7 places for extreme sex

People are constantly looking for new sensations, and intimate relationships are no exception to the rule. In order to sharpen the sensations, you can try to have sex in interesting and unusual places. If these places are also extreme, then the flow of new and vivid emotions will be impossible to stop. What kind of environment to choose for privacy with your sexual partner?

1. On the streets of the city

If the days of summer are warm outside, then why not take advantage of this environment to satisfy each other’s wildest sexual fantasies. The summer city can be completely used for your love purposes . There are many places to have sex on the streets of your hometown. Anything that has four walls and separates you from prying eyes is good for intercourse. Fans of extreme sports can try to make love right on the park bench or in the bushes near crowded places. Fear of being caught red-handed maximizes adrenaline concentration and overwhelms both partners with emotions. 

2. Near relatives

How about having sex in the next room with your parents? Even such a neighborhood can be of benefit to those who want to sharpen their feelings and diversify their sex life. The main thing is not to exaggerate with noise , otherwise you can get a reprimand from the closest people. You can try sex with loud music so that relatives do not have any suspicions about what exactly they are doing in the next room. 

3. In the elevator

For many people, sex in an elevator may seem exotic, but in fact, it is a rather extreme place to be alone with a loved one. The main thing is to choose an elevator that could be blocked. You need to choose the upper floors , since it takes longer for service personnel to get to them. On the floor of the elevator, you can throw clothes that make it so difficult to take possession of a loved one. It is also not recommended to make a lot of noise, because groans and screams can be heard along the stairs. 

4. Outdoors

Some people choose natural places for their intimate life. There are advantages here. First, fresh air and solitude with nature add their own sensations to intercourse. Secondly, beautiful natural landscapes will give people complete relaxation and concentration on their partner. The extreme will add a place where people can appear at any moment 

5. In transport

What’s cooler than having sex on public transport? There are many people here, constant surveillance of you. This is what causes adrenaline and arousal, which greatly improves the sex life of the couple. Since in some cases the environment does not allow for classic sex, you can try oral sex. It will be much easier and more enjoyable. The girl just needs to bend over imperceptibly and please her partner. Empty subway cars, night buses and trams are also suitable for sex.  

6. On the water

A quiet lake, morning fog and a lonely boat that does not sway from the waves. Boat sex is a good idea for sex lovers in unusual places. Arranging such a meeting will not be difficult, because you need a swimming facility and water space around. The unusual setting, nature, as well as tourists who surround the coast will help you experience an unforgettable orgasm that you will want to repeat.  

7. At the cinema

It only seems that sex in the cinema is simple and convenient. Currently, there are surveillance cameras in many halls, and there is a high probability of being caught . An administrative fine is imposed for such an action. But if you do everything carefully, without attracting attention, it can turn out to be very extreme. And you can choose not only the last rows to make it even more interesting. It turns out that you can have extreme sex in different places that surround your home. In order to experience new sexual emotions, you do not need to buy tickets to another country or book a tourist tour. Everything you need is right next to you. Brains and passion will help you find new places for crazy sex. 

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