7 places to have sex

Do you dream to diversify intimacy? Start looking for a new place! There are corners where intimacy becomes magical! Of course, this is not always convenient, but the sensations can be magical!

Sex is an integral part of most people’s lives. By making love, people not only get sexual satisfaction, but also get closer spiritually, which is very important for married or long-term couples. Unfortunately, over time, sex brings less and less pleasure, turning into a rather boring and monotonous intercourse. To wake up a fading passion, experience long-forgotten sensations, or just tickle your nerves, sex in inappropriate places helps.

1. Office

A romantic adventure in the office is suitable for co-worker partners and those who occasionally walk to the side. The explanation can be quite trite: he was late at work. There are plenty of places to commit sin in the office: tables, utility rooms, window sills and even a copy machine. Before proceeding with intercourse, it will be useful to make sure that there are no cameras and a night watchman who can look in at the most unnecessary moment. By the way, some people like to make love at lunchtime, the main thing is to have time before colleagues return, otherwise there is a chance to become a victim of ridicule and obscene jokes, and in the worst case, lose their job.

2. Airplane

A long flight, the noise of engines and a surge of adrenaline, what else is needed to merge in the arms of your loved one? Well, at least a large blanket or a free toilet room. And yet it is better to wait for the night and make sure that there are no unnecessary spectators, after all, an airplane is a public place and for unworthy behavior they can be called to account, material or administrative.

3. Elevator

A great place for spontaneous sex, however, it will most likely be spontaneous for one of the partners, the second must make sure in advance that there is an opportunity to block the elevator between floors or on the upper platform. Modern cabins are roomy enough, which allows you to indulge in carnal pleasures without hesitation. Having one or more mirrors will only increase the excitement and feelings of intimacy.

It is better to refuse sex in an elevator equipped with glass doors, otherwise there is every chance of becoming the most famous person in the stairwell or at work.

4. Bath or sauna

Hot air and no less hot atmosphere, naked bodies and a little alcohol are very conducive to sexual exploits. In order not to overload the cardiovascular system, it is better to indulge in sin in the dressing room, the steam room is not at all intended for these purposes. Upon completion, you can go to the washroom, gently wash each other, and only then, in a state of complete relaxation, go to the steam room.

5. Train

The clatter of wheels, the landscape flashing outside the window, and many hours before the place of arrival are conducive to a pleasant pastime. Some are not even embarrassed by the presence of neighbors sleeping peacefully on neighboring shelves. Of course, it will be more comfortable and calmer in the compartment, but the opportunity to be taken by surprise only strengthens the desire. By the way, at night you can go to the vestibule or toilet and play pranks, without embarrassing anyone.

6. Car

Sex in a car is quite common. Some prefer to make love in a private car, others choose a taxi for sexual pleasures, they are not even embarrassed by the driver, on the contrary, the presence of a possible witness only spurs and excites. According to couples who have tried sex in the car, sex positions are quite enough. Someone manages to do it lying down, someone in the pose of a woman on top, and there are craftsmen who have adapted the steering wheel for this business. Uncomfortable, of course, and even painful, but unforgettable.

7. Fitting room

You can make quick love in the fitting room of a clothing store. Basically, they choose the departments that sell underwear, because it is there that people are almost completely naked. By the way, after several scandalous stories with people who decided to indulge in debauchery in a public place, they began to hang signs on the booths warning that it was impossible for two to enter the fitting room.

In fact, time and place don’t really matter. In the absence of respect, love and anxious attitude of partners, each other is unlikely to be able to experience fantastic pleasure.

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