Masturbation in the twentieth century and today

Masturbation is a process that has been interesting to people in different centuries. But how did this happen in the 20th century? Why our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were very negative about this process. And why many women did not even know about the existence of an orgasm?

Sex in the country was

New people in the country were always born, so it is important to understand that most people made love. But information about this was not disseminated. This was not customary to talk or write about. Even parents did not have sex with their children.

There was masturbation. But boys more often practiced it than girls. There are no accurate statistics, but women of the past often lived their whole lives without understanding what an orgasm is . They might not have known that it exists, so they rarely sought to achieve it. The beginning of the 20th century was difficult. The revolution of 17 years, the famine in the 20s, the First World War, all this negatively affected education. Adults tried to survive and did not pay attention to the sexual education of children 

 . And it was much easier to scold the child for “masturbation”, to prohibit this than to say something about sexuality.

Mid century

In the years after the first war, people have not recovered, but the second has already begun. Millions of people were forced to relocate; many cities were destroyed in the 40s. And again – there was sex, but they studied it “in practice”, there were no benefits and explanations.

After 1945, a person often lived in terrible conditions – several generations of a family often spent the night in the same room . There was no opportunity to retire. There was not even a separate bathroom for most people of that time. And the result of the wars was a decrease in the population of the country. And men perished more often. Girls were ignored. And realizing this, the older generation prohibited masturbation. In order not to flare up an appetite, which will be difficult to curb. 

60-70 years and masturbation in the USSR

Many children of the war were raised in single-parent families. Moms and grandmothers were again forced to fight for existence. Children were often left to their own devices. The science of sex was transmitted through friends. There was no training system.

Masturbation was in boys. But for girls, it was not always revealed. Shame and embarrassment did not allow doing this.  

80-90 years in Russia

And only at the end of the century did adult video become available. It was porn that has become a textbook on sex for several generations. And it was from these films that women learned that they can experience pleasure. This is not to say that there were no orgasms at all for a century. But there were few of them, and women were in a constant state of fear of pregnancy, conviction for obscene behavior.  

Masturbation today

In the 21st century, sex has ceased to be taboo. And for the first time, scientists said that masturbation is a natural process that does not harm health. But only parents never learned to talk to their children, talking about sex and sexuality.

But today, many women are already using masturbation to examine their body, looking for new sensations, ways to achieve orgasm. Men of modernity with the help of self-satisfaction train endurance, relieve stress. And only in the XXI century sex toys to satisfy sexual desires are openly sold to anyone. Time has changed. And today you should not reject such a pleasant pastime. And you can not just masturbate, but improve this process using masturbation accessories. 

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