the birth of a child in one of the periods of his life. Scientists call this pathology microtrauma of the penis.

The curvature can be caused by the fact that the young man often wears tight underwear. When puberty comes, unconscious and prolonged acts of erection are observed. In this case, the excited member begins to press or bend to the side due to uncomfortable panties.

Problems can still be caused by attempts to enlarge the penis on their own. At the same time, young men perform rather rough manipulations – aggressive massage, vacuum and stretching. In these situations, the tissue of the penis will be damaged, leading to deformation.

The acquired curvature can be the result of rough intercourse or masturbation. In this case, the tunica albuginea will be affected, small scars will appear, and the penis will bend.

Sometimes deformity occurs in the treatment of impotence, when injections are given into the penis. Medicines are injected into the phallus to increase the volume of blood vessels, which has a positive effect, but if the injections are carried out too often, then scars will form, which will cause pathology.

Curvature of the penis and the inflammatory process called Peyronie ‘s disease are two different things. Sometimes the tunica albuginea is inflamed, resulting in plaques that reshape the penis. Associated manifestations of the disease are painful urination and erection. This disease is not a consequence of congenital pathologies and develops in men over 30 years old.

Also, experts divide the curvature of the penis into several types:

  • to the sides;
  • up;
  • down.

If the deformities are acquired, then the cause is usually tissue damage. This bend can be observed during the riser. It is at this moment that the angle and view will be most recognizable. An insignificant curvature is considered up to 20 degrees, pronounced – 45-90 degrees.

It is necessary to pay attention to the curvature only if the penis is very bent and interferes with sexual activity (impossibility or difficulty in inserting into the vagina). If the penis has a slight bending angle, then it does not need to be corrected. About 40% of men have a similar defect, but it does not interfere with anyone in life.

Is it possible to straighten a member

There are several ways to correct the shape of the penis. Small deviations are corrected surgically or non-surgically.

Conservative methods on how to straighten your penis:

  • Straightening with an extender .
  • Treatment of fibroids with physiotherapy and medication.

Plastic surgery is necessary when the curvature of the penis is associated with other pathologies:

  • Disease Peyronie ;
  • trouble urinating;
  • erectile disfunction.

Important! The advantages of surgery over conservative methods have not been scientifically proven.

Curvature of the penis


Medical treatment includes physical therapy, the use of antiviral drugs, as well as injections of hormones and vitamins of the E group. This type of treatment only slows down pathological processes and relieves inflammation. But the curvature will not be corrected.

The most effective way to treat penile curvature is surgery when the patient is under 3 years old.

Folk methods

It is possible to correct the curvature of the penis using folk methods only if the attending physician is not against this method. Otherwise, you can seriously harm your body.

A popular method is to use massage with pulling movements of the penis. But this method is not scientifically substantiated, and experts assure that it will not work to correct the curvature in this way.

When surgery is needed

Referring to the surgeon in order to straighten the crooked penis is necessary when the use of an extender does not give results.

In this case, the doctor can perform the operation in one of the following ways:

  • Remove the tissue from the side opposite the curvature. The curved member will, as it were, be pulled in the right direction. But there is an important nuance – after the operation, the size of the penis will become smaller by several centimeters.
  • Removal of the curved part and its subsequent replacement with the patient’s skin. With this type of operation, there is no decrease in the penis.
  • Using an internal prosthesis. This is one of the most difficult operations carried out in neglected forms, when the penis has a very large degree of curvature.

Curvature prevention

In order for a guy’s penis to be as straight as possible after puberty, first of all, it is necessary to choose the right underwear. Thick underpants can guide the penis in a certain direction when it is in an erectile state.

You should also avoid any injuries involving the genitals. Only in this case can curvature be avoided.

The article provides complete information about the reasons and what to do if a member of the curve.

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