Not just G! All about female erogenous points

Erogenous zones are sensitive members of the body. Touching them, a person has a sexual desire, arousal. Thanks to the skillful impact on these points, you can make passionate foreplay and unforgettable intimacy. What points do women have? How can I find and use them? There is an opportunity to influence erogenous points in different ways, with hands, tongue or sex toys. Each touch will cause a special reaction.  

Location of erogenous points

By their nature, girls are very emotional, impressionable, sensitive, so they have many erogenous zones on their bodies. This is the clitoris, bust, labia. But there are points that not everyone knows about, but their stimulation allows you to quickly achieve bliss, instantly get excited and relax.

Erogenous points can be divided into two main categories:

  • 1. Primary. These are physiological points that are determined by the structure of the body. This includes the genitals, as well as the clitoris, vagina. 
  • 2. Secondary. That is, secondary points. They refer to the individual characteristics of the girl, her personal preferences. 

Erogenous points

Let’s talk about the lesser-known sensitive areas that are on the body of women. By acting on the points, the partner can cause strong sexual arousal, bring the partner to bliss.

  • The well-known point G. It is located on the front wall of the vagina. Depth is 3-5 cm. It is connected with Skene’s glands and the inner part of the clitoris.  
  • Touching the point, the nerve endings begin to transmit impulses to the female brain, and the girl is excited. This point is responsible for multiple vaginal and jet orgasms.
  • Point A. It was discovered in 1996 by a Malaysian sex therapist named Koo Chii Ann. The erogenous zone is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, not far from the cervix. If actively stimulated, the vagina is hydrated, the state of bliss lasts longer. 
  • Point U. Its discovery belongs to the American physician Alexander Skin. It is a small area that is located slightly above the opening of the urethra in a woman. For arousal, you can stimulate areas around him. 

Other sensitive female erogenous zones

In addition to the listed points, girls have erogenous zones, touching and stimulating which you can quickly excite her and even without intercourse deliver unforgettable pleasure. The girl becomes liberated, relaxes and enjoys caresses.

Erogenous zones include:

  • Neck. It must be covered with passionate kisses, caressing slowly, stroking a little, biting gently. This causes positive emotions, the young lady feels a surge of sexual desire. Massage movements in this area are also very pleasant, they can be carried out with the help of intimate massagers. 
  • Ears. It is necessary to gently touch the ear, bite the lobe, this will cause excitement, passion. But it is important not to make loud sounds at the same time, not to make loud kisses while caressing the ears, so as not to stun your partner. And it is important to understand that not every lady likes it when they try to get inside the ear, this is individual. 
  • Hands, wrists. These are sensitive areas of the body in women. Try to touch your hand with your tongue, caress it, make sure that women really like it. Much attention can be paid to the fingers, the inner surface of the palm. Gentle finger touches, holding nails will give a lot of pleasant moments. 
  • Lips and tongue. These are also erogenous zones. A passionate kiss can quickly awaken the desire to have sex. Run your tongue over your lips, touch your gums, and a stormy night is guaranteed. 
  • Feet. Many women are not only relaxed by a foot massage, but also turned on. It is necessary to slowly and gently stimulate the feet. By the way, such caresses bring pleasure to men. For maximum effect, massage oil can be used. A special aroma will fill the space and enhance the desire. 
  • Back, tailbone. Touching and stroking your back can be a wonderful foreplay in sex. You can also massage and caress this part of the body through clothing. When it is removed, we recommend thermal practices. For this, massage candles are used. Hot wax helps to relax, and the caring effect of these products makes the back skin soft and silky. 

Now you know about female erogenous points and zones. Stimulate them so that the girl quickly gets aroused, becomes passionate and wants intimacy.

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