Why do we see erotic dreams?

To begin with, the state of sleep is characterized by a more or less complete lack of consciousness and impressions from the senses. It is known that at this time, brain activity is reduced due to fatigue of the cerebral hemispheres. But do not confuse sleep and dreaming. A dream is some emotionally colored representations that arise during this very dream, which we subjectively perceive as reality. Dreams include both real events experienced by a person who had a strong emotional connotation, and dreams in the form of fantasies. 

It has long been known that a person’s sleep is simply vital, both to replenish the body’s energy reserves and to restore physical fitness. You can not underestimate the role of sleep in our lives, without food a person will last two weeks and three, but without sleep he will very quickly go crazy after only a few days.
Unfortunately, the influence of dreams on human life has not been studied much, despite the fact that the courtyard is in the 21st century.

Erotic dreams occupy a special place among dreams. Using incorruptible statistics, it was found that approximately 10% of all dreams that a person “sees” throughout his life are of a sexual nature or character with a hint of intimacy.
Nature is such that a man in the name of procreation must more often think about sex. This happens in a dream as well. According to opinion polls and numerous studies, women have erotic dreams about five times a month. At the same time, more familiar people are partners. Men are more likely to have sex in a dream with strangers. According to sexologists , this is quite normal and there is no “sexual concern” in this. In the end, this is a personal matter for everyone, although according to a poll by the Petra magazine it was found that approximately one in four women aged 25 to 39 realized their erotic dreams in real life.  

It is clear that each new case has an individual character, it is believed that women equally dream of romantic, beautiful dreams, as well as the actual sexual intercourse itself. While in men, passion prevails, sometimes even bordering on rudeness. It is no secret that in a dream our consciousness, burdened with the function of a censor, is mostly dormant. And since there is no morality, no morality, no superstition, you can do what you want! Nothing wrong with that. Moreover, this is a great salvation for civilized behavior, so that a person feels satisfied during the day. 

It is noticed that when people do not have sexual intercourse for a long time, they begin to dream erotic dreams. And many naively believe that because I had a dream, I experienced an orgasm. This is the mistake! Here, the inverse relationship – a man is ready for orgasm, and therefore he had an erotic dream. And this is completely natural and has the same right to life as an orgasm in reality.  

It is clear that you should not write off erotic dreams. Yes, of course, we are born already having some kind of sexual preferences, inheriting them from our parents. But in a dream there is a partial correction of these very preferences, and who knows, maybe next time you will dream of your future love. One thing is obvious that it is worthwhile to “watch” such dreams more carefully. Moreover, unlike ordinary dreams, erotic ones can be remembered for a long time.

Next time, waking up in a good and cheerful mood, think about what you dreamed last night. In our age, when we sometimes do not have enough time for even short-lived pleasures, we have to be content with little. Finally, do not forget that we are still living in a dream, and no one is deprived of the right to live so that in the morning it would be nice!

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