How to take a woman at home?

Love and hunger rule the world.

F. Schiller.

It all started a long time ago. Long before Freud and Dumas, author of a thick cookbook. From a snake a tempter who invited the first people to taste the fruits of the tree of good and evil? “And the eyes of both of them opened, and they knew that they were naked …” From the first mammoth, killed by our hairy ancestor and brought to the cave, where she was waiting, keeping the fire alive? Yes, of course, then it all started. From the mammoth.  

He fed her meat, and She, in gratitude for this, slept with him. And so it was. All that was later: herds of fat sheep as a kalym for the bride; unbridled antique feasts, on which both women and men gobbled up fried bulls and indulged in orgies; dinner with a lady in an exquisite French restaurant at the end of the 20th century … with a blowjob after dinner. And even soviet families, “cells of society” in which the wife often lived with her unloved husband only because he earns well (read – feeds). So, all these are only later variations of the same “mammoth”: a man got meat – a woman surrendered to him. I didn’t get it – I went to another and surrendered to him.     

Everyone knows that the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. But why only men? Glaring and shameful ignorance of life! I dare to assure you that the path to the woman’s heart does not lie through the ears (in any case, not only through them), but also through the stomach! 

Other things being equal: which of the two men is more likely to win the favor of a beautiful lady, if one of them does not even know how to fry eggs, and the other quickly, tasty and beautifully cooks a four-course dinner? Of course, the second! 

We, the Russians, how? If you invited a woman to a restaurant, this does not mean at all that you will sleep with her today. But, for example, in the same France, the woman’s consent to supper with you automatically means her consent to continue dating in a more intimate setting. (It can be seen that the law of the “mammoth” is strictly observed here.) 

And we have? You can give her such a dinner. In the restaurant. And she: thank you, goodbye, everything was very tasty, I have to go. Like, take care of me further, and then we’ll see. No. She must not be invited to a restaurant. And not for dinner. And for lunch, and to your home!

Output. A man must be able to cook. And preferably – better than a woman. This is your extra weapon. Not the main thing, of course, but very significant, only a complete feminist can resist. When a man cooks , this is a spectacle that is not inferior in beauty to a bullfight … Any tasty and soulfully prepared food is already an aphrodisiac. Not only lobsters live man. Yes, and you still need to be able to cook them, but this is not given to everyone.   

But it doesn’t matter. Not all business, men, in refined culinary recipes and delicacies. Suppose you do not know how to cook. Well, God did not give talent! Then remember: it is important to serve even the simplest dish and to behave properly. Sometimes baked potatoes can be presented as truffles in cream. If this is your first time inviting her to your bachelor den , clean up, for God’s sake, in the kitchen. And in the room. 

What to wash – wash . What is impossible – hide. Buy two hundred grams on the market – write down! – cheese, ham, ham, smoked sausage, salted sturgeon, caviar. Some greens, vegetables, fruits, good wine. Cover the table with a clean tablecloth and set your best dishes. Cut ready-made store food into thin slices and place them nicely (!) On plates. How – look in the “Book about tasty and healthy food”, it is with pictures. Well, of course, there are all kinds of wine glasses, appliances, napkins. Candles, music.      

And most importantly – do not try to drag her into bed this evening. It went and unprofessional: a woman must mature herself. Speak on abstract topics. Well, at least about movies and cars, if you don’t know poetry. Enough of patience (with her!) – you can repeat this procedure in a week. And this time, I guarantee you will not have to resist her pressure.   

Good luck to you! And glorious victories in bed battles.

event_note March 20, 2020

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