6 tips to stop being shy in bed

Of course, there is no limit to perfection, so the fears of many girls that they are not good enough in bed are understandable. But we know how important sex is in a love relationship! How to be? How not to disappoint your loved one and become an excellent partner for him both in life and in bed? Tips gives tre ner on sex Colby Mary Zongol .

1. Improve what you can do

Surely there is something that you know how to do perfectly. If you are confident that you are good at oral sex or foreplay, use this trump card. Give your partner the maximum pleasure and praise yourself that you are doing well with it.

2. Experiment

As soon as you become confident in what you can do perfectly, move on to the next stage – try something new. There is a lot of thematic literature and information on the Internet to help you. Do not be afraid to experiment, offer your partner various options for caresses, games, postures. Do it playfully, having fun, without fanaticism and self-flagellation for mistakes. No one will give you a grade or punish you, but you will gain invaluable experience and diversify your sex life.

3. Take it easy 

Technical skills in bed do not solve all problems. What’s really important about sex is how you feel about it. Keep it simple and take it easy. Laughing at awkwardness and setbacks will release tension and allow you and your partner to relax. Humor in sex has not been canceled.

4. Know how to present your body from an advantageous side

Stand in front of a mirror and objectively assess your strengths and weaknesses. Forget about the latter immediately, and focus on the beneficial details. Think about how you can best use your benefits in bed, enjoy your body, and let your partner do it.

5. Use what makes you irresistible

It can be a variety of tools and wardrobe items. If you are sure that red lipstick suits you very much, apply it to your lips when you go to bed. It seems to you that your perfume has a stunning effect on your partner – be sure to complement your look with a couple of drops of your favorite scent. And, of course, do not forget about the underwear, in which you feel like a vamp woman. Anything that adds confidence to you should be used!

6. Self-hypnosis

Convince yourself of your own sexuality. Let it be mantras that you will repeat to yourself, or successful pictures where you turned out to be especially attractive. Remember that you are irresistible and desirable, and do not stop reminding yourself of this every time you look in the mirror or in the reflection of shop windows.
Women’s sexuality largely depends on how a woman feels. When you believe in yourself, others will have no chance to perceive you differently. Confidence is the main secret of success in bed. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and act and luck will be on your side.

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