Proper preparation of men for the conception of a child

Stages of preparing a man for the conception of a child . Tips and tricks for planning conception, effective drugs for men.

Visiting polyclinics

How a man prepares to conceive a child will be told at the family planning center. In the case of existing chronic diseases, you need to visit narrow specialists. If there are no health complaints, go to the urologist, pass the standard male tests:

  • general blood and urine tests;
  • smear for genital infections;
  • spermogram ;
  • Ultrasound of the reproductive system.

The doctor will make a conclusion about the state of health and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

After treatment with potent drugs, at least six months must pass before conception can begin.

genetic research

A visit to a geneticist can reduce the likelihood of having a child with genetic diseases. Based on the anamnesis, which the doctor will collect during the interview of the couple, a conclusion will be made about the degree of risk. If it is high, the couple will be offered a study of the chromosomal composition to identify negative factors.

This does not guarantee the birth of a healthy or sick baby. But, knowing about the possible risk, doctors will take action to eliminate provoking factors. And they will also reveal pathologies in the early stages of pregnancy in order to allow the couple to decide on its preservation.

The presence of children with congenital anomalies in the family is not an obstacle to the birth of a healthy child, healthy parents are not immune from the birth of a baby with disabilities.

Proper nutrition and strengthening of immunity

During the period of planning a baby, a man should improve his health, increase the work of the reproductive system. This requires proper nutrition, intake of vitamins and minerals, or special dietary supplements that strengthen male sexual health and immunity.

Exclude fast food, alcohol, fried, spicy, fatty foods, the abuse of sweets, flour products, coffee.

Include foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin C, folic acid . These trace elements are involved in the synthesis of healthy, active spermatozoa.

Bad habits

Alcohol, nicotine and drugs destroy spermatozoa. Even if the child is born healthy, in the future he will have a weak immune system. It is very important for future dads to observe the daily routine.

Doctors recommend giving up smoking and alcohol at least a year before the planned conception.

Heat – its benefits and harms

In tight, synthetic underwear, the thermal effect on the reproductive system increases, and in the hot season, the scrotum can get a heat stroke. It is better to wear cotton boxers or “family” shorts. Overheating of the scrotum is also found in lovers of hot baths, saunas, baths. Six months before the start of planning a child, these procedures will have to be abandoned.

Sports loads

During the conception period, restriction in sports should be made to men whose physical activity involves prolonged sitting: cyclists, kayakers, chess players, etc.

This negatively affects the quality of seminal fluid: stagnation occurs, sperm activity decreases. It is better to temporarily change sports activities or take a break.

Psychological attitude

Many couples obsess over pregnancy, seeing every failed attempt as a tragedy.

If the couple is healthy, negative factors are excluded, you should be distracted from planning, enjoy each other, love, sex. Then the long-awaited two strips on the test will be a joyful and unexpected event for future parents!

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