Which doctor to contact with impotence

Every man has experienced erectile dysfunction at least once in his life. Some experience anxiety symptoms regularly. You need to start solving the problem as early as possible.

You need to find out which doctor treats impotence in men. A medical examination will be able to establish the causes of its development.

What is impotence

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability of a man to have sexual intercourse. That is, an impotent is one who does not have a penis at all, and one who is not able to maintain an erection until ejaculation.

Sexual disorder has several classifications:

  • psychological: resulting from personal complexes, stress or psychological trauma;
  • physiological: if the deterioration of the reproductive system develops against the background of disruption of the work of various body systems;
  • combined: including both of the previous factors.

Erectile dysfunction is primary and secondary. At the first, there is a decline in sexual energy in a man who previously coped with his duties. With the second – if you have never managed to achieve an erection.

The main causes of poor erection in older people are:

  • bad habits;
  • lack of rest;
  • fatty foods, passion for fast food restaurants;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • age changes.

All these factors affect the functioning of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems . The result is insufficient blood flow to the pelvic organs, poor penis filling with blood, a decrease in androgen production, and stagnant processes in the groin. This is the reason for the increasingly frequent failures in intimate life, which, with each failure, undermine psychological health, worsening the situation.

How to cure erectile dysfunction

Which doctor should I contact with impotence? There are several specialists who deal with the treatment of potency disorders, and which one will be an effective assistant, the therapist will tell you. You should turn to him for help at the first alarming bells with sexual health.

The therapist will conduct an initial examination, determine the preliminary cause that caused difficulties with the onset of an erection. Diagnostics will establish or exclude the following pathologies that can reduce reproductive abilities:

  • circulatory disorders caused by vascular diseases;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • diabetes mellitus or other diseases of the endocrine glands;
  • metabolic disease;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • injuries of the genital organs, spinal cord or spine, brain.

The patient must definitely visit a venereologist and be tested for sexually transmitted infections. Especially if a man leads a promiscuous sex life without a condom.

Based on the results of all examinations, the therapist will give an overall assessment of the state of health. If necessary, he will refer him to narrower specialists: a cardiologist, an endocrinologist, a surgeon. Redirects the patient to a “male” doctor who will help get rid of pathologies that affect sexual function.


If a preliminary examination showed a malfunction in the genitourinary system, this is a reason to contact a urologist. This specialist will cure diseases associated with dysfunctions:

  • kidneys;
  • bladder and its ducts;
  • prostate.

Tests, examinations and treatment will be prescribed.


This specialist deals with the problems of the physiology of men. Often the impossibility of an erection is associated with an abnormal structure or development of the genital organs. Diagnostics will be required: ultrasound, MRI or CT.


Which doctor treats erectile dysfunction caused by deterioration in moral health? Contact a psychologist or psychotherapist. The first deals with disorders of the nervous system, due to which the transmission of impulses from the brain to the penis is disrupted. Because there is no erection and sexual desire.

The second will help heal mental trauma. These are memories from childhood or youth, fears, complexes. Such treatment is long and difficult. It requires the patient to discover the most intimate secrets and confess in secret thoughts and desires.


A doctor who is often visited to complain about problems in bed combines the functions of all specialists: a psychotherapist, an andologist , a urologist. A sex therapist is able to identify the causes of erectile dysfunction that lie in different areas of male sexual health, explain why they arose, and how to treat them.

If the pathology requires surgical treatment or the appointment of strong drugs, placing the patient in a hospital, he will refer the patient to narrow specialists. Will continue to provide support, monitor the course of therapy.

Diagnostics, treatment

Finding out the causes of impotence has two stages: general and narrow-profile. In addition to general blood, urine, semen, visual examinations or diagnostics, more serious procedures may be required.

It can be:

  1. Dopplerography of the vessels of the penis: helps to determine the condition of the veins, arteries, the level of blood supply to the intimate organ.
  2. Pharmacocavernosography : studies the degree of filling of the cavernous bodies with biological fluid.
  3. Electromyography: informs about the state of the smooth muscles of the penis, its electrical activity.

An important role in diagnosing problems is played by the patient’s lifestyle, frequency, quality of sexual contacts, and eating habits. Based on the whole complex of data, a treatment will be prescribed that can eliminate or reduce the resulting erectile dysfunction.

Therapy is selected individually, it may include different methods of treatment. The general will be the observance of proper nutrition, physical activity, taking vitamin complexes or dietary supplements to maintain intimate health.

At the end of treatment, constant monitoring of the reproductive system will be required. To maintain normal intimate health, you will need to give up bad habits, go in for sports, follow a diet, and monitor hygiene. Regular medical examinations will become mandatory, which will help to identify a relapse at an early stage.

The intake of special dietary supplements will be able to maintain normal hormonal and vitamin-mineral balance, and the support and care of a spouse or girlfriend – peace of mind, moral health. This will be the key to strong potency until old age.

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