15 sex toys every couple should try

My friend Ilona has already moved to France for 5 years. She confidently declares that sex toys are kept in the bedside table of every sexually mature person. With the acquisition of the second half, the filthy contents of the drawers and shelves are combined into a joint arsenal.

Such “gathering” helps to fully manifest the sexual talent of the partner. Even if in a standard intercourse he or she has flaws, then with a good device the roughness of temperaments is smoothed out. Today I want to present to you a selection of my favorite toys. Every couple must try them.

1. Womanizer

The first step on the way to a mind-blowing orgasm should be mastering the techniques of working with the magic pea. While masturbating in splendid isolation, I noticed the fact that the clitoris reacts differently to stimulation on different days. It is necessary with the precision of NASA coordinators to select the modes of a conventional vibrator, to regulate the pressure and force of the impact.

I sincerely felt sorry for my boyfriend when he tried to work out a general scheme, find the “keys” and prescribe a detailed sequence of actions. The fact is that there is no ideal, only correct tactics.

A non-contact vacuum clitoris stimulator came to our rescue . Its main difference from fellow joys is that the head is located at a distance from the erogenous zone. Consequently, addiction to stimulation and desensitization are swept aside. Provides the possibility of stable development, without sudden jumps, jerks of pressure and friction. Keeping pace is incredibly important to getting to the peak as quickly as possible. 

2. Satisfyer

My boyfriend and I love to have sex in the shower or bath. Firstly, water has an additional stimulating effect, opening pores and awakening nerve endings. Secondly, after a long day of work, erotic bathing relieves fatigue and accumulated stress.

The only drawback is that most battery-powered toys cannot be completely immersed in liquid. In the best case, you will ruin the electronics, and in the worst case, you will be electrocuted (believe me, a small discharge on unprepared genitals is not the most pleasant thing that can happen).

However, there are sex toys that can overcome this obstacle. Take the Satisfyer Pro 2 for example (I have one). It is a vacuum wave clitoris stimulator. It is completely waterproof. Has 11 pulsation modes, suitable for both sensitive and hardened girls. This is much better than the two of us tormented by the installation of a shower spray. 

3. Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

This type of massager has a rich history. At first, they were popularly called “magic wands” and “miracle wands”, and the first models were sold under the guise of ordinary neck massagers. Actually, they were massagers, just the ladies of the 20th century found a new use for them. In the days of notorious moralists (when buying sex toys was considered something shameful), the massager became the only consolation for women who craved a clitoral orgasm. Subsequently, the first manufacturers of such massagers abandoned the idea of sales . Frightened, poor fellows, of the reputation of selling the female orgasm. Eh, silly … But the sex toy industry took note of the idea, making important changes to the original models. Today, such massagers work without a cable connected to the network (mobility is our everything!), They are made from materials that are pleasant for the body and are equipped with powerful motors. For example, the silicone Satisfyer Wand-er Woman , beloved by many women, can not only massage your neck, but also deliver indescribable stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones. The massager will surprise you with 10 vibration modes (and each has 5 power levels!) The Satisfyer Wand-er Woman model stands apart from other vibrators of this type, since it has one important nuance: only the movable head of the device vibrates and its movements are not transmitted handles. So your hands do not get tired of holding this wonderful massager. Of course, the toy can be used not only for masturbation, but also during pair sex with a partner. The most comfortable positions will be those that open access to the clitoris, which both a woman and her man can caress with a vibrator. 4. Vibrator for couples 


Vibrators for couples are gaining popularity in the sex toy industry. This is great, because a sex toy does not have to bring pleasure only to one person, it can enrich the intimate life of a couple in love.

The wonderful We- Vibe Chorus with a remote control received special attention in the context of devices for couples . The massager has two tips: one stimulates the clitoris, located outside the vagina, and the second is placed inside the female womb and stimulates the cherished G-spot. This tip simultaneously stimulates the man’s penis during vaginal sex. In addition, a vibrator placed inside the body makes the entrance to the vagina narrower, from which the pleasure only intensifies.

The advantage of paired stimulants is that they give vivid orgasms to both partners during sex. Dealing with the device is not difficult: just insert the thinner end into the vagina so that the tight end of the toy is located on the clitoris. You can switch 10 modes thanks to the remote control, so the couple will not have to be distracted by the toy during sex and change positions. Ask your partner to switch modes to control the strength and intensity of your orgasm. It is preferable to use a sex toy together with a special lubricant , thanks to which the movements will become sensual and gentle.

5. Spinnator Satisfyer Lay-on Sweet Treat

It’s no secret that many women love cunnilingus . But the trouble is – 9 out of 10 men do not cope well with the tasks assigned to them in the bedroom. It is difficult for women to reach orgasm as quickly as men, and therefore oral sex does not take a couple of seconds. What is the bottom line? The man gets tired, loses pace, which only postpones his girlfriend’s orgasm.

Fortunately, you can always pamper yourself with a wonderful clitoral vibrator from the range of spinners and rotators. This crumb, which grateful users have nicknamed ” Ice Cream “, will be a salvation in intimate moments. The surface of the petals can turn at different speeds and with different strengths. Is the man tired? Then let him take Spinnator Satisfyer Lay-on Sweet Treat in his hands and bring his beloved to the peak of bliss!

6. Vibrator with electrostimulation

The Tingling Aparte eStim is a state-of-the-art vibrator that can effectively target the most sensitive erogenous zones. The toy allows you to caress the body with vibration, stimulate it with electricity, or create a sweet pulsation. Tingling Aparte eStim is not just a toy, but also a simulator that allows you to develop intimate muscles and awakens sensual responses to the G-spot. With its help, a woman will quickly master the subtle art of the sexual technique of pompur , giving bright orgasms to herself and her man. You can use the sex toy during sex with a partner or during solo masturbation play. This sex device uses a water-based lubricant . Remember to clean the toy before and after use.  


7. Vibrating Egg Lovense Lush 2nd Generation

Modern sex toys are striking in their high manufacturability. Do you also keep your smartphone in your hands? Then choose vibrators that can be synchronized with your phone. The beauty of this sex toy for couples is obvious: your man will be able to control the vibrating egg and give you pleasure even from a distance.

The toy body has built-in motors, thanks to which you can create different vibration modes. Pay attention to the bulge in the front of the egg – it falls on the cherished G-point.

8. Vibrating Gvibe 3 Candy

It’s great when the partner’s penis fits perfectly to the bosom of his girlfriend, like a key to a lock. Well, what if a man of modest size has a member? In this case, the partner will constantly feel an empty body, which will reduce the level of pleasure. Yes, yes, we know that the fusion of souls is more important than the fusion of bodies. But why not find a toy that will maximize your enjoyment in bed?

An interesting solution will be vibrators with petals, which can be reduced before penetration, and after entering the vagina, the petals will disperse to the sides and give the woman that very desired feeling of fullness. Such a vibrator can be used during intimate caresses, for multiple penetration (for example, during anal sex with vaginal stimulation), as well as in sex positions in the “69” style.

It can also be used to caress the man’s penis or press the petals to the partner’s neck while performing the Deep Throat technique. By the way, if you want to pamper your partner in such an unusual way, then we have prepared for you an overview of tips for a throat blowjob. 

9. Universal massager

Had a tough day? The unique toy Noire Fontaine La Licorne Original will help you relieve tension (both physical and emotional) . It can be used during masturbation as a vibrator, during couples sex, or just as a regular compact body massager. A small and quiet motor is located in the round head of the device, thanks to which you can create 7 different types of vibrations of different intensities. The movable neck of the head attachment gives convenience in using the toy even in the most inaccessible corners of the body. By acting on the erogenous zones pointwise, you will experience indescribable pleasure with a powerful orgasm. This massager can be used for foreplay, giving each other an unforgettable massage, or with masturbation  

10. Clitoral stimulator

Is your body craving for a quick orgasm? This will be helped by vacuum-wave stimulation, thanks to which the soul and body will ascend to the peak of pleasure in a matter of seconds. Those looking for a wide range of stimulation will be interested in Pink Rabbit Sucking Vibration . The device has a rich functionality with 12 modes. Its various stimulations are suitable both for persons with a sensitive clitoris and for women who prefer intense stimuli. The speed of the device can be changed right in the process. The toy has a comfortable shape, thanks to which it is easy to hold it in the palm of your hand while masturbating. If you want to feel gentle slides and gentle suction , then the device is best used together with a lubricant . Rinse the attachment after each use, and store the device in a special bag in a dry and dark place.

11. Universal massager double

Versatile toys suitable for different stimulations are always the best choice for beginners who are just discovering the world of sensual pleasures. This massager is indispensable during solo games, as well as during sex with a partner. The device allows for targeted stimulation of certain erogenous zones. The flexible arms, equipped with motors, will give you 7 different vibration modes. The advantage of such a sex toy is that it allows you to simultaneously stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. Use it during sensual sex with your loved one, pampering each other’s bodies with a pleasant vibration massage. Build up your speeds gradually: start with the weakest vibration and end with the most intense vibration. A funny feature of the toy is that when you turn it on, a happy face is highlighted on it. Caution: This stimulant is not recommended for use with silicone based lubricants . These sex toys are only compatible with water-based lubricants. 

12. Compact stimulator with vibration

For those who do not like to waste money, I advise you to take a closer look at the products of the company Satisfyer , thanks to the efforts of which sex toys have become available to different segments of the population. Despite the fact that toys of this brand are an order of magnitude cheaper than many competitive analogues, their quality did not suffer from the low cost. On the contrary, Satisfyer makes their toys from ultra-modern materials that are pleasant to the touch. And the design? It’s just a song! Insanely beautiful design in a delicate magenta color, snow-white toys, glamorous black, many have an exquisite silver border or a metallic finish in pink gold. These vibrators are pleasant to hold in your hands.
Among the many options, we opted for the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration toy . It has quite a lot of advantages: design, reasonable price, compactness, wide range of modes, non-slip velvety surface (you will appreciate it when using lubricant ). In addition, such a toy can be easily used by a couple. You will find interesting ideas in our article on guaranteed orgasm. If your man is afraid of competition from a soulless machine, then start small. An ingenious vibrator will be much easier to implement in your bedroom than a huge unit with a bunch of gadgets. 


13. Vibrator-stimulator for the clitoris and G-spot

Do you like rationalism in everything? Then the optimal solution would be to choose a multifunctional vibrator that acts on several zones at once, which are extremely important for arousal and achievement of orgasm. I’m talking about stimulants of the G-spot and the cherished “pearl of pleasure” – the clitoris.

Such toys are countless. However, the Satisfyer Pro G- Spot Rabbit model deserves special attention . In addition to refined and sophisticated design, this vibrator will please the owner of an unusual vacuum sucking . So if you are fed up with ordinary “rabbits” with shaky ears and want to try something new, then I strongly advise you to study vacuum stimulation. Do you want sex with your beloved to sparkle with new colors? Then integrate the toy into your love games. Interesting ideas will be suggested by our review of female dominated poses.  

14. Vibrating massager with electrostimulation

Another awesome toy category that allows you to experience incredible sensations. Curved models are ideal for women who are most aroused by stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall. It is in this part of the female body that many nerve endings are hidden due to the close location of the clitoral legs. What to choose? For example, the Intimate E- Stimulator Petite Wand massager . From the pros: there is electrical stimulation and vibration. If you don’t like vibration, use electrical stimulation. If you don’t like electrical stimulation, use vibration. In general, the purchase is a win-win. There is one more important nuance: the massager is rather miniature. This is a plus if the lady does not like huge toys that are difficult to introduce into herself. 


15. Vibrator with spikes for the clitoris

I will not stop repeating that in good sex there is never too much stimulation of the clitoris. If your boyfriend is interested in your pleasure, then you need to stock up on a large number of special devices. Otherwise, you will be playing roulette called “Will I have an orgasm today.”

Today anyone can buy a vibrator, the main thing here is to overcome shyness. One of my first acquisitions in my current relationship was a spiked clitoris product. It still serves our couple faithfully (more than 7 years have passed). The classic design matches the male member in shape and color. Sizes are standard – working length 16.5 cm, thickness – 3.5 cm. Smooth power adjustment.

Regardless of whether you are buying a toy for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, important tips will come in handy. Check out our intimate etiquette article to learn how to make your sex toy shopping experience as comfortable as possible. Don’t be afraid to experiment and your relationship will last for years to come. 

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