A woman like a jackpot: geisha secrets that will drive him crazy

Today we are waiting for an unusual lesson in history and theory of flirting and sex. And an experienced mentor will teach us. Who is she? Geisha.   

Are you smiling? Do you think you know everything about your teacher and his methods? Then I promise you that both a slight shock and a pleasant surprise await you .      

Let’s start.

An intriguing story. Geisha: everything has a beginning

Like any self-respecting online publication, let’s start with a historical background. 

Geisha (Japanese芸 者geisha, the word consists of two hieroglyphs “art” and “man”) is a woman who is called upon to entertain her clients with singing, dancing, the ability to conduct a conversation, flirting with them.    

The first geisha (oh, freeze, reader) were men , they warmed up visitors and women of easy virtue with jokes and songs. History has retained the name of the first female geisha: Kasan worked as a prostitute, but having paid the debt, she moved to a geisha in 1761 .      

This profession officially began to exist in 1779 . Geisha were divided into 2 groups: those who were engaged only in entertaining guests (白芸 者, “white geisha”), and those who provided intimate services (転 び 芸 者, “overturning geisha”). Since these women often had a “double registration”: the geisha and prostitutes – in the world presenting it came to mean one and the same But prostitution was banned in 1957, and it did not extend to geisha as a tradition to meet the best guests . But the knowledge of how to bring pleasure to a man has developed into science. Let’s look at the alphabet of sexual relations: these are the cherished secrets of geisha in bed.                      

Woman like a jackpot

So, you are a woman and you are worried about the question: how to please a man? I hasten to please: all the trump cards are in your pocket.    

Your appearance

A man loves with his eyes. Embody his dream with your look, emphasize in yourself what he especially likes in a woman. He chose you, which means that he is interested in this type. Keep in shape if you want to be desired.    


The man is looking for form. Embossed them with linen and clothing.  

Dress sharp but not approachable .  

Let the man’s imagination run wild. Surprise him: clothes can hide something unexpected underneath – daring underwear or its complete absence. 


Smile. Be friendly and dangerous. Play. Let communication be based on provocative attitudes, innuendo, and gaze.  

Let’s put our trust in Nietzsche: “A man is looking for two things: danger and games. And that is why he loves a woman as the most dangerous toy. ”   

Give this feeling of hunting, approach and move away, be meek and obstinate.  


Don’t grin! Yes Yes? education, lively mind, talents in a woman make communication with her spicy. Especially if these talents are directed at him, at a man. Do you write poetry, enjoy painting, study sculpture?       

Let your man recognize himself in your heroes, and this will become the key to a long and interesting relationship, not to mention that he can become for you a canvas on which paints come to life, a notebook sheet, where you will write your poems – all this can smoothly flow into dazzling, unique sex.        

Man: instruction manual 

Has your ardor for conquering this unapproachable, but so desired peak not faded away? Then we continue to expand our knowledge of how you can conquer a man and, giving him unforgettable pleasure, tie him to yourself for a long time .     

Explore his strengths and weaknesses 

To do this, it is enough just to watch him for a while. What are your interests (football, art, fishing)? What does he prefer in food? Where does he like to spend his vacation? From his look at female colleagues, you can see what is especially attractive to him in a woman.    

From the words of former passions (alas, not only men but also women are discussing the opposite sex ), you can find out a lot of delicate, not always truthful, but still telling details about what he prefers in a relationship with a woman.             

And first sex can be very eloquent: watch those on the man responds particularly acute, check for yourself what led to his satisfaction.    

Anchor method. Create a setting and connect associations 

A woman and a man see the ideal date differently. She often prefers twilight, a comfortable bed … He also loves light, the natural conditions of the “struggle for existence.” Where desire is born, there it belongs. Therefore, get ready to change the rules of the game .     

  • And yet , make your home his favorite haven: the comfort and warmth of your apartment, amazing sex, tender words only you said (call him what no one called before you, emphasizing his masculinity, intelligence, stateliness ( Ra, for example, but in no way not the sun and the breeze) – and your home will be for him an eternal sign of happiness and satisfaction.            
  • The male predator, and the smell is important to him. Give it and stick with whatever scent he clearly likes. Let you forever be associated with something specific for him . And when he suddenly finds this scent on the street, he will remind you of you and make you want to see and repeat the best that happened. Do not get carried away with strong perfume, enough to make you smell of something sensual and delicate: the smell of strawberries and chocolate will cause a stronger emotional reaction in men than an artificial scent.                 

Adult games. Sex as an art

Do you want to play? And you already have 18? Then welcome to our hobby club !     

Dot over I. A few words about the springs of the male body  

A man’s entire body is a tool that activates his attraction to you and becomes a path to pleasure. But there are pillars that a woman can lean on to bring satisfaction to a man. We’re talking about his genitals.       

Indeed, the entire male organ is extremely sensitive to affection. And a man, when he is caressed in this area, is not looking for a quick completion of the act of love, but for new sensations Knowing this, a woman can use all her possibilities: the skin on different parts of his body (lips, tongue, nipple, chest, arms, etc. “sound” differently), the degree of pressure, the speed of movement – everything will give a man very different and extremely vivid sensations.          

Most women are sure that all men want a blowjob. But practice says something else: there are those who categorically refuse this most intimate of caresses. In any case, whether or not to caress a man with his lips in the genital area must be decided on the spot, often the first sex does not allow this infinitely pleasant way to achieve pleasure.         

Later, when the tension of the first meetings leaves and the partners begin to truly discover the joy of caressing each other, the blowjob will become an adornment of the relationship, an action desired from both sides, when a woman expresses her tenderness for the most important thing with which a man associates himself, to him, in fact , the beginning, to its alpha and omega.         

But the acuity of feeling of the head, testicles, prostate and anus is not all that can be said about the responsiveness of the male body.    

In search of vivid emotions, men love when the whole body is caressed, the neck, ears, back in the coccyx and shoulder blades are especially sensitive …   

These are general truths, but a man is not a diagram, he must be discovered and studied. Search with passion, passion, and he will give you the fullness of his emotions. Otherwise, why are you women given lips, hands and such a relief body , different in fullness and structure? Don’t be greedy. By opening a man, you open the way to your sexuality, to your pleasure.             


It is believed that foreplay is needed more by women, and the more, the better. Of course, if everything is reduced to the monotonous stroking of certain places, then the man will strive to quickly overcome these lengths. But life is already gray and often bleak – why not take the necessary colors in sex. And we are talking about good sex, where partners want to fondle each other, because they enjoy this possession of a beautiful or expensive, very beloved body.             

Foreplay can be a stunningly enjoyable experience, where a simple, but not indifferent, intoxicated touch of another person’s body will bring everyone a lot of joy. And there are plenty of opportunities to diversify it : just massage, erotic massage, intimate massage … And these are just three options in the endless maze of possibilities inherent in foreplay.       

Caress or bite, play or punish – that’s up to you, but the result is the same: everyone will get an unforgettable experience. 

Some people like it hot. Is rudeness acceptable ? 

What is sex, if you observe its manifestation in nature. This is a scene of suppression of the female by the will of the male. She resists and … gives up. In different species, we find variations on this theme, up to the most aggressive and even deadly, when the female kills the male after fertilization. Because to question is admissible if in sex rude, answer is that it all depends on that to what kind of animals do you think about , and if you came together, look, definitely one.                  

Therefore, it is up to you to decide how keen your partner’s involvement in your dominant game will be . We just listen to our feelings and, if it meets your needs, we see if the partner is ready to participate in this fight of the sexes. And if this game is to his taste. Who will forbid you to play this ???         

Sexual accessories, or, Darling, does the collar fit my face?  

You can live in a relationship for many years, but not use any sexual accessories. And you can start to contact them from the very beginning of your path to great sex.       

Often, turning to this kind of stimulants is a compulsory measure to enhance libido. Also a reason for resorting to whips, collars, sexy costumes, etc. there may be a desire to make sex a vivid game. In any case, if it is made, it means that someone needs it. And if this makes the couple happy, let there be more of these toys.       

A Few Rules for Good Sex, or Heaven Is Closer Than You Think 

  • If you want to have fun, hurry up to give it yourself.
  • Sex is an art. It should be varied. 
  • You can talk about sex, but making it much more pleasant.  
  • Sex is a sport. It requires good physical fitness. Don’t overeat. And train! Exercise.   
  • Alcohol, like good light food, is possible, but not necessary. This is not Viagra. The best stimulant is love   
  • If you find a good partner, you will gain health and good mood. 
  • There are no rules in real sex. Although there is one thing … This!  


Are you still reading this article? Give it up! Get busy. Theory is nothing without practice. 

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