What if a man doesn’t want to use a condom?

You see, his feelings are not the same? This is not a reason to risk your health, well-being and happiness, which can be covered with a copper basin due to an unplanned pregnancy and illness. Let’s explore options for dealing with when a partner refuses to use condoms.

We live in an era of gender equality, but this term means receiving not only equal rights, but also equal responsibilities. It is high time for lovely ladies to move away from the principle “Contraception is a man’s responsibility”, because this very postulate often leads to unplanned pregnancy and even serious health problems. Is the man fumbling and not wanting to use a condom? So, it’s time for us to find a way to solve the problem ourselves.

1. Put a condom on him yourself

Guys who hate condoms convince girls to have unprotected sex, bringing them to ecstasy when there is no strength to exercise . Let’s use their own weapons? It is boring for a man to put on a condom – there is no zest in this process. It’s another matter if the chosen one turns this process into an erotic game, into a temptation. Is your partner pushing, pushing? No problem. Whisper passionately in his ear, “Giving me”, lick like a predator, bite your sponge, take a slimming pose, portray passion on your face and breathe hotly – well, it’s not for me to teach you how to drive a man crazy. 😉 Do not forget about the technique of exciting kisses, and then stretch yourself gracefully, like a cat, take a condom and put it on, caressing the man’s body. And look at the guy in the eyes, hypnotize him with your eyes. I assure you, there will be no trace of his whims. Just ask you, do not show off with putting on a condom with your mouth. 


2. Use alternative contraception

If the partner is reliable, then you can use other methods of protection against unplanned pregnancy. There are many contraceptive options besides the condom. It is important to consult with your doctor and think what is more suitable: suppositories, tablets, spirals or something else. Of course, by alternative contraception, I mean real scientific methods, and not “folk” grandma’s methods in the spirit of chewing bugs, conspiracies and other heresies. However, alternative contraception will not save you from sexually transmitted diseases, and therefore you need to move on to the next point.  

3. Ask for a certificate of the test results for STDs

When the relationship is serious and there are alternative methods of protection against pregnancy, you can safely refuse the condom, but only if the partner is reliable. Reliable = proven! Do not rely only on your intuition, do not sacredly believe the honest, honorable word of a man. The guy himself may not be aware of the health problems. Offer him to get tested and be sure to get tested yourself. Do not be afraid to offend by asking for tests, because we are talking about the most valuable thing – about health! Any modern and well-educated couple takes tests without scandals and screams: “You don’t trust me ?!” Trust in sex must be supported by facts.

4. Take on some of the contraceptive spending

Not all women think about the gap that frequent condom purchases can make in their pockets. High-quality products are by no means a penny, and if you add daily sex here (or even a couple of times a day), then the amount per month is more than impressive. If a man simply does not have enough money to constantly buy condoms, then it will be extremely difficult for him to admit this to a woman. Try to put yourself in his place. Finance is singing romances, so the guys are starting to hang our ears in the spirit of: “I forgot to buy. I bought it but lost it. And in general, my feelings in them are not the same. “

Think about the financial affairs of your loved one. Be discreet and take on some of the contraceptive care. The crowd doesn’t boo you if you buy condoms yourself from time to time.

5. Suggest to choose condoms from a different material

In all honesty, the feeling in a condom is really not the same. Some even say, “Having sex with a condom is like kissing in a gas mask.” Fortunately, progress in the world of contraception does not stand still, and now condoms from different materials and with all kinds of textures have appeared in the free access. Maybe the guy is just allergic to latex? Although doctors claim that condoms are quite thin, and therefore do not affect a man’s sensuality, the guys stand their ground. In this case, it is worth choosing ultra-thin condoms.

6. Help me choose a different size of condoms

Sexuality education is still in dire straits. It’s scary to think, but many adult men have not learned how to choose a condom by size, which is why they experience discomfort during sex. Someone flatters themselves and buys condoms that are too large, which crawl back and forth on a pipette , and then slip off and remain in the woman’s body, increasing the risk of pregnancy and illness. No pleasure for you, no protection. Other guys clearly underestimate the impressive size of their dignity and, puffing, tamp it into a tiny condom that pinches the flesh, delivers pain, threatens to lose an erection, and even when fully unfolded does not fully cover the penis. Again: they do not give either pleasure or protection. Just ask the guy to choose a different size condom. I am not unfounded now, I personally taught one boyfriend to contraception, prompting him to choose more condoms . At the same time, note that when choosing a condom, it is important to take into account not only its length (long ones can simply not be rolled out to the end), but also the diameter. 

7. Turn to other types of sexual intercourse

Here you are in his arms, a wave of passion swept over you, clothes are torn off, sheets are crumpled and it’s time to move on to the body, forgive me, to business. And oops – he has no condoms. And you do not have (and could buy, by the way). You can, of course, rush to the pharmacy, but the call of the flesh is difficult to overcome. How to be?

Healthy partners can simply replace vaginal sex with oral or anal sex. I repeat, these methods work only in the absence of STDs. You can also limit yourself to “manual work”, which can be no less pleasant. By the way, according to statistics, women are more likely to experience an orgasm when caressing with fingers than when penetrating a member. Of course, there are pitfalls here too. You can’t caress yourself with the same hand that you caressed a man. Make sure that he does not caress you with the hand that touched the penis.
You have already tried everything, and the guy does not agree to contraception, requires unprotected sex, is in no hurry to carry a certificate from a doctor? Then one thing remains: send him to hell! Yes, that’s so cruel. After all, he does not care about you, does not care about the fact that you can be infected with something, or be a single mother, or even worse … It is better to insist on your own than to cry bitterly. Make him a pen and find a reliable man. Even with sex without commitment, a wise man will think about his partner, and in a serious relationship this is generally the basis of life together. The Pearl Index is shocking with disappointing indicators. Unprotected sex is the main cause of many diseases, abortions and unwanted children. All these consequences not only destroy the lives of individuals, but also negatively affect the atmosphere in society. It is in our hands to change the state of affairs. All you have to do is take care of contraception. Do not throw all responsibility on a man, be wise, creative and take active care of your own and his intimate health.  

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