5 tricky tests: how men test women at the beginning of a relationship

If you want to be confident in your chosen one in order to start a relationship or decide on a more serious step, and you have the opportunity to check the girl, why not do it?

How do men test women at the beginning of a relationship? There are several tests.

Commercialism test

If you are a wealthy guy, then you probably think “Is she with me because of the money?”. There is an easy way to check this:

  • To begin with, you can ask the girl a few questions like “What do you dream about?”, “How do you see life in 5, 10 years?”.
  • Do not immediately say that you have a lot of money. And if he said, look at the reaction. A self-serving woman will be betrayed by burning eyes and subsequent questions about income.
  • At the beginning of a relationship, do not take the girl to restaurants and do not make expensive gifts – walk in the park, give simple bouquets. An honest person will be happy with this.

These same methods, of course, can be used, being not rich.

Moral stability test

To find out how true a woman is to her moral principles, invite her to your house on your first date. You can use any pretexts, be persistent. If she still refuses, then she knows her own worth and is not ready for a relationship with the first person she meets.

How is her patience?

Do not pick up the phone, do not write, ignore – effective methods, but quite ruthless in relation to your beloved.

It is better to use more gentle methods. For example, start pestering with some stupid question (“What do you think about the rainbow? What else? And what else?”). This will not offend the girl, but will make her character clear.

Loyalty check

There are several ways to check how faithful your beloved is to you:

  • Register on a social network under a different name and write to your chosen one. You can start with compliments, and then find out about her life, ask if there is a guy, what she thinks about him (that is, about you).
  • Ask a friend to woo a girl and see her reaction.
  • Use special tracking applications on your smartphone.

How is her housekeeping?

You can ask questions about whether the passion likes to cook, whether it helps parents. Then the words can be tested in action.

For example, when a loved one comes to your house, pour tea or sprinkle something and ask for help. You can talk about the fact that you do not have enough homemade food. If you find yourself at her place, look for signs of a slob: the dust has been wiped only where it can be seen, the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets are a mess.

The listed methods have a place to be, but you can not get carried away. Otherwise, the beloved may think that you do not trust her.

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