Reasons why women choose unprotected sex

Everyone knows that unprotected sex is very dangerous. All kinds of viral infections, unwanted pregnancies cause a lot of discomfort and anxiety. However, despite all the warnings from doctors, most women neglect contraception. Why? Let’s try to figure it out.

Reason 1. Passion is above the instinct of self-preservation

In life, for sure, there have been situations when you felt a staring male gaze on your back. It causes feelings of awkwardness, anxiety and impatience. Now you have found the culprit of your anxiety, your gazes met, and the awkwardness was replaced by a feeling of uncontrollable passion. Now thoughts are whirling in my head, how to quickly be alone, get to bed and indulge in pleasure. At times like these, most couples are the least concerned about safety. The desire to satisfy the momentary need of your body prevails over thoughts about problems that may arise later.

Reason 2. Male pleasure is more important

Many men claim that condoms dull their sensitivity a lot. It is contraceptives that become the reason why the stronger sex cannot reach orgasm. Consequently, there comes a moment when intimacy turns into torture for a partner and ceases to bring pleasure to both. It is possible, of course, that there are partners who have low sensitivity, and the additional barrier (condom) makes them unpleasant. However, sexologists are sure that such specimens are an exception to the rule. But even they can choose their own means of protection. After all, the modern sex industry does not stand still. Today, anyone can choose a contraceptive, taking into account the characteristics of their body. If, nevertheless, the man does not succeed in doing this, the woman can take care of the precautions. After all, this is also in our interests.

Reason 3. Talking about sex is embarrassing

When you meet the man of your dreams and plan to build a serious relationship with him, the ideal option is to discuss all aspects of your intimacy. You should tell your partner frankly about your preferences and dislikes, find out what he likes or dislikes, and stipulate precautions. In European countries, most couples do not go to bed until they have undergone a medical examination and provided each other with health certificates. You just need to learn to discuss the intimate moments of your life. If you do not take care of your health, then it may be too late.

Reason 4. Lack of firmness of character

You must understand that most men do not want to use a condom, because they need to get distracted from the process of giving each other pleasure in order to put it on, or he did not take care of safety in advance, and now there is no time to run around pharmacies. At such moments, they try to convince their partner that the situation is under control and there is no cause for concern. Once again, I want to emphasize: do not want to go against the man’s word, take responsibility for safe sex. Today there are no less female contraceptives than male condoms.
Now you are convinced that it is only in your power to secure your sex life. Do not forget that bribes from men are smooth. Their goal is to get short-term pleasure, but a woman has to deal with the consequences. Learn to protect yourself and protect yourself from various kinds of unforeseen circumstances.

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