Sex positions and sex toys: how to combine correctly

Sex toys can make the usual positions bright and memorable. But what intimate things to use in certain positions? How can you use them to help you rather than hinder the process?
You can use sex toys in any position, in different circumstances. But somewhere a mini-vibrator, which works silently and does not attract attention, will be more appropriate, but somewhere a massager that connects to the network. It will feel different when used, and it’s fun! With intimate things, you will never be bored in bed, even after 10 years of marriage. Well, let’s explore ways to diversify the most popular sex positions.  

Missionary position with sex toys The
classic sex position can be varied. A girl can spread her legs wide, hug her partner, or even throw them over his shoulders. At the same time, a sex toy is able to additionally massage the erogenous zones of partners. It is worth choosing a model for stimulating the clitoris, for massaging the genitals of both partners, or using anal plugs for pleasant sensations in very tender places. What sex toys to use in missionary position? 


1) Vibrator for clitoris

It is used to increase her arousal, to speed up the onset of orgasm, or to help her experience several peaks of pleasure at once. The clitoral stimulator is installed at the desired point, she can hold it with her hands, and with her fingers, adjust the strength of the impact. You can draw some kind of drawing on the clitoris with a vibrating thing, but the vacuum model does not move. It is wave or vacuum stimulation that guarantees an orgasm. With vibration, the chance for its pleasure simply increases significantly. 

2) Vibrator for couple

V-shaped devices. Used directly during sex. One part of the toy is placed in the woman’s vagina, the other touches her clitoris. At the same time, the toy does not interfere with the penetration of the man. And hesitation is felt by both partners. For her, there is stimulation of the clitoris, the entrance to the womb and the G-spot; for him there is a massage of the head of the penis. The more modes a toy has, the more sensations partners can experience. And ideally, if the device is controlled from a remote control or from a smartphone, then there is no need to reach for it. Good example: 

3) Vibration cock ring

An erection ring with vibration is put on the penis in an excited state and prevents the outflow of blood, as a result, a man cannot come quickly. Does not cause discomfort, but lengthens the act by 20-30%. And it also has a built-in motor, and it is located in a seal that touches the woman’s clitoris in the missionary position. Feelings of vibration enhance her experience, increase arousal and bring orgasm closer. This sex toy is able to help couples experience simultaneous orgasms. 

4) Butt plug

If a butt plug is inserted into a woman’s anus, her vagina becomes narrower. This increases pleasure for both partners. And if the butt plug also vibrates, then its vibrations extend to the entire perineum, which also gives bliss. A man can also use an anal plug , because there are also many sensitive zones in his anus, and fullness helps to experience something amazing. 

Doggy style with sex toys 
The kneeling position is very convenient for using sex toys. A girl can lean on one palm or an elbow, while holding an intimate thing with the other. You can also try vibrators that are attached to the body, they are used without hands. Additional stimulation of the clitoris in this position is recommended, it is she who will increase the number of her orgasms several times. And a sex toy will be appropriate if you practice both vaginal and anal sex.

What sex toys to use in the doggy- style pose ? 

1) Vibrator for couple

A universal thing for any position. Vibrates and massages the G-spot and the girl’s clitoris. And there are models, for example, the Ida from Lelo , which also rotates. It is the submersible process that moves in a circle, massaging both partners. Unique thing – 4Couples from Satisfyer , it affects the clitoris not by vibration, but by air waves. With such an object, her first orgasm will happen in 1-2 minutes. You don’t have to hold vibrators for couples with your hands, they don’t fall out in the process.   

2) Nozzle for double penetration

In doggy- style it is worth realizing the dream of many – to plunge into both of her holes at the same time. And for this you do not need a third partner, it is enough to buy a special attachment. The removable phallus is fixed by the man’s penis and scrotum, and it feels like he has two penises at once. The movements in both holes are synchronized, which is very pleasant experience. The nozzles are always small in diameter so that the girl does not experience pain or discomfort.

3) Mini vibrator

The small vibrator can be simply driven over the body. Additional breast caresses will appeal to her, but it will be most interesting when the toy touches the clitoris. Of course, the lady herself will have to hold such a thing in her palms, but she will be able to easily adjust the pressing force, vibration intensity and range of motion. The ideal solution Svakom Cookie is a vibrator with three quivering legs that can “hug” her nipples, clitoris or even her ears.  

4) Butterfly vibrator

The butterfly vibrator is ideal for fondling the clitoris. The delicate legs of the butterfly or its antennae will pleasantly interact with the skin of the perineum. In this case, the butterfly is sold with straps, they fix it on the body, clasping the hips. The palms remain free, they only have to adjust the speed on the remote control. 

“Spoons” or side position with sex toys
The laziest sex position is on the side. It is convenient to have sex in it when both partners are tired. Sometimes it’s nice to start the morning with her. But even in this position, sex toys will be appropriate. As always, a couples vibrator will work, it’s versatile. But you can also try a massager, it can caress different parts of the body. An anal vibrator or even a strap-on will help to get excited . Which sex toys to use in the sideways position? 

1) Vacuum or wave stimulator

A vacuum or wave stimulator is a clitoral sex toy that guarantees her pleasure. The first orgasm occurs within 1-2 minutes. The whole secret is in the special vibrations of the air, which even involve the deepest nerve endings. The sex toy just leans against her body, you don’t need to make any movements with it. And she is immediately pleased. And you can combine the impact with penetration, but then she holds the stimulator herself, so it will be more convenient. The ideal model, the Satisfyer Pro 2, is inexpensive but works great. 

2) Intimate massager

This is a sex toy for caressing any external erogenous zones. They can touch the back, chest, perineum and genitals. You should start with gentle point touches of the papillae, then the inner thighs. If you need to increase her sensations, then stimulate the clitoris, if you want to stimulate the guy, then apply the massager to the scrotum. The thing is very practical, it will help not only in sex, but also save after a hard day’s work or serious physical exertion. You can massage your back, neck, legs and other parts of the body. Domi by Lovense or Le Wand are the most technologically advanced and reliable massagers.  

3) Anal vibrator

Additional anal stimulation is very exciting. Insert the plug, turn it on, and everything will seem completely new. And even the “Spoon” pose will suddenly sparkle with new colors. At the same time, she can use an anal sex toy, then the sensations will be greater for both: both the vagina is smaller, and the vibrations are felt by both partners. Or he can insert the cork, but for the lady this will not bring additional pleasure. Hush by Lovense or Ditto by We-Vibe are great examples of these stimulants.  

4) strapon

If you want to swap places, you can use a strap-on. This is an artificial phallus that is attached to the body. And then it is the girl who is in the active role, and the “Spoon” pose helps to slowly penetrate the body without causing pain. Strap-ons can be of different shapes, there are small and large, flexible and rigid. And on the body they are attached in different ways. Want to know more? Read all about the types of strap-ons .

Seated position with sex toys Seated
sex is practiced by many couples, because it can be implemented on different surfaces. It is convenient to sit on a bed or on a sofa, you can even sit it on a table or windowsill. And with all options, sex toys will be great helpers. Try a clitoral stimulator, massager, or even an electrostimulator . The ability to look each other in the eye will help you choose the right rhythm.

What kind of sex toys to use while sitting?

1) Anatomical massager

A handy thing that can be placed between bodies. The main effect falls on the girl’s clitoris, but you can still take the massager in your hands and start driving it along the neck, back or other parts of the body. The perfect LAYA II by Fun Factory , it follows the curves of the body without interfering with the usual movements. And many modes, waterproof case and quiet motor will not let you get bored.  

2) Clitoral vibrator

Pleasant stimulation of the most delicate point of the body will appeal to her. To keep the bodies from moving away from each other, we recommend taking a mini clitoris vibrator. By the way, these are the toys that are among the most popular female vibrators. You can gradually increase the speed of the frictions and the force of vibration of the sex toy, so that the ending is simply enchanting. Of course, this thing will help the girl to have fun, but sometimes in a couple this is exactly what is required. A good model is the Lovetoy Womanizer , which is not expensive but works great. 


3) Vibrator for couple

Modern models do not just massage the genitals, they can become a source of unprecedented emotions. After all, vibrators are now synchronized with smartphones. Using the application, you can make a sex toy move to the beat of your favorite melody, and you can feel the music inside! And it is also possible to invent your own vibration modes, and there can be infinitely many of them. A good model of such a sex toy is the Sync from We-Vibe .
4) Electrostimulator

The shape of the pacemaker can be anything from phallic to unusual. There are even electrostimulated gloves. The impact occurs with small current discharges. Easily adjust impact force, wave duration and repetition rate. Light impacts are like tickling, strong ones resemble pulsation. It is safe to use, but it is important to monitor your partner’s feelings. If you want to play on the verge of pleasure and pain, then myostimulants will help you with this!

Riding position with sex toys

When the woman is on top, she can help herself to cum with her fingers, stimulating the clitoris. But this can be done with a vibrator. Again, the use of a vibrator for couples is suitable, as well as vibro bullets , massagers and clitoral stimulators. And so that he does not finish quickly, it is worth buying a cock ring with vibration. This is the most comfortable position for using sex toys, and either partner can switch speeds.

What sex toys to use in the Riding position?

1) Vibro Bullet

A vibro bullet is a vibrator no larger than a finger. The length rarely reaches more than 8 cm, the diameter is also insignificant. It is most often used for caressing the outer zones, rarely immersed in the body. Easily fits between bodies, does not interfere with movement. At the same time, it does not cause jealousy in the partner, because it visually looks harmless, does not resemble a phallus. It can work at different speeds, have a very strong motor. Control can be by buttons, from a remote control with a cord or with a remote control. An example of a great vibro bullet is Jimmy Jane Intro . 

2) Massager for intimate caresses

It is very convenient to use the massager in the “Riding” pose. It can even be put between bodies and left; it is not always necessary to fix it. And if you hold it, then a man or a woman can do it, both are comfortable. Which massager is right? Any! Even the biggest one will perfectly caress the clitoris. But if it is very large, it will be uncomfortable for the girl to bend over for a kiss, but these are trifles. Our choice – Massager the Smart Wand by Lelo , sex toy premium from a known brand.

3) Vibrating cock ring

In this position, the ring can be used not only in the classical version, when the vibrating element is in front, but also when it is near the scrotum. Of course, the lady will feel it only when the member is deeply immersed in the bosom, and in the perineum, but not the clitoris. But this is worth trying, chances are you will like it.

If you want the ring to stimulate both the man’s scrotum and the woman’s clitoris, then it is worth exploring the options for the “Cowgirl” pose and choosing positions in which the woman sits upside down with her back to the man. The perfect ring for such experiments is Lifeguard or Armor from Svakom .    

4) Butt plug

Anal toys will complement the intimacy and in the pose when the girl is sitting on top. But you can choose not just a cork, but anal rhinestones. This is a sleeve with a beautiful crystal at the base. If a girl sits with her back to her partner, then he has a view not only of her body, but also of the charming stone in her anus. By the way, with the help of such a plug it is easy to prepare for anal sex.  

Pose “69” with sex toys
If oral sex is also necessary to use a sex toy. They help you take a break if your neck, lips, or tongue are tired. And they also speed up a person, help him reach the finish line faster, which is very useful. You can use intimate things with alternate caresses or in the “69” position. What is suitable for such an experiment? Any vibrators and massagers, and if desired, an artificial phallus can be inserted into a friend. Which sex toys to choose for oral sex?  


1) Classic vibrator

They can touch any areas, intimate too. It will replace hands and lips, give time to rest. But if you continue oral sex, and touch other parts of the body with a vibrator, then the sensations will be three-dimensional, more voluminous. Can be used by both men and women. And you can even take two vibrators to make it more interesting. An excellent model for oral sex is Volta from Fun Factory . A sex toy from Germany is created just for such caresses. 

2) Massager for tender places

Any massager will also be appropriate. As soon as they touch his scrotum, the emotions will be completely new. You can also caress the anus with a massager, but it is important not to immerse the device inside, but to move it outside, where the maximum number of nerve endings is. Choose AntonyHeating to feel the heat in addition to vibration! The heated vibrator makes every touch a pleasure. But fear not, it will not burn, its maximum temperature is 48 degrees.

3) Vaginal balls for her

If you want to give her more sensations during oral sex, we recommend immersing something in her bosom. The presence inside the object will increase arousal. And you can use vaginal balls. This is not just a useful trainer for strengthening muscles and preventing dozens of diseases, it is also a thing for pleasure. The balls can be with or without vibration, with an offset center of gravity, of different diameters and weights.
Which sex toys to choose for different positions? Decide for yourself. But the most practical are small vibrators and vibrators for couples. They are suitable for different positions, will open up a new world of sensations.

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