Sex Shop Anonymity – Myth or Reality

Every sex shop today claims that purchases are anonymous, but is it really so? We decided to find out how things are going with anonymity. Does the courier or mail employee really not know what the packaging is with a sex toy? Will there be an inscription on the check that purchases were made in an adult store?

What will be written in the bank statement

Most purchases today are paid online. Or you can make money when receiving the parcel on a pedestal or courier. In any case, payment is made by card. And in the bank statement will be information about the purchase.

Will the bank know that the purchase is in a sex shop? No, no one will know or see. The purchase will take place, but the name of the store will be indicated neutral. It is impossible to determine from it what you bought. Neither the name of the store, nor the contents of the purchase are reflected in the invoice.

Is the packaging anonymous or not?

All packages from the sex shop are packaged in an opaque bag. Sometimes it is white, sometimes black. But to “spy” the contents through it will not work. Inside under the package is a box or several layers of cellophane. “Feeling” the contents is also very difficult. Therefore, visually the package does not betray itself. Even if there is a dildo, no one will know about it.

Each parcel has sender data. This is required information for any type of delivery. But it also does not indicate that it is a box from a sex shop. Information about the supplier – data of an individual entrepreneur. But what kind of company it is impossible to determine.

Do couriers know about content?

If delivery is ordered by courier, does he know what is in the package? No, he doesn’t. Delivery is carried out by large companies that deliver thousands of parcels across the country every day. A huge number of packaged boxes are brought to the sorting center, and they are handed over to couriers.

Due to the variety of transported things, it is impossible to guess what exactly in a particular premise. Therefore, there will be no slanting eyes, smirks or other reactions in the person who will bring the purchase.

Is delivery to postomats anonymous?

Orders across the country today are partly sent by companies that own thousands of postomats. It is often easier to pick up a parcel in a faceless box, rather than from a living person. Who among the workers knows that the box is from a sex shop?

When goods are shipped, papers are filled in, which indicate the neutral name of the store. Not the name, not the mention of goods, but simply the data of the individual entrepreneur. Even the receiving parcels do not realize what is inside the sex toy.

Pickup sex toys

You can pick up your purchase in one of the offline stores. And here a man himself comes to a sex shop to pick up a purchase. Employees can see his face. But they will never know his name. To receive a purchase, you do not need to provide your personal data. You just need to call the order number to get it.

The truth about anonymity

Buying in a sex shop today is real, anonymous. No one will ever know that a package has arrived from an adult store. Neither the courier nor the mail officer will guess what is inside.

Ordering online is much safer than buying from an offline store. After all, acquaintances can see that you are entering or leaving a similar store.

The Internet has changed a person’s life. Today you can order with home delivery everything from groceries to cars. And you need to use this when buying toys for adults. Do not deny yourself pleasure because of the fear that someone will know about it.

event_note April 21, 2020

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